Hogwash from another alleged professor…

Brent Terry, a professor at Eastern Connecticut State University was caught on audio telling his Introduction to Creative Writing class that Republicans will close colleges if they prevail in 2014 and that they are “racist, misogynist, money-grubbing people” who want to suppress the liberal vote.

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Professor: Republicans are ‘Racist, Misogynist, Money-Grubbing People’


To Brent Terry —

Here is your mirror 2

Right for Me & Thee

IMGA00331Desperation embraces the moment giving chill to hope and igniting the flames of fear to greet the day!  How can this be?  Where did the angels go as I walk alone among the vile destruction laid before me?  Where did they hide as all dreams faded into the night where mocking laughter devoured the chances of tomorrow in a feast of hideous pleasure?

 I look to the sun for guidance through the pit of darkness and find only heavy clouds to burden the moment and forbidding even the faintest of rays to brush against the fleeting breath.  How can this be?  Where has the light gone as I stumble in the pit of evil hearts and deeds slung into the paths given to me as mine and thine?  Where did it hide as hope was stomped into suffocation of their seductive dance of pure deceit?

I cannot know where the light of good has gone, but neither can I flee all that is and has to be.

Slowly… ever so slowly… I look to the heavens, my whisper low and humble, as I beg for His mercy and cry for His army of truth to embrace all of the tears, fears and lonely years bestowed upon this life traveled by me and thee.

Does He hear me?  Shall there be an answer of light or is it too late for my prayers to reach the heavens and His gentle heart?  I cannot know.  Not today.  Not in the dreary moment resting in the depths of evil’s womb, but perhaps tomorrow or in a day.  Yes, perhaps tomorrow shall shine in all the glory of possibilities and blessings touched by His hand of love for me and thee.

Yes, perhaps tomorrow, or even in the moment before, I must believe, for He is the God of all times and His miracles are His to give and are controlled by no man nor evil that walks upon this earth.  He shall say and it shall be whatever is right on this day, as we travel through the harsh battlefield to reach and embrace the wonders of the life given by He just for me and thee!

God bless me and thee and all the wonders that be — even the ones we do not see — as we travel the path and come to believe in the hope and light in the embrace given by He!

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Tormenting & Unforgiving: This is All There is

destruction 3Anger rages within my being as the truth pours forth and I come to know why life has been so tormenting and unforgiving to me.

So much has been unfair and devastating… no chance did I have to make things right or to grasp the golden ring as it flew by me into the hands of another… always another… never me… not once me… not even a single time was it to be.

I’ve cried the tears of many… and begged and pleaded often… only to have cold backs turned to me and the chuckles echoing into the darkness of my mood.

How dare I ask.  How dare I hope.  How dare I even wonder why.

Then comes the answer.  The answer that has always alluded and deluded all that I ever was and am and might have ever been.  I am a victim.  I am a victim and now I know.  No more questions to be asked.  Just some checks to collect and the promise I’ll never try to be anything more than their little toy to nanny and pump their ruling self-indulging pride.

Oh, they… the saviors that have come to save us victims… the victims of their making… do dance in delight and no doubt  toast us each night, as they enjoy all they have denied those not they.  Alas for they, but not for us, one day their reign of twisted thought and selfish gain, shall lead them to the end of their enjoyed stolen reign.

And at the end of that path…

There shall stand the “new” dictators and designers, who will then appoint them the victims to be taunted and denied.  It will then be they that cry and beg, while backs are turned and chuckles heard, as they become the toys to nanny and pump the rulers self-indulging pride.

Yes, it will be they… and rather than a helping hand given… someone will tell them that they are not only victims, but forever victims with no hope to touch their present or their future.  Someone will tell them, “This is all there is.  Give up and enjoy the crumbs we’ll give to you.  You are, after all, a victim of our enemy and a pawn to be played by us and they.”

In thought of what is to come to be… the rage is no longer left in me.

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Neighbor hailed a hero after rescuing toddlers from burning apartment

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Neighbors at one Independence apartment complex are calling 50-year-old Michael Thomas a “hero.” FOX 4′s Robert Townsend talked to Thomas about how he rescued two toddlers just in the nick of time!

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Neighbor hailed a hero after rescuing toddlers from burning apartment

HS English Teacher Slams Common Core Standards in Resignation Letter

In a viral blog post, a Colorado public school teacher resigned from her position as a high school English teacher in protest to Common Core standards. Pauline Hawkins wrote in part:

“I can no longer be a part of a system that continues to do the exact opposite of what I am supposed to do as a teacher – I am supposed to help them think for themselves, help them find solutions to problems, help them become productive members of society. Instead, the emphasis on Common Core Standards and high-stakes testing is creating a teach-to-the-test mentality for our teachers and stress and anxiety for our students. Students have increasingly become hesitant to think for themselves because they have been programmed to believe that there is one right answer that they may or may not have been given yet. That is what school has become: A place where teachers must give students “right” answers, so students can prove (on tests riddled with problems, by the way) that teachers have taught students what the standards have deemed are a proper education.”

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HS English Teacher Slams Common Core Standards in Resignation Letter

Madness Steals the Morning Light

destructionThe suffocating madness steals the morning light and bids all children to follow into its darkness of the damned.  A darkness cold and blinding to all that is and has ever been.  A darkness mocking and shrill in the deceit it drapes wildly in foul disdain for any truth that hints to bless the day.

Laughter touches the breeze, but only for a brief whisper of eternity.  Only for a moment.  Only until the realization dashes the haunting smile of the herders of delusion.  The herders who awaken in the late of day to realize they, too, are nothing more than the slaughtered self.  The self drained and molded into a one-thought pool of confused and withered illusion of the conquered masses, and not worthy of the pedestal of the elite of deception.

One might mock the awakening of they, the alleged enlightened, if it were not for the destruction and death filling the air of a world once alive, thriving and proud — now crumbled into unrecognizable ruin.  Instead, sadness overwhelms as desperation reigns in a clutch of loss and hopelessness.  There is no more.  The elite of deceit created the chaos to ensure a kingdom of power and control, but now there is nothing left to rule nor decisions to be made by their sliding hand.  The sought after kingdom sucked into the quicksand designed for the lowly, has become the tomb to encase and reward the delusional rulers who could not see the madness in their thoughts and the devastation of their actions.

Once upon a time, the elite of deception believed themselves above all and entitled to all they wished and dreamed to be.  Now, they fight among themselves to merely survive in the crazed world created by their fanatic lies and selfish movement to destroy the society of the people and mold it into their perception of ideal.  An ideal birthed and now out-of-control and devouring without discrimination.  For it has come to be that no one is safe, not even the elite of deception, who set the madness into motion to feed their greed and bless their arrogance.  An arrogance that madness feasted upon in utter delight, leaving behind wild eyes full of hideous terror and agonizing confusion.

Now, the elite of deception slither in the darkness praying to be spared, but it shall not be.  For the monster they created, shall their destruction seek.  As it was empowered by they, it, too, feels entitled to all it wishes and dreams for he.  It is after all — the power of deception and lies, who knows no friends and holds no loyalty to any — not even to they now in the shadows of madness of their own deceit and delusion.  Not even they.

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