For Me

IMGA01051by  Carrie K. Hutchens

I call into the night begging to know why truth is used as a sword to pierce my heart, as lies dance in such delight.  Oh such delight.  Such dancing.  Such laughter to reek against the skies and shatter the goodness of all thought.

The tears blind me.  My cheeks burn.  The sobs of betrayal so intense to crush any hope that might have ever been or might to ever be.

Is there even a chance of tomorrow for me?

The soft voices of offer give guise.

Sweet words of hopeful promise tease each breath ever given this day or even before.  Who said they were not to be what they were meant to be?

Is there even a chance of today for me?

I cry within the night begging to know why truth is so readily dismissed and why lies are left to feast and devour.

Who called this banquet to tease and to test this humble servant of the Lord of all good?  Who indeed blessed this evil offense and in glee grabs a stolen win?

Is there even a chance of a moment for me?

Is there a tomorrow to come or has it been taken in celebration of still another soul left to wither in agonizing pain of truth crushed and no justice to remain? 

(c) 2014 Carrie K. Hutchens
      All Rights Reserved!
      No Reproduction Without Permission

Comprehension Incomprehenable: What Part of Reality & Facts Don’t Folks Get?


It’s unbelievable! Comprehension incomprehenable.   How many times do the facts have to be given and how many times do they have to be explained before folks get it?  What part of reality and facts fly over their heads?  One can only wonder and hope it isn’t catching.

More Gun Control?Miss New York, Mallory Hagan (according to ABC news) was crowned Miss American 2013, but not before she spit out some astonishing thoughts that do represent too many of the people hanging out in the USA today.

 “In the wake of the Newtown tragedy there has been a lot of talk about gun control,” Champion said, “One solution being proposed is an armed guard in every school. Do you think that would make our schools safer?”

Hagan responded, “I don’t think the proper way to fight violence is with violence.

The presence of an armed guard is not violence in action.  It is a prevention.  However, if someone rushed into a school ready to blow away the kids, would Ms. Hagan prefer that it is a specially trained officer or guard that intercedes or the unarmed school counselor who may have read textbooks by some utopian authors?  Me?  I’ll take the trained armed guard or police officer.

Hagan goes on to say:

I think the proper way is to educate people on guns and the ways we can use them properly. We can lock them up, we can have gun safety classes, we can have a longer waiting period.”

Wait!  She wants to educate someone who is mentally ill on guns and ways to use them properly?  Gun safety classes and longer waiting periods?

I will say this very, very slow.

Ms. Hagan, the shooter at the Sandy Hook school did NOT purchase the weapons he used.  He took the weapons illegally for illegal purposes.  Your theory of educating him on guns, gun safety classes and longer waiting periods does not apply in this tragic case.  In short, your theory — no matter how pretty and delightful it sounds — is totally irrelevant to the facts at hand.

You, Ms. Hagan, and those such as you, keep talking about making new rules or bans that would mostly only apply to the law-abiding citizens anyway.  Can’t you understand that the criminals and mentally ill people don’t give the slightest darn what the rules are, except maybe to find a way around them?  Most of them are simply going to steal the guns or buy them illegally off the street.  So, what part of that don’t you understand?

Reality oriented people keep trying to tell all you “let’s make some more rules for the law-abiding citizens to fight what the criminals and mentally ill are doing” people — that your reaction and solution does not make sense.

Stop and think.

Pervert teenage boy tries to touch a girl improperly in the school hallway.  Girl slaps boy.  Teacher is witness to the incident and is therefore required to go to sexual harassment in the work place classes.

Same thing.  Makes as much sense.

Wrong people are being held accountable and the suggestion they should have classes, requirements and bans that aren’t even relevant to what transpired — is irrational thought and reaction!

The Sandy Hock tragedy had nothing to do with gun laws being too lax.  The shooter didn’t acquire the weapon or weapons legally.  He was a kid with mental problems.  And that is what everybody keeps forgetting or passing over , as they strive to punish the legit gun owners, who had nothing to do with this horrible incident.

Bans and new gun ownership rules and regulations?

What part of the facts don’t some people get?

The Sandy Hook shooter wasn’t a legal gun owner, nor had he applied to be.

Gun Control: Liberals Rush to Use the Tragic Death of Little Children


How pathetic!  Radical liberals are rushing to use the tragic death of little children to push through their gun control agendas?  Are we really to be impressed?

Babies were wrongly killed in Newtown, but it had nothing to do with lax gun control laws.  It had to do with a young man that had some serious mental problems.  A young man that didn’t go buy any gun he used.  He stole them.

So, the question becomes…

Why are the radical liberals going after the rights of “legal gun owners”, for what this young man wrongly did?

They didn’t kill those babies.  Nor did any gun law assist the killer in killing.

So, why are they — the legal gun owners — being called to pay the price for a young man that did wrongly do this monstrous act?  Why are their rights being called into question, when it wasn’t the law that was lax, but merely a young man in mental distress that did something horrendous and happened to use a gun to fulfill what he would have probably fulfilled one way or another anyways?

It’s time for common sense to step in and the radical liberals to be halted in their irrational tracks.

Legal gun owners did not harm the innocent babies in Newtown — it was an irrational young man with mental problems that targeted the little ones and gave the radical liberals a crisis to play upon!  It’s time to take the crisis away from them and put it where it belongs — it’s time to blame the shooter and whatever made him do it!

Betrayal: The Slants to Buy Obama Votes

I just watched Obama’s ad called, “Dangerous – Obama for America TV Ad” where a woman says, in part, “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would get rid of Planned Parenthood funding. And allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. Both backed proposals to outlaw abortions…even in cases of rape and incest.”

Does she feel no shame?  Or, is it that she is brainwashed to such an extent that she really believes this pile of “slant the truth” to make an untruth and upset the voters?

Let’s throw in cancer.  Rosanne Barr did as well.  She said she hoped people that ate at Chick-fil-A got cancer, after the owner dared… just dared… to say he believed in traditional marriage.  (You know… that law which remains the law in the majority of the states?)   Oh yeah, cancer is a good scare tactic and wishing it on someone is a horrendous thing to do.  But hey… look who is using it to try to sway opinion their way.

On the other hand, so what if there’s a chance Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would/will succeed in defunding Planned Parenthood on the federal level?  Planned Parenthood has other sources of income.  They just wouldn’t get as much “easy” money that they haven’t truly earned.  Boo hoo.

Contraceptives are available.  No one is trying to take them away.  However, the lib side does appear to be trying to take away freedom of religion per a mandate that isn’t even necessary.

Basic health care?  Lady in the ad, no one is trying to take away basic health care for women.  That is a campaign illusion.  You are an illusion.  Your worry is an illusion.  You have betrayed women… you have betrayed the truth… as you took, and continue to take, part in slants to buy Obama votes.

Is the betrayal worth whatever you were promised?