Journalism: Once A Defender of Truth & Facts

There was a time when young people grew up with the dream of being the best journalist and investigative reporter ever to have been.  A dream of saving a people, a community, or even the world with truth and facts that no one else had been able to uncover before he or she had pursued the answers and wrong-doing hidden by injustice and overwhelming falsehood.  It would be such an honor to be that good and to do that much good.  But that time seems to be no more.

It seems many so-called journalists are nothing more than propaganda writers and hosts.  What else can they be called?  The objectivity is missing.  Opinion pieces are being presented as truth and facts, when often… they are lacking in both.  And the so-called news of the day, sounds like a reality show that fashioned itself after the “Running Man“, where those in authority via either government or corporations decide who is guilty and who is innocent and who will appear to be either.


Where is the fire?  Where is the passion to seek out the facts and to share them with the world?  Where is the love for truth and honor?  Where has it all gone?

If the dreams of being the best of the best have become ones of being the best liar or slanter or propaganda promoter of them all — we are truly a world lost and journalism no longer has any meaning resembling what it once was.  It means, from here on out, we will never know if what we hear is truth or merely the opinion someone wishes us to believe as truth and fact.   Never again will any dream be our own.  It will always be a dream defined for us and demanded as something we accept as our truth.

The “So-Called” Racist Word List that Makes Me “Angry”

This world went totally nuts while many of us apparently weren’t looking closely enough!

I’ve been in job related positions where people had to be identified by race per the rules, and every person in the same job as me, no matter their race, followed the race defining requirement as well.  It certainly wasn’t my idea, nor single race activity or focus.  We all checked the appropriate box to acknowledge “everyone’s” race, no matter what it was with no regard to what ours was.

You see… it had to do with necessary race-facts  — not race insults, but I bet there are some who would try to say differently, because they think the entire world and every breath taken revolves around race (racism) and gender (sexism), rich and poor and whose got the best car or dresses the finest, and lives in the urban area or maybe the suburbs, owns a company or belongs to a union and follows Obama or follows anything not Pelosi-like.

People can believe differently and still not be racists or sexists or radicals from either side.  They can actually be mere people with opinions.  Opinions that might actually make sense or spark a fantastic idea,  if allowed to be voiced and not immediately yelled down or ignored or called racist or sexist ideas and comments as too often it appears the Pelosi & Chris Matthews’ side does to anyone not in line perfectly with their opinions.

“Angry” is a racist word?  Really?!?!?  What fantasy world did that come from?

Not agreeing with Obama, as Chris Matthews’ has the tingle up his leg, is being racist?  Give me a break.  What is it then when I don’t agree with John McCainMcCainism or is it that I simply don’t agree with John McCain?

People need to step back and see how ridiculous things have become and decide enough is enough.

Get angry (racist according to some) and say, this is it.  Let’s start acting like intelligent adults and stop with the childish games, name calling and bullying.  Let’s protect the books, our history and our integrity, and burn the “so-called” racist word list instead.  It is, after all, about as important and reliable as a tingle up Chris Matthews’ leg anyways.

Local Politics & the Alleged Compassionate Hospital


Welcome to St. Joseph Hospital of Elmira, New York, where they claim on their website:

St. Joseph’s Hospital, a Catholic health facility, is a voluntary not-for-profit community general hospital founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester in cooperation with the physicians and citizens of Elmira, NY. The St. Joseph’s Hospital community, by maintaining a deep respect for the dignity of each person, strives to heal, as Jesus did, in mind, body and spirit, all who come to us.

“Maintaining a deep respect for the dignity of each person”… except for Gary Harvey.

Oh, I’m so sure Jesus would be quite proud of the staff of the hospital, the guardian group of people and attorneys involved in the Harvey case.  Of course, I wouldn’t be counting on him having picked out everyone’s heavenly spot yet.

It was Thanksgiving Day and Sara Harvey had made the arrangements to visit her husband.  She and the guard arrived only to be told that the hospital hadn’t received an okay.  Guard is not authorized if visit is not authorized, but the dignity people continued with their refusal.

(Cliff Note:  A guard is required because Sara is supposedly a danger to her husband because she supposedly didn’t follow medical advice.  The hospital, guardians et al petitioned the court to starve & dehydrate Gary to death, but she is the danger.  Irony at its best.)

So, while all the important people, who should have made sure the visit was authorized and those who could have given the okay after the failed communication, enjoyed their Thanksgiving meals with the ones of their choice, Gary was denied a mere visit from his wife.  The wife that loves him… talks to him… reads to him.  Instead, he, a person who has always loved holidays and spending them with the wife he loves — got to lay there alone in the isolation that is his life.

What a group of people…

Local politics of control at its best with the dignity people so proud of their compassionate behavior — the refusal of a simple visit on a special holiday!  But then… it was only Gary & Sara Harvey!

Sexism: The Unforgivable Offense

Life is full of injustice, but all claims of injustice are not necessarily so.  One of the claims that gets me steamed the quickest is for someone to scream “sexism” because someone dared to challenge a female type’s behavior, actions or words, or fail to give her a job that doesn’t even exist.

One of my favorite stories to tell is about the time I was in the back, when I heard a woman screaming in the front office.  Of course, I went rushing up there to find out what was going on.  There was this out-of-control woman screaming discrimination and threatening to sue.  Okay.

The man she was screaming at, said something to the effect, “There she is.”

The woman gave me an ugly smug look and said she was not talking about a secretary.

He said, ” She is the owner.”

With that, the woman turned and huffed her little rear on out of the office.

I’ve never forgotten that moment.

The woman had come in and asked to apply for a job.  All she was told was that there were no openings at the moment, but if she would leave, or drop off, her resume she would be considered when something did open up.  She went ballistic claiming she was being discriminated against because she was a woman etc. etc. etc.  He kept trying to tell her that wasn’t the case because… , but she was too busy yelling to listen.

I wouldn’t have hired that woman under any circumstances after the tantrum I witnessed.

As a female law enforcement officer, I never asked to be excused from responsibility for my actions because the big bad male officers were picking on little ole me.  If I screwed up — “I” as a law enforcement officer screwed up.  If I were held accountable, it was as a “law enforcement officer” and not a single thing to do with my gender.  So, I don’t take too kindly to women trying to claim a right to a position, while then claiming special treatment rights that forbid accountability expectations, or they are the victims of discrimination and sexism.

Discrimination also includes the expectation of being held to a lesser standard than anyone else in the same position.

Sexism also includes the expectation of being held to a lesser standard than anyone else in the same position.

The unforgivable offense of sexism and discrimination is to claim it when none exists and thus makes the “claimer” guilty of the claim instead.  It becomes an unfair ploy.  There is no excuse!

Absurd: The Liberal Mentality

I’m never disappointed when it comes to the liberal mentality.  It’s always absurd.  I simply shouldn’t stay in the same room, when it starts rolling off the tongues or keyboards of the lost souls of absurdity fellowship.

Perhaps it is from being in law enforcement or because I like to be on the side of truth — I check out information, rather than spout propaganda and call it facts.  Furthermore, I don’t throw allegations around as though they are snowflakes during a blizzard, though I often see that done by the absurd liberals.  Defamation of character is a serious matter, even when carefully written in hopes of defining it as opinion.  It is, at all times an injustice to the victim and the reader who happens upon it.  There is no honorable excuse.

Obama was wrong about Romney’s position on the car manufactures taking bankruptcy.  Though that was proven, Obama continued to say it as though it were the truth.  Whereas he may have initially been misinformed, once informed — it became an outright lie.

Obama’s team knew darn good and well who Soptic was and all about his story.  Cutter lied about it.  Cutter got caught.

Obama and his operatives lied about Benghazi.  Why?  If waiting for an investigation to be completed, all one would have to say is there is no comment, until it is.  So, instead, they make up some crazy stuff and blame a video?  That doesn’t even make sense.  So, what really was the reason for lying?

People died in Benghazi.  Obama went to Vegas.

It truly bothers me when people do things and then accuse others of having done it instead.  I do not associate with people such as this.  Once any are identified as this type, I do not take their ramblings seriously ever again. After all, I do take offense at people telling others, as an example, that yellow is orange and that one is to accept that as fact or the person is some irrational type and called a bad name.  The one demanding the incorrect acceptance should be called the name.  The person should be called — mentally disturbed.

Reactions to, and opinion of, the facts can vary from one side to the other and all the space in between the two, but the facts are one thing that stay written in stone.  No spin… no lie… ever changes the actual fact.  Rewriting history doesn’t make the lie the truth.  It is.  It always will be what it is, no matter the efforts to make it otherwise.  Truth is truth.  A lie is a lie.  Fact is fact.

Obama’s win came after a campaign of deceit and an intentional effort to pit people against each other.  To have liberals, which does not include all Democrats, unable to take the wrongful win gracefully and with the ability to simply shut up, makes the win even more irritating.  Worse, is when Romney is labeled as having done an Obama that he did not do.

Romney was not my pick, nor was Obama.  However, if I were to pick between the two, it certainly wouldn’t have been the one that lied to my face or tried to rewrite history, while I was quite aware of the original and fact-filled version that actually was.

I guess the liberal absurdity portrayed in 1984 and Animal Farm weren’t simply fiction for pleasure.  Looks as though it, and they, were a prophecy now trying to become reality.

Calling the Non-Existent Bluff

It would seem many thought potential layoffs were merely a bluff.  It was never a bluff.  It was explained why layoffs would be necessary in the face of Obamacare and such.  Look at all the people who couldn’t seem to comprehend facts and went with the false illusions instead.  Enjoy, dulled ones, for your uninformed and misguided votes will come to bite you in the non-existent bluffing rear quite soon.  Problem is… the rest of us get to pay your price right along with you.   I, for one, am not happy at all.

You stand in line giggling like you’re off to see a rock star, rather than getting ready to do something quite important that is going to affect an entire country for a very long time.

You know the “talking points”, yet are clueless about what has been actually going on in the world.

You want equal pay for women and yet haven’t a clue that Obama wasn’t paying women equally from what has been reported.

You want contraception and think Obama is protecting your access to it, when no one … NO ONE… was ever trying to take it away.

You vote with your “lady parts” and then expect to be taken seriously?

Four people died in Benghazi.  Was it due to the administration being inept or worse?  Do you even know where Benghazi is?  Do you know who died and how?  Did you know that help could have been sent, but wasn’t?

Don’t know who Nancy Pelosi is?  How’s that possible if you are an informed voter?  She played some key roles that make her stand out from the crowd and not necessarily in a positive light.

You don’t know who Harry Reid is?  You know, the guy who wrongly used his position to suggest that Romney hadn’t paid taxes though he had.

This is important stuff that you missed, but as long as you got those “talking points” right, I guess you think you are the brightest bulb in the room of same watt bulbs.

Can people outgrow dumbed-down?  I certainly hope so.  Maybe they’ll invent a cure for it.  Oh, they have.  I almost forgot.  It’s called objective education and critical thinking.  Too bad so few decided to take part in the offer.  Might have saved us all from the dumbing results to come.

Thanks a lot.  Oh, by the way… the potential layoffs… were never an idle bluff.  Maybe that little bit of information will catch up with you sooner than later.  Let’s see if you are still giggling your way down the welfare line when it’s your time to pay for your dumb vote and there might not be enough help to go around.

Good luck in your little world of same watt bulbs.

A Lesson to Learn?

Is there a lesson to be learned that we have thus far failed to learn?  Perhaps.

Tolerance is an interesting word and used in so very many different ways.  It can be used to suggest one should not be so quick to judge.  Be tolerant of the slow worker.  Be tolerant of the blind who cannot hurry along such as we might like.  Be tolerant of the slow learner.  But I don’t think tolerance is considered a virtue when it comes to being tolerant of the perverts and perversions.

Some liberals, which are not what all Democrats are, seem to think anything non-traditional should be tolerated and welcomed.  Little do they know what door they are walking into.

Some things that are presently being tolerated make the tolerators look like complete imbeciles.  Some religions and cultures do not welcome nor tolerate outsiders.  It’s their way or no way.

Some religions and cultures do not tolerate free sex for the women.  Free sex brings with it a possible horrendous death penalty.

Some religions and cultures do not tolerate same sex marriage or same sex relationships or even being a same sex thinker.  It, too, holds threat of death and unspeakable torture.

Yet, these proud tolerators in the Liberal arena somehow think those religions and cultures will be so grateful as to give them a free pass out of gratitude.  No they won’t.

What fools these liberal tolerators are.  Fools that won’t listen.  Fools that know better than the rest of us.  Fools that think they are so enlightened and above the rest.

One lesson these tolerators will quickly learn is that the higher they set themselves above the rest of the people (and falsely suppose what they have no right to suppose), the further they have to fall.  The higher the cliff… the further the fall… and the harsher the smack.  That’s physics 101 — math before Obama.

Where Do People Get Their Obama Ideas?

I find it rather amusing that less fortunate people assume Obama can relate to their situations.  Why would any assume that?  Because he is half Black?  Because a Black man must have suffered and been through all the trials and tribulations of the less than wealthy?  Think again.  Check out his life that we do know about.  Obama did not live the life of a poor man, even if he didn’t always have all that he wanted when he wanted it.

I ask again…

Why would anyone assume that Obama has the slightest empathy or understanding for the life of those who are struggling to survive or even forced to live paycheck to paycheck?

If Obama truly understood the plight of the unfortunate, he would have been working first on the economy and jobs, with his ObamaCare coming in last.  It would have also afforded him and his pals more time to think things through and perhaps come up with something that made more sense and was far more affordable than the mess shoved through against the will of the people.  But Obama didn’t care.

When the country was already suffering from serious debt, did that stop the Obama’s from spending millions on vacations?  Yet, the less fortunate somehow see him as caring about their desperation?  Why because he is half Black?  Because a Black man must have suffered and been through all the trials and tribulations of the less than wealthy?  Think again.

Obama is not one of the lowly.  Watch him.  Listen to him.  Pay attention.  He has never been one of the unfortunate, but he certainly seems to know how to herd them.  So far, he has done that quite well.  I’m not impressed.  Perhaps others shouldn’t be either.

Republican Scare Tactics or Common Sense Inquiry?

I can’t believe some of the comments that come from the liberal mouths of madness.  Their thoughts miss the dots and they are all over the place with claims they throw out, but don’t provide support for.  Mostly, they claim the other side is guilty of what they themselves are doing or saying or thinking.  It’s simply amazing.  So, are there truly Republican scare tactics going on involving voter fraud or is common sense inquiry justified and what is actually transpiring?

According to Human Events, witnesses at an Ohio voting station were concerned because there were a great many non-English speaking Somalis arriving in groups to vote.  Apparently, only those supporting the Democrat candidates and positions were advising and providing slate cards.  I’d say that is a legitimate reason for concern.  Were the Democrat supporters assisting the voters in how to vote the voter’s choice, telling them how to vote or even misleading them into voting contrary to their wishes?

It isn’t scare tactics by any, including the Republicans, to have concerns about non-English conversations at a voting station, especially if the potential voters seem to need directives on who to vote for — not just how to vote for their choice.

People who vote in our elections are required to be United State citizens.  What part of that doesn’t the liberal mind comprehend?  The concept of “required” because it doesn’t fit their immediate agenda and effort?

According to the liberal minds that I have been witness to, especially recently, the Republicans are required to abide by all rules, regulations and politically correct requirements as per whatever happens to be considered PC at any given moment, while the liberals are supposedly allowed to skip all that and do what feels good and gets them whatever they want whenever they want it.  Rules don’t count when it is liberals involved, it would seem.

Liberals would be the first to scream, if it were Republicans or Conservatives speaking to voters in an unfamiliar language and offering directions on how to vote the non-democrat or non-liberal way.  That’s a fact and they needn’t try to deny it.

Non-English should not be allowed at a voting station, unless both sides are available to make sure the person is both qualified to vote and that the conversation is a legit explanation of how to vote the person’s choice — not simply how they were directed to vote because they were easy prey.

Scare tactics?  Sometimes it is common sense to ask questions and be concerned.  Sometimes the concern is based on very real reason for concern.  Sometimes people really are involved in breaking all the rules and need to be called on it.  Sometimes it is actually common sense inquiry that really needs to be inquired about.  Sometimes it really is!

It’s Crazy: It’s Politics

The insanity of politics is oozing out of the pours of so many that I don’t blame little Abby Evans for suffering frustration over Obama and Romney domination of the air waves.

We hear and read reports that we know are outright lies or at least distortions, yet we can’t do anything about it.  Think CNN or MSNBC is going to let us rush onset and show them the truth and demand they report it?  No, they certainly aren’t.

Perhaps more annoying is that the hosts seem to think it is just natural and fine for them to do commentaries promoting their side and expecting us to take it as NEWS — objective news.  I think they think we are all too stupid and that it is okay to spoon feed us propaganda because they know best.  You knew that, didn’t you?

Have we forgotten MSNBC thinking it was just fine for Al Sharpton to jump into the Trayvon Martin case and demonizing George Zimmerman before the investigation was even complete?  Anyone else notice how Sharpton went a bit silent after it was discovered that Zimmerman is not a “white” Hispanic (whatever that is supposed to mean), but actually most likely less white than the president?

Politics.  Politics and the screaming of discrimination that doesn’t exist to stir the people and get them to rally for whatever the cause.  Like… like… Sandra Fluke.  Oh, poor women who desperately need contraceptives or it shall be 1950 all over again.  The madness.  The distortions.  The lies.

It boggles the mind.

With my own ears, I heard Obama basically call Romney a liar over his car bankruptcy opinion.  However, it was readily proven that Romney was in fact telling the truth.  Did that stop Obama from repeating something not true?  Nope!  He immediately went out on the campaign trail and kept saying it over and over and over again.  Knowing what he was saying was not true means one thing — Obama was intentionally lying to try to gain vote.

Some will say that all politicians lie.  That’s no excuse.  They shouldn’t lie.  They shouldn’t be allowed to lie.  Maybe it is time to stop giving a free ride in politics and to the politicians who are supposed to be representing us with truth and integrity.  It’s our choice.

We can make changes in the behavior of our news media and politicians.  All we have to do is refuse to accept the inappropriate behavior and demand truth in reporting, campaigning and representation.  If they don’t honor our demands, the media loses viewers (therefore advertisers) and the politicians don’t win the elections.  It’s actually quite simple.  We just need to make the choice.

Until we demand better, it will go on as is.  It will be crazy.  It will be politics as usual.

Abby Evans is demanding better.  I’m with her.