Customer Service Being Trained to Drive the Population Mad?

stressedI’m not going to name the company in question, because, for the most part, their customer service has been quite good, but they are now driving me crazy… Crazy… CRazy… CRAzy… CRAZy… CRAZY!  Did I mention that they are driving me a bit crazy?

I was asked to contact said company to verify a text was, in fact, sent by them because there are the fake emails and texts that attempt to get people to fall into traps and taps and identity theft and all kinds of not so good things.

First question was to the effect, “Was the text from your company and did this action take place?”

It wasn’t.

Oh… never mind…

It was.

I was then asked to verify what the account holder needed to do to comply with the changes involved.  That is when the total ride of crazy went from bad to badder to worse to, “Oh, please, dear God, let me off of this ride of maddening madness.”

I was given answers to questions I never asked.

When a “yes” or “no” answer would have been the perfect one — added (and unresponsive) information was included that muddied up the water still again.

Some of the responses seemed to include a third step, while others sounded like it was a mere two-stepper.  I was trying to clarify whether we did have a two- sie or a three-sie and if we had the latter — how did we do the extra three-sie step?

One response was to say something to the effect of doing that questionable step, which includes… (the other two thingies I was asking about).

“Which includes…” ????  Use of the term “which includes” means the person was — whether they meant to or not — saying there were three steps and still without explaining how that one step could be done.

I said I was done.  They weren’t.  I received still another email (today) providing unnecessary and unrequested directions.  The actual question and its answer? Well, they are apparently floating around somewhere out there in the Twilight Zone, as I prepare to take a padded cell vacation from the customer service experience from Hades!

I’d be embarrassed if…

embarrassedI’d be quite embarrassed if I woke up one morning and realized that what I thought and was thinking and believed was actually what someone else decided I should be thinking and believing.

I’d be quite embarrassed if I couldn’t think rationally or detect truth from fiction though the evidence was right in front of me and left no room for doubt.

I’d be embarrassed if I couldn’t think for myself or employ the concept of simple problem solving that didn’t involve possible plans for government takeover of even replacing the toilet paper in private bathrooms.

I’d be quite embarrassed if I couldn’t review information and give it a chance to be what it is, rather than what I perceived it to be due to being programmed to think as “one” with all other “thought clones“.

Yes, I would be embarrassed if I woke up one morning and found myself to have been indoctrinated into believing the propaganda of the liars.

Yet, I watch all these people on televison and the internet proudly following the lies as though the lies are the gospel truth.  And then… and then… they — the “thought clones” — have the gall to call others (who don’t blindly follow & still use their own brains) stupid and idiots and racists and intolerant and haters and whatever other bully-like term they can think of (or is thought of for them and sent via the talking points memo).

Yes, I’d be totally embarrassed if I gave up reality and my ability to process thoughts and information.

Maybe there is a good reason why I would be embarrassed and the “thought clones” aren’t.  Maybe it’s because I can still see and respond to reality, while they gave it up for progressivism and the fulfillment of the Animal Farm and 1984 prophecy!

Doesn’t Obama Get It Yet?

Obama Nose UpObama can slam the GOP all he wants over their investigation of the Benghazi torture and murder case, but it isn’t going to go away.  Doesn’t he get it yet?  The American People are quite upset over what did happen and what didn’t happen and all the lies that followed.  Lies that came out of the mouths of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Jay Carney and Obama himself.

Does Obama really think he can lie his way into what he wants us to believe is the truth?  If so, he doesn’t know the American people as well as he thinks he does.

Obama & Pals can tell us all that they didn’t lie, (though we are looking right at the truth that says they did), and pretend it didn’t have a thing to do with the election, but many, many people can add 2000+12 = 2012 Election.  Couldn’t let a little thing like a terrorist attack get in the way of a re-election campaign, it would seem.

It isn’t just the GOP that is searching for the truth about Benghazi and why four Americans are dead.  It’s a growing group of Americans that won’t look the other way.  A group of Americans that are paying attention to what is being said versus the “real” facts.

Doesn’t Obama get it yet?  Perhaps it will take another day or two for reality to sink in.

The American people are tired of the lies and being manipulated and played.  More importantly, the American people don’t take it lightly when fellow Americans wrongly die at the hands of terrorist, while the president does whatever he was doing that tragic night, when he should have been acting as President of the United States of America — but apparently wasn’t.

Doesn’t Obama get it yet?  Apparently not.