Bobby Schindler Files Petition Requesting to be Gary Harvey’s Guardian


Bobby Schindler, brother of the late Terri Schiavo,  has filed a petition in the New York Supreme CourtChemung County asking guardianship of Gary Harvey be turned over to him.  How can the County refuse to resign or disagree with the petition?  How could they dare say this guardianship transfer would not be in the best interest of Gary Harvey?  Legitimately, they can’t.

Should the County fight Bobby Schindler’s effort, then the County (and those involved in the case on their side), shall have been proven to have lied to the court and the community.  The County claimed it did not want to be Gary’s guardian, but there was no one else.  Now there is.  So, if they fight to retain guardianship, that means there is an ulterior motive for doing so.  After all, just why would they fight so desperately to retain a ward they didn’t want in the first place or thereafter; have warehoused; and, seem to think is bothersome and time consuming in the isolation and hide the information (from his wife) health care plan they have prepared for him?

Bobby Schindler has an impeccable reputation.  He is knowledgeable about TBI (traumatic brain injury).  He has first-hand experience in dealing with a family member suffering from TBI.  He is compassionate and caring.  He is hopeful and realistic.  Just what part of all that he is, could the County honestly say is not good enough to be guardian of Gary Harvey?  Can we say – none?

Time will tell us what the County will do.  Let’s hope they choose the honorable path and agree it is in the best interest of Gary Harvey to appoint Bobby Schindler his guardian.  It is, after all, the right thing to do!

BREAKING NEWS! Terri Schiavo’s Brother Petitions Court to Intervene in Guardianship Case


Contact: Mary Foley, Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, 484-278-4287, [email protected]

Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 27 / — Attorney Christopher Johnson has filed with the Supreme Court of the State of New York, asking the court to allow Mr. Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo to serve as Guardian for Mr. Gary Harvey.

In 2006, Mr. Harvey, a Chemung County resident, was involved in a home accident, which left him with a profound brain injury. His spouse, Mrs. Sara Harvey, sought guardianship only to be denied by the Chemung County Supreme Court who ultimately appointed the Chemung County Department of Social Services as Mr. Harvey’s guardian. Since that time, Mrs. Harvey has been in a prolonged court battle with Chemung County officials and the New York State Court System.

Indeed, it was in May of 2009 when the ethics committee from the hospital where Mr. Harvey was residing recommended the removal of his nutrition and hydration tube, and also issued a “do-not-resuscitate order” (DNR).

Fortunately, the court denied that request. However, inexplicably, the DNR stayed in place and Mr. Harvey remains under the control of Chemung County, despite the fact that the county tried to end his life.

“I have raised the question many times, ‘How can Chemung County, Guardian of Mr. Harvey, be acting in his best interest when they, in fact, tried to kill him?’ From all indications, it appears that Mr. Harvey has been warehoused and denied the opportunity to receive the care and rehabilitative services that would benefit his condition,” stated Bobby Schindler.

It is the hope that with this filing, the court will recognize that Mr. Harvey deserves the chance to receive aggressive therapy and rehabilitation. Certainly from Mr. Schindler’s experience with brain injured persons, he would afford Mr. Harvey the help he needs in the hopes to significantly improve his quality of life.

Bobby Schindler is the brother of Terri Schiavo and is the Executive Director of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, established in 2005 to protect the rights of the medically vulnerable. For more information, please visit

The Truth or Not From Senator Reid


Senator Reid had to get on television today, December 27, 2012, claiming we are headed for the fiscal cliff drop-off and, of course, it is all Rep. Boehner’s fault, when it isn’t simply all the Republicans’ fault. It couldn’t be a bit of liberal or Democrat fault in there, too, for they are the all enlightened and all-knowing, it would seem. And, this is not to mention that it is fine for the president to go on vacation in Hawaii and the Democrats to go home for Christmas, but how dare the Republicans do likewise. Them thar Republicans is bad folks fer doing what them Democrats done did, too. We all know how that works. The goose gets by with everything and the gander gets blamed for it in the world of politics and political posturing.

Reid told us that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for years and demanded that he prove he did. He even used the Senate floor to do this campaign gesture to make Romney look like a tax evader. However, Romney did pay taxes and ole Reid got by with making false allegations. But now we are to believe him. We are to believe that what Reid is saying today is true, even if what he said during the campaign wasn’t. It must be true — it came out of his mouth — right? Wrong, because the deceitful and false comments came out of there as well.

The truth or not from Senator Reid — how can we ever know?

Deceit Chuckles in Amusement

Deceit Chuckles 122312

Deceit cries out in hysterical laughter as it watches its pawns so obediently slither among the unsuspecting, spewing venomous lies and stoking ferocious hatred and insidious distrust. Oh, how pleased deceit has become and ever so proud of his willing pupils. Even he is amazed at the number and the ease with which they wish to please him and gain his utmost approval. It delights him so. Delights him so indeed.

The blind followers snidely proclaim their superior knowledge while looking down upon all who have not joined the cult of deceit. Oh yes, they do dance in taunting delight and dare any to challenge their diseased words and vile motives of ruin. It is their mission. It is their passion. It is their doom. Yet, they are oblivious to all but he — their god of deceit and his rising reign.

Deceit chuckles, as he watches in amusement, knowing his feast is going to be even bigger and better than he could have ever imaged. The souls will be fattened and delicious and the master of all deceit will know no hunger nor boredom during the celebration soon to be. A celebration where the entertainment will not be the ones that did not follow, but rather, those who followed so faithfully and easily. It shall be they that bring delight and amusement to the table and laughter shall mock them and call them fool. Oh yes, it shall be they and yet they do not see. Not yet. Not now. But soon. Soon the truth shall be revealed to they who lived in untruth, and in that moment, they shall see that it was they who were being led to this table to be devoured not honored — they who shall be left in shame and defeat — they who shall cry for mercy to find none exists — they who will claim they were promised a just reward. Deceit will smile! No words need be said.

Copyrighted 2012 & 2013 & 2014 by Carrie K. Hutchens

All Rights Reserved

President & Congress Not Needed In Gun Control Matters


President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden practice their putting on the White House putting green April 24, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

It’s amazing how the administration hasn’t been able to take responsibility for Fast & Furious and weren’t able to protect our personnel in Benghazi, but now they think they need to take over gun control laws and further dictate to the civilian population?  How ironic is that?

Instead of worrying about law abiding citizens having and purchasing firearms, since there are already laws governing same, maybe the president and Congress ought to worry about the budget, the deficit, Benghazi, Fast & Furious and all the other matters they are responsible for and should have been attending to all along.  What a concept.

What happened in Newtown, Connecticut is heartbreaking, but it isn’t a gun control issue — it’s a mental health issue!  To say otherwise changes nothing.  What is, will be, no matter what spin is spun or what lie is spread.  Only perception changes and isn’t that exactly what is thought to have led to this heartless massacre of the innocent?  Hasn’t it been suggested that perhaps the shooter “thought his mother loved these children more than he?  So, perhaps it is “false perception” that a task force should be addressing instead of those other issues suggested.

Perhaps we should go even further.  Perhaps we should ban and arrest those who make a living creating, building and selling lies in the guise of news.  Perhaps we should ban the faulty and self-serving bills that are being rammed down our throats and arrest those who hang out in Washington, DC pretending to be lawmakers and representatives of the people.

Yes, rather than worrying about matters that don’t need the attention of the federal government, the president and Congress need to tend to their own business — assigned by “We the People” and the Constitution of the United States — that it has been neglecting for far too long.  Let’s see a responsible budget.  Let’s see some responsible discussion about how the deficit can be addressed.  Let’s see Obamacare repealed and constitutional laws considered as needed.  Let’s see some answers and accountability with the issue of Fast & Furious.  And, let’s not forget the Benghazi lies by the president and his Susan Rice.  Those are things they need to worry about and address.

One thing I guess some of the Washington, DC crowd needs to be reminded of — we don’t “need” them to survive, but they “need” us to survive a political career.  (Job description:  to serve and represent the people — not dictate to.)  With that in mind, rather than grand standing, playing to the cameras, pursuing their own personal agendas and appointing themselves the ultimate authority to tell us what to eat, what to wear, what to do, when to sleep and what slant to believe — these elected & appointed officials need to get busy doing the jobs they were sent there to do.  What?  A concept?  What a concept indeed.

Reality: Guns Aren’t the Cause


The babies and other victims haven’t even left the morgue yet, and numerous liberals are screaming for more gun control as they bash the right and blame guns.  Politics at its best.  Never waste a crisis.  Play on people’s emotions, rather than their reason.  And, of course, what is more emotional than innocent children being slaughtered?

Guns are not the cause of these massacres.  They have merely been the means.  Take the guns away and those bent on mass murder, will simply utilize another means.  What part of this can’t the rabid gun control supporters comprehend?  The gun is not the “cause”, something else is and that is what we should be dealing with.  That’s how one can attempt to stop the senseless slaughter of the innocent.

I remember a case where a mother desperately tried to get her son help.  The system blocked her every attempt.  There was always a reason this agency or that agency couldn’t help.  Always a reason why she couldn’t get him admitted for evaluation.  And then… what she feared… what she had been desperately fighting to prevent happened — he killed himself.

Though it is sad the young man killed himself, luckily he didn’t take others with him.  But he could have.  He could have wiped out a room full of people before ending his own life.  What if he had?  Would one then be blaming the weapon of his choice, or the fact that he needed help and the system blocked him obtaining it?

Rather than decide gun control laws based on the emotional reaction to this vicious slaughter of little ones and their protectors, it should be based upon reason.  Details should be obtained and reviewed.  The “cause”… the real thing that “caused” this young man to do one of the most hideous things imaginable, should be determined and studied, so as to prevent that “cause” from developing in others or make it identifiable so as to have chance to stop the person before he or she “acts out”.

Guns are not the “cause”.  That’s a fact, no matter what the rabid gun control supporters try to argue.  And, until people comprehend that fact and focus on what sets these people off and sends them into a killing frenzy — another frenzy is just waiting to happen.  Next time though, it might be a bomb or a fire or knives.  It could even be a car.  One never knows, because these events are the result of the “cause”, not the weapon of choice.

What happened in Newtown, Connecticut is a hideous nightmare that no child, parent, family or community should have to live through.  May no other community be faced with such devastation.  God Bless the Children and the heroes, who fought to save them.  Likewise, may God Bless and keep those left behind to remember the day Newtown lost its innocence!


Mayor Bloomberg Using Newtown to Push His Own Agenda?


It certainly didn’t take NYC Mayor Bloomberg long to jump on the horrific tragedy in Newtown, Conn. and start using it to push his own personal agenda.  Way to go, Bloomberg.  Don’t waste a crisis, right?

Yes, Bloomberg, play on the emotions of a country that is in shock from children — innocent children — being slaughtered.  Never mind any of the details that have yet to be discovered or shared with those not directly involved in the case.  Insinuate that you have all the answers and know best how to prevent such a nightmare from ever happening again.  Go ahead, but many of us know differently.  Many of us know that the system has often been the hindrance and big government, especially big brother, isn’t the way to make the world safer for anyone, including the children.

According to, “NYC Mayor Bloomberg slams Obama on guns: ‘We need immediate action’, by Beth Fouhy (The Ticket – 12/14/12):

Bloomberg, a longtime gun control advocate, released a statement through Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an advocacy group he co-founded with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

“President Obama rightly sent his heartfelt condolences to the families in Newtown. But the country needs him to send a bill to Congress to fix this problem,” Bloomberg said. “Calling for ‘meaningful action’ is not enough. We need immediate action. We have heard all the rhetoric before. What we have not seen is leadership—not from the White House and not from Congress.”

We haven’t seen leadership?  This coming from someone that thinks he has the duty to ban 32 oz. drinks and to pressure women to breast feed? Bloomberg thinks it is leadership, to take advantage of the deaths of innocent children, though he is without all the facts involving this horrendous act of cowardice?  Looks more like politics to me.  Shame on you, Bloomberg.

Most Americans Support Obama’s Plan?

I’m a little perplexed.  I read in one of the many articles (from other sources) about the fiscal cliff that most Americans support Obama’s plan.  What plan?  He hasn’t presented a plan.  He has only presented a vague suggestion of making cuts.  So, is this another one of those Pelosi moments, where we have to wait until it is passed to find out exactly what Obama has in mind?

The only “absolute” that I have read and heard reported is that Obama wants to raise taxes on the wealthy.  Is that it?  Is that really all that the plan covers and everything else is baiting?  I can’t help but wonder.  Nevertheless, I would like to know who these people are that are supporting a non-existent or “secret” plan that they know nothing about.  Is this what we call Zombie followings?  One can only wonder and I wonder even more…

Where are these Zombie followers that MSM claims to be most Americans?  I haven’t met a single one.  I find that strange.  If there are so many, how is it that I know none?  That’s right — none!  Not one!  Zero!

As always, it is interesting that the MSM (main stream media) makes bold statements and I can find nothing in real life to support their claim.  Am I so lucky as to live in an area of educated people who are lacking in Zombie-ness or are we getting fed another line of propaganda as the “information control personnel” attempt to recruit more Zombies who simply “think” they are joining the multitude?

I wonder if “most Americans” know they support the invisible Obama plan or if they, too, are wondering where all these people are, since they know none either.  I’m betting they are wondering who these people are as well.  Maybe it’s time we ask louder and demand proof (beyond unreliable polls), rather than taking the MSM and Obama’s word as gospel on these important matters.  Maybe it’s time to return to journalism and investigative reporting.  Where’s the plan and who are these people that hold the title of “most Americans”?