Destiny and Doom To Behold

serpentThe lies slither to embrace and mock all that is.  No breath of truth remains untainted in the bitter battle between the dimensions of calm sanity and the void of madness out-of-control.

Vile names are cast upon any who dare not believe in the madness or agree in blindness to walk to its end at the cliff’s edge.

How dare there be question or challenge in any thought bayed by the elite of all darkness, for they are the gifts from the Universe and all others the weeds of pure waste.  In this they were taught by the seeds of an arrogance bathed in a self-design of importance and now descending to a void and destruction someday to be true.

Alas!… alas poor soul… for evil does prey upon itself.  Soon you… the champion of all that is evil and untrue… shall no longer be the host, but rather the feast to be devoured and mocked into a torment and nothingness you once deemed a worthy existence for all others but you and yours.

Yes, dear soul — it is now your heaven or your hell that shall be served unto you.  For what you have created for others is now your destiny and doom to behold forever and a day.

 Copyrighted ©Carrie K. Hutchens 2013 – All Rights Reserved

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Obamacare Realities: Pulling things out of the horse’s rump

horse rumpI don’t just pull things out of a horse’s rump and throw it out as truth. I actually read and search and verify, unlike some of the seemingly brainwashed and vicious Obama defenders of today’s society.

Obama said, “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

That came out of Obama’s mouth. His own mouth. His own words. His own promise. I didn’t pull it out of a horse’s rump, but he must have.

Thousands upon thousands of people are getting cancellation notices. Yet, in the mist of all this, Obama Zombies (the fainting following) are swearing that if people have insurance — they won’t have to change. But they are having to change. It’s happening. It’s real. It’s all around. And it isn’t done yet.

Of course, once it is shown by a source other than Fox News that cancellations are in the high numbers, the argument becomes that the policies were lacking in quality coverage. Excuse me, it should be up to the insurance seeker and insured to decide what coverage best meets his or her particular needs and budget. People don’t need the government playing Nanny, especially when it isn’t Nanny that must cough up any and all additional costs associated with these uninvited decisions.

It doesn’t matter. Obama said repeatedly: “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

What happened to that guarantee? Would people have voted for AHC if they had known what Obama said wasn’t true?

Then we have the website issues and Amanda Marcotte saying she wants a screen shot proof or people are lying:

Yes, “she” makes an accusation and then demands others prove her wrong, rather than “her” proving her statement true. It’s not supposed to work that way, but in this flipped universe we are living in, it’s happening way too often.

Amanda says:

Well, Amanda, here’s a screen shot for you:

The Birthing of Crazy Ideas & Misinformation

David GuthAfter the September Navy Yard shooting in DC that killed thirteen people, University of Kansas journalism professor (or associate professor), David Guth, posted the following comment on Twitter:

“The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you.”

Guth was put on administrative leave.

In the following days, I read that some of the staff from UK was defending Guth’s freedom of speech, though they didn’t necessarily agree with what he said.  I likewise agree on the concept of freedom of speech.  However, along with it — he also has the right and obligation to take the responsibility and consequences that come along with saying something so blatantly inappropriate.

Today, I learned that Guth would not be returning this semester and is scheduled for a leave in Spring of 2014.  I shed no tears.  Remember that this was a man teaching “journalism”.  The field that is supposed to investigate and report the truth to readers and viewers.  Yet, this man is blaming the NRA for what happened in the Navy Yard?  Apparently truth and accuracy passed over his head, in his bias against this particular organization.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) neither promotes nor defends gun violence.  So why they are being held accountable whenever a shooting occurs, I have no idea.  Well, maybe I do.  It’s most likely an attempt to turn the nation on them and diminish their influence in the battle of more gun control vs enforcing the laws already in existence.  It’s also possible that people aren’t paying attention and just coming up with crazy ideas from misinformation.  It doesn’t matter.

For a teacher, especially of journalism, to blame an organization that was no way involved in the tragic shooting that cost the lives of 13 people, is bad enough.  (So much for gathering the inconvenient little things called facts.)  But to then wish their children to be the ones killed next?  That’s way over the line and past inappropriate.

Shame on the NRA?  No, Mr. Guth — shame on you!  It’s the vile and cruel attitudes such as you presented that create hatred and intolerance.  It’s your type of attitude that gives birth to the crazy idea that it is okay to provide misinformation and say whatever — when dealing with a person, place, thing or concept not agreed with.  It leads to propaganda — not journalism.  It is hatred and cruelty all bundled up in supposed indignation to indoctrinate and create a generation of zombies.

The NRA did not influence the Navy Yard shootings, but attitudes and words such as Mr. Guth’s might have.

Homeless man hailed as a hero after helping crash victims to safety

EMPORIA, Kan. – Brian Vargas said he had no time to think after a fiery crash thrust him into a life-saving mission.

“It was really scary at times because there were elderly and disabled people on the bus and saving them were my main concern,” Vargas said.

Five days a week, the 49-year-old Vargas rides the L-Cat or Lyon County Area Transportation bus from the Emporia Rescue Mission to the shelter’s kitchen where he’s a cook.

“It just happened all of a sudden. I just heard a big ‘boom!’ And the bus actually moved,” Vargas said, who was getting off the bus when he said a minivan crashed into the back near the men’s shelter at 12th Avenue and Whittier Street.

Vargas darted off the bus, and when he saw the flames spreading across the van’s hood, the former carpenter and construction worker ran to get five passengers and the driver off the bus.

“I ran back on the bus and just screamed, ‘Everybody off the bus now!’” Vargas told FOX 4′s Robert Townsend Wednesday.

When he ran back on the bus, Brian quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher and, all by himself, he put out the van fire. Vargas and several onlookers feared the van would explode, but thankfully it didn’t by the time firefighters arrived.

Two people on the bus went to the hospital for minor injuries. We’re told the van’s driver refused treatment. In the aftermath, Vargas was humble.

“I’m just an ordinary guy,” said Brian with a big smile.  (To continue reading click:  Fox 4 – KC )

 * * *

 Just another day in the life of a hero!!!

A Homeless man hailed as a hero after helping crash victims to safety

EMPORIA, Kan. – Brian Vargas said he had no time to think after a fiery crash thrust him into a life-saving mission.

“It was really scary at times because there were elderly and disabled people on the bus and saving them were my main concern,” Vargas said.

Five days a week, the 49-year-old Vargas rides the L-Cat or Lyon County Area Transportation bus from the Emporia Rescue Mission to the shelter’s kitchen where he’s a cook.

“It just happened all of a sudden. I just heard a big ‘boom!’ And the bus actually moved,” Vargas said, who was getting off the bus when he said a minivan crashed into the back near the men’s shelter at 12th Avenue and Whittier Street.

Vargas darted off the bus, and when he saw the flames spreading across the van’s hood, the former carpenter and construction worker ran to get five passengers and the driver off the bus.

“I ran back on the bus and just screamed, ‘Everybody off the bus now!’” Vargas told FOX 4′s Robert Townsend Wednesday.

When he ran back on the bus, Brian quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher and, all by himself, he put out the van fire. Vargas and several onlookers feared the van would explode, but thankfully it didn’t by the time firefighters arrived.

Two people on the bus went to the hospital for minor injuries. We’re told the van’s driver refused treatment. In the aftermath, Vargas was humble.

“I’m just an ordinary guy,” said Brian with a big smile.  (To continue reading click:  Fox 4 – KC )

 * * *

 Just another day in the life of a hero!!!

How Stupid Are We: Pretty Darn Stupid According to Big Government Supporters

stupidIt’s amazing how stupid “big government supporters” think everyone else is.  We are too stupid to make our own decisions about the size of soda we buy, so the government will help us.  They will deny us the 32 oz. option.  Now, that is really going to help all on its own.  Oh, never mind.  That ban is only the beginning.  With the government in control of insurance, they’ll soon be able to tell us what we can’t eat and what we must eat.  Probably tell us how many times a day to go to the bathroom, too.  And, never fear, we will probably receive instructions on the proper way to wipe the bottoms we have somehow been taking care of for years without their help.

Drink water?  What a unique idea.  I’m sure that most of us never once thought about grabbing a glass of water when thirsty.  And how about those water fountains? They aren’t just for decoration?  Well, what do you know about that.  Learn something new every day.

I have a control freak relative that will walk into the kitchen, see someone is doing the dishes and tell that person she (or he) needs to do the dishes.  It is as though the event is not real… not happening… unless “control freak” gives the order for it to be done.  Does my relative sound like anyone you know?  You know… like someone who thinks they know more about our health, health needs and coverage than we — the people who happen to be living our lives — do?

My “control freak” relative got involved where there was no need and really messed things up.  After the blunder, “control freak” walked away and left everyone else to suffer the major consequences involved.  Looks like our government is planning a likewise move.  They screw everything up for us — like cost us perfectly good insurance coverage — then, as it all falls apart, they go, “ooops” and walk away with their coverage still intact.

Many of the elite in government haven’t the slightest clue what it is like to be in our less-elite shoes, so their edg-i-ka-sion is limited to that book larning that was written by others who probably didn’t have the slightest clue either.  So, who are they to suddenly walk into our lives and tell us what to do and when to do it and how to do it, as though we hadn’t been living a life prior to their decision to decide for us?

We may not know everything about everything, but we do certainly know what we need to survive.  We know what is “affordable” in our situations, no matter what amount they decide upon.  Better yet, they talk about all these people that didn’t have insurance because of pre-existing conditions and life-time limits.  So, why didn’t they deal with those problems?  Why didn’t they find a way to get those people covered?

I’m trying not to laugh or cry.  Rather than deal with the “specific” issue at hand, the “control freaks” in government decided that they needed to tell everyone they have to have insurance — including the ones who already had insurance and didn’t need to be told to get it.  (But it wasn’t really REAL until “control freaks” told them they had to.)  And to top it all off… as the government took over to make sure everyone was covered… they caused people who already had coverage to lose it and become uncovered.   Yep!… that’s some progress and a success story to be proud of — NOT!

The government mingled where it had no business mingling and now people, who had made the good decisions for themselves and family, are in one heck of a mess.  Many have lost hours and jobs.  Many have or will be losing coverage.  Many are facing exceedingly high premiums, co-pay and deductibles.  But the government knows best, or so it thinks.

How stupid do they think we are?  Pretty darn stupid.  And just remember this conversation when they tell you that you HAVE TO eat your veggies, how to wipe and how to have sex with your spouse.  Yeah, I know you didn’t know how to do that properly either.  But… never fear… they’ll get you up to speed as soon as they get the glitches fixed in the O-care site.  In the meantime, don’t hold your bladder or your breath.

The Dark Idol of Enlightenment

demonIn anger I defy you, oh mighty thief of all good that has ever been.  You are a vile creature, who mocks and insults, for your empty vessel has nothing more to offer the moment either then or now or even yesterday.

I walk away from the ignorance of your ways, but you continue to follow and bay in tune with the idol of your thought core-center.  The noise so maddening, yet to you so sweet and pure.

The sickness flows from your programmed mouth, as your eyes flicker in dullness and a cloud of blinding obedience to the one who feeds the senses of pure hate and vile pleasure.

You suggest to live in enlightenment and I in the dark ages of old.  Yet, it is you whose fire has been extinguished with nothing left of self within or beyond.  Your spirit gone, you now exist obedient to they — the master of the flesh.  A master who knows no loyalty nor mercy.  A master who mocks and devours all who dare to call him friend.  For, he has no friends by intent… only fools who feed the beast in delightful ignorance that they, too, have an expiration date stamped upon their fate and no choices left to make.

Copyrighted ©Carrie K. Hutchens 2013 – All Rights Reserved

My Personal Thoughts: Obama elected because of Oprah

oprah-reaction-to-president-elect-obamaMy personal opinion is that Obama wouldn’t have had a chance of being elected president, if it had not been for the support of Oprah Winfrey.  Nothing to do with his racism — I mean race — but rather, because hardly anyone knew who he was, while hardly anyone hasn’t heard of Oprah.  She brought him into the lime light and gave him name recognition.  Likewise the trust in her was then transferred to being trust in him.  “We can trust Oprah, so we can trust Obama.”

Many people who voted for Obama have buyer’s remorse.  People feel betrayed.  For as bad as any might feel, can you imagine how Oprah feels?  She knew this man and his wife.  She put her reputation on the line for them.  How did that work out for her?  Not so well, it seems.

The stories I have read, suggest that once Obama was elected — he and Michelle pretty much snubbed Oprah.   I guess she was no longer worthy of their friendship.  Well, until it was time to push the unpopular Obamacare that is.  Suddenly, it appears that when Obama needed help pushing his so-called “Affordable” Health Care, Oprah was called upon to assist.  Guess she wasn’t good enough to be their friend in good times, but she definitely appears to be good enough when they need to use her.  Nevertheless… word is … Oprah said, “No!”

Does this now mean that Oprah is a racist, too?

Definitely, I don’t believe Obama had a chance of beating Hillary, much less go on to become president.  Oprah helped make it happen.  Guess she found out what is behind all that rhetoric and it wasn’t a pleasant surprise!

I’m still wondering.  You think Oprah saying, “No!” to the Obama makes her a racist like everyone else that doesn’t agree with him or do his bidding?  Well, I guess it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that she helped elect him president and her reward was a big snub!  It tells us a great deal about the man and his wife in the White House!

Senator Rand Paul Makes Strong Statement for Persecuted Church and Pastor Saeed

Speaking today in Washington, Senator Rand Paul uttered one of the strongest calls ever made by a sitting Senator in defense of the persecuted church. Citing case after case of horrific persecution in the Muslim world, he decried media ignorance and inattention and demanded that the federal government cut off all aid to any nation that is conducting a war on Christians.  ~ACLJ 10/11/13

Read more at ACLJ.

Poor, poor delusional Harry Reid

2Reid told The Huffington Post that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is smart, but he can’t outmaneuver the 26-year veteran in the halls of Congress.

“He might be able to work a calculus problem better than I can,” Reid said Thursday. “But he can’t legislate better than I can.” ~The Hill – 10/18/13

Someone should tell Harry Reid that what he does, many of us do not call “legislating”.  There are many names for it, but that is not one of them.

Reid said Cruz is a “laughing stock to everybody but him” and said he pitied the GOP if the party saw him as a viable nominee for president in 2016. ~The Hill – 10/18/13

No, Harry Reid, Senator Cruz is not the laughing stock to everyone but him.  As a matter of fact, for you to say that, is to say the American People he stood up for are a laughing stock.  How dare you!

Harry Reid, you have shown yourself.  Your arrogance will be your downfall.  Your Rooster walk will trip you up.  No one is fooled by you, except the uninformed and zoombie troops.  But never fear, many are waking from their blind coma, as the results of your “legislating” hits their lives and pocketbooks.

Laugh and mock this moment away, Harry Reid, because it won’t be long until the elections and that smirk on your face will turn to a blush of embarrassment.  Then you will know that many, many people aren’t happy with you, Harry Reid.  Not happy at all.  They’ll be telling you what they think of your “legislating” and you’ll know it isn’t Senator Ted Cruz they are laughing at.  You’ll know that for sure!

The Root of Advocacy

 by Ron Panzer
October 17, 2013

 “Where there is no vision, the people perish ….” – Proverbs 29:18

Do you ever wonder why we should care at all?  With all the craziness and madness around, why bother doing anything about it?  Why not just retreat to a little corner in the world and forget the rest?  It might seem like it would be much simpler that way.

But even though we feel like forgetting it all, we can’t escape the world.  Wherever we go, the world is there with all its ups and downs and struggles.  Good and evil are ever present no matter where we travel, even if we’re all alone, because they live within each one of us.

Of course, some like to believe there is no such thing as good or evil, that nothing matters, but they quickly change their tune the very moment something bad happens to them and affects their world.  Then they scream for help and justice like anyone else. 

Their protests aside, good and evil do exist as forces in the world, and even in different cultures and times, they are perceived in much the same way.  Because we share a common human nature, we know what acts are good or bad for all human beings.

But why stop to help another person?  Why not just keep going our own way and forget about anything other than what we want? We stop and turn around, because somewhere deep inside our conscience informs us what is the right thing to do.  When something bad happens to us, we realize that we may need help from others, but with perspective later on, we see that others also need help from us — that we’re here for that very purpose.

If we are spiritually sane in that moment, we clearly see the wrong in choosing one path and the right in choosing the other.  Others may be confused, but for us at that time, we know we must do something, that we must reach out and help, because not to do so is to allow harm to the other.  Also, we know that we would become something less than who we were meant to be.  Of course, the results do not always depend upon our efforts alone, because our efforts may be thwarted by conditions beyond our control or we may not have the ability or authority to change what is.  We just know that we must at least try.

There may be others who have authority at the healthcare facility or organization, who think that how they are treating the vulnerable is appropriate, and certainly they justify their actions one way or another.  But something is always a little “off” in their explanations, however high-minded they strive to appear, however “logical” their justifications may be.

Logic alone may be used to justify good as well as evil or unintentional error.  In any case, their “justifications” don’t matter when we see clearly the right and the wrong.  They stand out like night and day, like a bright neon sign, irresistibly pointing us toward our true path, a path blessed by the One who gave us life — and a path that opens doors for miraculous happenings in our lives and the lives of those we meet.

But those in power often enjoy exercising their authority.  They have planned out the way things are to be run, either with an eye to maximizing the revenue they personally take from the business, or if money is not their motivation, then the personal satisfaction that comes from exerting authority itself, or because they have convinced themselves of their position, even though it is mistaken.

If a patient or others get hurt as a result of that choice, it’s something they consider unavoidable, as if their wishes were “the law.”  They don’t care how much harm they cause to the mission.  They view themselves as “the law” and are not only offended should anyone challenge them, they become incensed, whether they express that or not.

They make sure they get their way, using a heavy hand.  However it is to be accomplished and whatever needs to be done, no matter the cost to others, they push right on.  Anyone who stands in their way is ignored if they speak up, harassed if they make trouble, and even pushed out of the organization by making their position untenable.  This is the culture of death at work, whether in healthcare or elsewhere.  There are thousands of nurses and even physicians who have lost their job because they spoke up for what is right.  This is the way of imposing force, the way of the bully and the oppressor, however politely and professionally it is expressed.

Anyone whose heart is open, whose eyes see what is happening, understands the suffering that will eventually result from some choices and actions.  People are pushed aside.  Their needs remain unmet.  Their voice is not considered.  They languish in their suffering, crying out with no one to come to their assistance, sometimes even dying as a result of the consequent neglect.

Many turn a blind eye to these conditions, choosing not to think about them and just go about their work, either forgetting the overall mission of their work or never having understood it at all. Plodding on, they just hope to get through the day, complete a task here or there, whether the patient is benefited or not.  Much activity occurs, but it is not what the mission of healthcare requires.  It is not done with the right spirit.

When a lowly private in an army gripes about having to go here or there and fight to capture a certain bridge or area, it’s often because he just doesn’t understand the overall strategy behind the general’s decision.  He doesn’t understand the consequences and chain of consequences that necessarily arise from failing to achieve certain goals, from failing to do things in the right way in order to achieve complete success.

Strangely enough, just as the private’s ideas of what is right or wrong arise from his limiting lack of knowledge and vision of the overall war being waged, healthcare facility or organizational administrators (even though they hold positions of power) may also lack knowledge and vision.  They reject the true mission of healthcare itself.  They may regard it as a business opportunity alone and not a calling to serve, or they may have another misguided understanding of the mission.  They may have an agenda that harms the patients, whether knowingly so or not.

When those in authority fail to recognize or understand the mission of the work, when they fail to listen to the staff who speak up on behalf of the patients or the mission, they make decisions that oppress the staff and patients and create conditions that cause even more suffering — sometimes terrible suffering!  The work is poorly done, and even though there may be some staff who are very dedicated, the mission necessarily goes astray.

As just one example, meals may be carefully designed by a dietitian to provide adequate nutrition for the patients.  Those meals may be cooked and trays with food brought to the patient’s room, but the patient’s need to be fed is not considered.  Administrators hire too few staff to feed all the patients who need assistance, and the food remains at the bedside uneaten, just out of reach of the desperately hungry patient.

It is no wonder so many patients lose weight and are diagnosed as having “failure to thrive!”  It is assumed that with such careful dietary considerations having been given and the meals having dutifully been brought to the patient’s bedside, the patient is not able to absorb the food eaten.  That the patient is unable to feed themselves and is not being fed is too often overlooked!  Many people cannot even imagine that such an obviously terrible blunder is being made even once, let alone over and over on a daily basis, week after week and year after year.

Or, those same meals are cooked and prepared just as the dietitian desired, and the patient is able to feed themselves, yet a custodian in the facility doesn’t feel like keeping the kitchen as clean as ordered.  “It takes too much time to do it that way!” he thinks.  When a cockroach, fly, or other insect is found on the plate at the patient’s bedside, the patient doesn’t eat, grows weaker and sickens.  Nobody but the patient understands why.  Nobody bothers to ask.

Consider an elderly patient suffering from end-stage osteoporosis or a very painful cancer.  Just moving an inch involves excruciating pain.  If she doesn’t move, she knows she may develop open wounds in her skin, decubitus ulcers, which if left unhealed, may cause a septic infection and even death.  What a terrible dilemma!

Those administrators with authority often care nothing about the mission of healthcare. They may hire too few workers to meet the needs of patients like her and falsify the records to appear as if there are more staff working than actually are.  Attention to the clinically-needed pain medications is not given.  Either the patient is not given enough pain medication or is given so much that her death is hastened.

In many cases, when the patient calls for help moving, instead of two staff to help her, only one or none arrives.  There is only so much the staff can do, even if they care deeply.  The administrators have control of the staffing and how things are to be done.  The patient then moves less, and when she does, she suffers more.  Her end days are made even more painful and she cries alone, feeling abandoned by all.  Her death is hastened in many ways and she dies in a hostile environment, without the support of loving caregivers at her side.

This is the culture of death way of working that taints most of the activities it engages in.  This is the culture of death that kills those who are to be cared for.  Its adherents do not care that it is not right.  They don’t even see that it is not right and many certainly do not consider themselves to be part of the “culture of death.”  They just consider themselves to be “professional” and act as they have been trained to do.

They have not been trained to respect the sanctity of life.  They have no idea what reverence for life means. How completely blind are those who fail to see the mission behind their work.  It is only by chance that they might do something of benefit to others. Of course, there are others who are consciously and zealously promoting the culture of death. These actively hasten death and know they are doing it, though they will often conceal what they are doing from those who would object.

Advocacy work promotes the well-being of the vulnerable and in need. Patient advocacy is one branch of the culture of life that is founded upon reverence for life, the fullest expression of our love.  Those who have embraced the culture of life radiate that reverence for life when they interact with the patients and the public.  Their kindness touches the hearts of those in need, whether in lifting a spoon to the lips of their patient, bathing and dressing them, tending to their wounds or administering treatments and medications that will help them.

The dear Lord Jesus mentioned such individuals (who embrace the culture of life) when He sent the twelve disciples out into the world: “Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave (Matthew 10:11).”  These worthy persons have hearts that are open.  They are generous and kind and open their homes to help others.  In many cultures, the guest is treated with great respect as if God Himself or an angel were visiting (Hebrews 13:2).

Clearly, the patient’s welfare ultimately depends upon the actions of those who provide care, and those who provide care must care, otherwise it is all a sham, a counterfeit of what healthcare is meant and needed to be.  Patients may be rescued from life-threatening medical conditions by heroic interventions in the hospital emergency room only to be shipped off to a culture of death hospice or palliative care facility where their medically-stabilizing medications are removed, their food and water withheld, and sedatives administered so that they die within days or a week or so from dehydration and circulatory collapse.  Does this make any sense?

Pro-life hospice and palliative care staff continue to affirm the life of the patient.  So long as the patient is able to benefit from medications, they are continued.  So long as they are alive and not imminently dying, so long as they can take that food and water in, their food and water are continued.  Culture of life healthcare lovingly adheres to the traditional standards of care in both word and deed.  Culture of life patient advocacy fights so that the patient’s needs, clinical or otherwise, continue to be met as conditions change.

Relationships founded upon love display an order that is in harmony with the divine and the natural law: family members support, respect, and care for each other; members of society provide goods and services to the others; healthcare staff lovingly promote the well-being of their patients; administrators manage their facilities and agencies with an eye to the overall mission.  It is love that inspires the vision for all activities within the culture of life, and all staff, as well as other nonprofessionals, serve as patient advocates.

When care is provided rightly, not only is the welfare of those in need assured, it promotes the happiness of all involved, caregiver, patient and family.  Care motivated by our love and properly provided, as well as action rightly performed, appear right to the spiritually sane (those whose hearts are inclined toward God with faith).  Those actions are recognized to be good.  They awaken an appreciation of our sense of what is beautiful, so some have been led to say, “Love is a beautiful thing.”

St. Thomas Aquinas says that “beauty and goodness in a thing are identical fundamentally,”1 but that the idea of goodness has the sense of being an end or goal sought by each one of us, while beauty pleases when seen.  He also says that, “beauty includes three conditions, “integrity” or “perfection,” … due “proportion” or “harmony”; and lastly, “brightness” or “clarity ….”2

While there are additional ideas about what qualities define beauty (such as a sense of symmetry and balance), we can understand that when we see care that is really helpful to the patient, we can recognize that it has integrity, that it is accomplished perfectly (in that it provides what is needed), that care is provided in a way that is proportionate to those patient needs, that it is in harmony with what is needed to maintain life for the patient.  We know for these reasons that it is both good and truly beautiful.  “Everything within us” tells us that it is right.  We recognize that it is in harmony with the divine as well as the natural law.

When we see something that does not feel right and is immediately perceived to lack beauty or goodness, or leaves us empty and uninspired, disturbed or even horrified, then we can understand that it not only is not beautiful or good, it really is not right.  It is wrongly done.  Culture of life patient advocacy fights to correct these wrong activities and restore the right direction of care and actions so that the provision of healthcare promotes the patient’s well-being.  Mistaken decisions can be reversed — returning care to the right path — thereby affirming the life of the patient and the mission that healthcare is meant to serve.

What do we see in the culture of death?  Patients are physically or medically-restrained against their wishes, sometimes even physically beaten or sexually abused; too few caregivers are assigned to provide for the patients’ needs; inadequate attention is given to all the standards of care, and epidemics of medication errors and other violations actually harm the patients.  Treatment is denied.  Patients, families and others are misled by giving them false “justifications” for the actions taken or not taken.

Over 400,000 patients die each year from medical errors in the United States, making healthcare the third leading cause of death! How ironic that care that was supposed to protect the patient’s health actually violates the heart of the mission and ends in killing the patient!3

Most patients are not in any condition to fight for their own needs, so others must serve as patient advocates when the administrators and staff do not naturally do what is right.  In a culture of death healthcare setting, it is frequently found that staff do not always do what is best for the patient.  Other considerations govern their decisions and actions.  When some might wish to do the right, bureaucrats who control and limit funding may narrow the choice of options to be offered to the patient.

Even if funding is adequate, money alone can never overcome the wrongness of how things are done within a culture of death healthcare setting.  The process of how each thing is done matters tremendously!

Money is often wasted, fraudulently obtained, or spent on interventions that do not truly contribute to the well-being of the patient.  Those who work in a culture of death cannot understand why their efforts do not succeed, but it can only be as it is, since the administrators who control policy, as well as the staff, do not consider the patient’s well-being as their highest priority.  Revenue, power, status, reputation, or any number of other concerns are placed ahead of the patients!

However, if we are striving to fulfill the dear Lord’s will in what we do in this life, whether in the healthcare or organizational setting, or in our own personal lives, we must be willing to correct our actions at any moment when it is within our power to do so.

This is where the virtues of humility and honesty open the way for us to choose right actions in life, even if in doing so we must admit we have made a mistake.  In this way we may turn back from our error and live and act in a way that best serves the mission at hand. All of us being imperfect human beings, as we become aware of our errors, we continually correct ourselves in order to live in harmony with His will.

Parents and coaches tell the young athlete, “Give your best effort and then you can accept the results, win or lose, with a healthy pride.”  “You did your best!”  In life, this is all we could ask of any other or ourselves.  In our work we must ask ourselves, “Is this the best we could have done?”  Have we been willing to adjust our methods and actions in order to achieve the goal?  “Is what we have done good or beautiful to behold?”  “Does it truly represent the mission we serve?”

Many of the Pharisees in the time of Jesus proudly thought and asserted that they were righteous (or good) even though within they were arrogant, selfish and evil.  Some may simply have been confused, but like many of those in authority throughout history, they used that authority and turned deaf ears toward those who pled for mercy.

Because they were not spiritually sane, their hearts were not truly inclined toward God.  In calling for the death of the dear Lord, they thought they were doing what was best for the nation and themselves, but in rejecting Him, they did wrong.

Zedekiah, king of Judah (during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon), chose to listen to the advice of the false prophet Hananiah while rejecting the word of the Lord given to him through the prophet Jeremiah.  He decided to do things differently than Jeremiah advised.  Zedekiah therefore lost his kingdom, his family and friends and was blinded and enslaved in Babylon (Jeremiah 28).

Failing to listen to those who have one’s best interests at heart and who possess wisdom results in terrible suffering eventually over time, whether one is a king, a nation, an individual, a healthcare agency or organizational administrator.  Patients who do not follow the good physician’s advice suffer and their health declines.  The Pharisees of Jesus’ time, for example, did not pause to listen to the voice of those who saw clearly and were spiritually alive, so they did terrible things that oppressed others.

Their hearts were hardened.  Their minds were closed.  They could not perceive the real mission God intended them to accomplish.  They were sure they were right, yet they were so wrong.  History is filled with such examples.  Why do we imagine or assume that we would never make such mistakes, that we are righteous?  Perhaps it is because we are similar in many ways to them.  We are “proud man” who fails to see his or her own flaws and assumes he is right and following the right direction.

To those who viewed them from a worldly standpoint, the Pharisees had power, authority, wealth and all that these could give them.  They were well-respected and thought to be doing everything necessary for the welfare of society.  They were leaders esteemed in the highest circles.  They busied themselves with what they considered very important matters, yet they ignored the actually important matters: “justice, mercy and faithfulness.”  From a spiritual standpoint, they were beggars — “blind guides” destined for terrible suffering. (Matthew 23)

Administrators may also busy themselves with all the activities necessary to maintain healthcare or organizational operations.  So many things need to be done, and they choose to do all of these things in a way that reflects their priorities and their understanding (or lack thereof) of the mission.  If they fail to honor goodness and beauty in their choices, if they fail to open their hearts (so that the principles of justice, mercy and faithfulness do not guide their choices), then the results will speak for themselves. 

In what they choose to do, doors are closed to the miraculous and wonderful. In what they do, His blessings are rejected.  In what they do, His will is not fulfilled, and relationships are torn apart.  Alienation and suffering flourish.  They do not consider the damage done to the organization and its mission.  These same questions must be considered in each of our lives: do we honor goodness and beauty in our choices?  Are our actions inspired by justice, mercy and faithfulness to God?

Seeing that in every moment of our lives we make choices and then act, our entire life is one continuous process of choosing and acting in the present moment.  Our entire life is a series of opportunities to either open ourselves to His guidance in our choosing and acting, or to close ourselves to His guidance in our choosing and acting.

Why do we advocate for those in need?  For those reasons.  Those who seek to please the dear Lord will strive to honor Him in each and every thing they do or create, in each and every way they contact others as they network with others in the world, in each and every relationship.  Whether working within healthcare itself, in advocacy or other organizational missions, they will be eager to open themselves to hear what others of faith have to say and will seriously consider their advice (Proverbs 11:14; 15:22)

In order to discern the wisest path for their people, Native American tribes met in councils composed of their wisest leaders; Americans and people of all nations throughout history have met in local councils composed of their wisest leaders.  Christian and other religious communities did so as well.  The practice of listening to those with wisdom to share assures that the right advice is heard and hopefully followed.  As it was written:

By wisdom a house is built,       and through understanding it is established; And through knowledge its rooms are filled       with rare and beautiful treasures.  –  Proverbs 24:3-4

Those who follow Him know that Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)  They recognize that the blessed community of believers is His church, and they remember that we are instructed that whatever we do, we are to: “… do it all for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31).”

So we must ask ourselves, “Is this worthy of Him?”  “Would He be pleased with this?”  “Would He approve how I treated this person or patient today?”  Before embarking upon a new direction, we must ask ourselves, “Is this what He would will in this situation?

The motivation for those who promote the culture of death is often their own personal pleasure, power and control, acquisition and pride.  The motivation for those who serve the culture of life is the dear Lord and His love which has filled their hearts.  They do not thirst for power; they thirst for that which is righteous and good. Each morning, noon and night, they thrill with the presence of the Lord.  He fills their hearts with joy, and in response, they can only cry out, “Thank You!” “Thank You, Lord!” “You are glorious!”  “You are mighty!”  “You are worthy!”  “You are beautiful, dear Lord!”

And when His disciples serve the patients, only good-will motivates their every action.  In the culture of life, they are clothed with generosity, kindness, mercy and love.

The spirit of patient advocacy arises naturally within the spiritually sane as a response to the needs of the vulnerable.  Patient advocacy is ultimately based upon our relationship with the dear Lord.  Right reason helps us to understand that our ultimate good is found in pleasing Him, and that when we serve our patients, we are truly serving Him.

Right reason instructs us to give careful thought to what choices we make and the actions we actually do. Right reason shows us we must honor the principles of truthfulness, justice, mercy and faithfulness.  It reveals why and how we must advocate for the patient’s welfare and for the lives of the vulnerable.

Right reason helps us to remember that not only “where there is no vision, the people perish,” (Proverbs 29:18), but that no matter how hard we work or how much we do, where the vision is lost, our mission eventually fails!  There are consequences for our choices.

If we leave the right path, we walk in darkness in a direction that takes us away from our goal.  When our actions do not reflect the spirit inspiring our mission, we go astray and cannot reach the intended goal.  The apostle and author of the Epistle of James tells us that we must caution others who are following a path that will bring suffering and spiritual destruction (James 5:19-20). 

The right application of reason affirms the vision of our pro-life mission which is founded upon the love He places in our hearts.  The virtue of humility helps us to receive correction and then do what is best, making choices that are in harmony with the ethics of life.4

This constant self-correcting process is fundamental to the provision of healthcare and the culture of life.  This is why in an organization with integrity, great attention is given to remain true to the mission, with quality improvement, proper supervision of all activities, and assessment of the actual results achieved through the actions undertaken.  When an organization has integrity, its leaders and staff remain true to its mission in all that is done and how each activity is done.

Right reason and faith in the One who is the true good in life lead each of us to what is good in our own lives and in the lives of the patients and public we serve.  This is how the real spirit of patient advocacy is born.



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Today’s Logic Moment – 10/17/13

The Question People in DC Apparently Did Not Consider:

blameWho makes negative comments about others and takes action to punish anyone not in lock-step?  Who is it that then projects this attitude, words and behavior onto those who refuse/refused to willing step in the mess with the lock-steppers?


Giggle, Giggle Goes John McCain

love horsesJust a thought…  Maybe instead of gleefully giggling, John McCain ought to look around and see where he’s at.  Ole Mr. Maverick there, appears to have trotted on over to the liberal section of the room and is apparently grazing on their “free” Kool-Aid.

Senator “once upon a time maverick” McCain, many people agree with Ted Cruz about Obamacare and the devastation it is causing.  If you want to worry about “shame”, then perhaps you should be putting it where it belongs.

Shame on everyone involved in pushing through a bill they probably didn’t read, and apparently didn’t understand.

Shame on everyone in Washington, DC that is walking all over the middle and poor classes, while claiming to be their champion.  Champion my southside.

Y’all that are involved in allowing Obamacare to get passed and stay passed — ought to be ashamed of yourselves.  You are fools and that is not one bit funny!

Giggle, giggle all the way to the shame corner!

Today’s Logic Moment – 10/16/13

The Question People in DC Apparently Did Not Consider:

 cancellation stampPeople are receiving cancellation notices from their insurance companies.  To have like coverage, with the AHC requirements, is being reported as either exceeding higher in premiums and deductibles or not offered by the preferred insurance company.  Like coverage via Obamacare, if one can find out, is apparently a cause for sticker shock.  People are in a desperate position.  Did this administration consider any of these possibilities before plowing through anyone who objected or had concern?  Do they intend to address this devastating mess they created?

Okay DC: What About the Other Americans Who Lost Their Private Sector Jobs?

busyIsn’t this quite delightful!  The government employees will be returning to their jobs after a short break.  They knew they would be.  It was a short-term  hurt.  What about all the other Americans in the private sector, who have lost their jobs, or their hours, and are facing an uncertain future?  They don’t know when they will be getting back to work (or hours returned), if ever they will.  Theirs is a long term nightmare.  Why are they forgotten?  Why are they deemed the non-important?

Obamacare did, and continues to, cost jobs.  If DC can’t see it, then perhaps they need a refresher course in reality.  After all, only they and their oblivious cult followers, are blind to the true plight of the American people all at the hands of Washington, DC politics and politicians.  Thanks for nothing.

I do hope politicians are feeling proud of themselves for their lack of concern and compassion for the families that are suffering as a result of idiotic politics and selfish legacy fights.  That will mean a great deal to them in the hereafter, when they are shown up for the self-centered and selfish individuals that they are.  Oh yes, they will be remembered for the pain and suffering that they needlessly caused.  There will be no mercy given to their memories.  What a true legacy that will be.

So, now that we know Obamacare was slopped together and has done nothing but cost people their jobs, their insurance, their financial well-being, and so on — what are you going to do about it, DC?  How are you going to fix this mess?  Will it be within the next two weeks or so?  (Isn’t that about the time it took you to get the government employees back to work?)  Well, you better get on it then, because the American people aren’t too happy with you and your crazy, selfish plans.  It’s time to do what you are supposed to.  It’s time for you to represent the people — not dictate to them.  It’s time to get the private sector Americans back to work and their good insurance returned!  Get busy!

I thought about writing about today’s events…

redundancyI thought about writing about today’s political events, but quickly realized it would be redundant.  Anyone following the happenings of this current life-mess read it all yesterday or perhaps even several weeks ago.  Oh… yes… there are a few technicalities that might have changed, but the outcome is right back where it started.

Radical liberals are still calling other people names, while whining if they think they’ve been called one.

We have the radical liberals deciding the Confederate flag is a statement of the Tea Party, Republicans & Senator Ted Cruz attitude, but the OFA thinks it is unfair to suggest they are less than sensitive to the disabled after having a sign that says, “Tea-Tards”.  (Like we don’t get the reference to the term – retards.)

Oh, and then there are those radical liberal writers that suggest Tea Party members have all these characteristics that are quite unproven?  Does truth matter at all to the radical liberal?

But it’s all a mess.

One moment it looks like progress is being made.

Never mind.

Then there is ole Harry Reid… you know… the senator that wrongly threw out a rumor during the election year and hoped it would stick?  Harry Reid is blocking any effort the House makes to try to provide funding, yet then tries to blame the Republicans for the failure to fund?

Oh how delicious is that?

The constant is Obama with his rhetoric and wrongful descriptions as he always blames someone — anyone — except Obama!

On and on we go… where we stop… no one knows!  But stop we should!  Stop we must! It’s time to bring sanity back into government and into our lives.  After all, we really aren’t their little zombies, unless we allow ourselves to be.

Time to pay attention!

Time to use our own minds! — the ones not cluttered with irrational thoughts!

As for writing about today’s events — never mind — tomorrow is soon enough!