3-Year-Old Jumps From Burning Home

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

BIRMINGHAM, AL–It’s harrowing video from a house fire in Alabama where a young child escaped by jumping from a second story window.

Kerry Jackson is heard in the video, yelling for the child to jump. He caught the dramatic moments before firefighters arrived on camera.

“I really didn’t have an emotion running through me at the time. It was just like I need him, we need him to jump,” said explained.

Jackson’s cousin caught the little boy. They heard another child may be trapped, so they ran to the back. A woman in the video is heard yelling, ‘There’s a child inside.'”

“People’s lives were in danger, people screaming. Everybody in community came together to help one another,” Jackson explained.

Neighbors couldn’t get to one child, but a firefighter did. After giving the child to EMTs, he fell to the ground.

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3-Year-Old Jumps From Burning Home