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Crime Scene: True Stories of Crime and Detection

Compelling and authentic true crime stories: a serial killer’s obsession with cannibalism, stories of murder and mayhem, child murders, torture and ritualistic murders, chilling crimes that could only be perpetrated by the twisted minds and gruesome obsessions of coldblooded killers, brought to you from the vault of bestselling true crime author and serial killer expert Gary C. King.



Blood Lust Cover

Blood Lust: Portrait of a Serial Sex Killer


​The Man Who Loved to Kill Women–

Dayton Leroy Rogers was known in Portland, Oregon as a respected businessman and devoted husband and father. But at night he abducted women, forced them into sadistic bondage games, and thrilled in their pain, terror and mutilation. His murderous spree was stopped only after, in plain view, he slashed to death his final victim…and when a hunter accidentally stumbled onto the burial grounds of seven other women Rogers had killed one-by-one in the depths of the Molalla Forest did police realize they were dealing with a serial killer whose bloodlust knew no bounds. This is the shocking true crime story of the horrifying crimes, capture, and conviction of Dayton Leroy Rogers, Oregon’s mild-mannered businessman by day–vicious serial killer by night.



Murder In Room 305 Cover

Murder in Room 305


​”Michael David Lissy was the sleazy proprietor of a scuba diving school and a coke addict who consorted with pimps, prostitutes and known criminals. Burned out and broke, he had nothing going for him. Then he met Kathryn…

Theirs was a match made in hell.

On July 6, 1984, the raped and mutilated body of Kathryn Martini Lissy was found in Room 305 at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon. Soon afterward, police arrested Michael David Lissy, Kathryn’s husband of one year. A few months earlier, Lissy had taken out a large insurance policy on Kathryn’s life, naming him as sole beneficiary. Then he hired an underworld assassin to stalk and kill his wife. After one of the most sensational trials in Eugene’s history, Lissy was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Veteran true crime author Gary C. King spins a gripping real-life tale of a woman caught in a deadly web of lust and violence…a riveting story of love gone horribly, tragically wrong.

Photos included in this eBook.



Driven To Kill Cover

Driven to Kill


 By all appearances, twenty-nine-year-old Westley Allan Dodd was the perfect all-American boy–model high school student, camp counselor and U.S. Navy enlistee. But behind his mask of normalcy lurked a predatory sex fiend with a seventeen-year history of appalling acts of molestation and violence. Children were his victims and the parks of the Pacific Northwest his personal hunting grounds.  

On September 4, 1989, his unnatural desires had driven him to abduct, torture and kill two young boys in Vancouver, Washington. Undetected despite his record, Dodd killed a third innocent victim only weeks later near Portland, Oregon. But only when he was caught trying to kidnap a child from a local movie theater was he finally taken into custody by police. Confessing to these heinous murders, he was convicted on all three counts and sentenced to death.  

On January 5, 1993 at 12:05 a.m., Westley Allan Dodd became the first criminal in America in nearly three decades to be executed by hanging.  

Based on exclusive access to police files and riveting trial testimony, personal interviews with Dodd himself and excerpts from his chilling “diary of death,” Driven to Kill dramatically recounts a hideous spree of death and horror that brought every parent’s worst nightmare frighteningly to life! Driven to Kill is an unforgettable true crime account of one of the Pacific Northwest’s most heinous serial killers.



To Die For Cover




The pretty, vivacious fourteen-year-old was walking alone to a convenience store when the handsome, long-haired, bearded stranger forced her into the sleeping compartment in the back of his semi-truck. There he violated her again and again and again, in ever more ingeniously perverted ways to recharge his sexual batteries, in a horrifying ordeal she thought would never end. Still, she was lucky. The man let her live.

That was more than savage serial killer Darren Dee O’Neall did for beautiful young Robin Smith, whom he first deftly separated from her fiancé, then bestially abused and killed.

Why did he do it? How did he do it? Here is the riveting true crime story that takes you into the mind of an evil murderer, into the agony of his victims, and into the core of the massive manhunt that pulled out all stops to track down a vicious sex slayer.

This book follows the FBI’s search for and capture of Darren Dee O’Neall, a serial killer whose ability to change his appearance kept him out of the reach of the authorities, and describes his violent sexual crimes.

Deadly Hunk–For women with a yen for macho men, Darren Dee O’Neall seemed the kind of guy romantic dreams were made of. Strong, handsome, smooth talking, with an array of tattoos adding to his masculine aura, he came on as a rugged outdoorsman looking for a mate. But in reality, O’Neall was a nightmare of savage, sexually violent crimes that put him on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Here is the bone-chilling true story of the twisted serial killer whose masterful ability to change appearances confounded authorities again and again…and a mother’s agonizing search for her missing daughter. It is the story, too, of the brilliant police work and startling psychic detection that teamed with a family’s outrage to bring him to justice. But it was too late for the young woman whose dream of a hunk “to die for” became a chilling reality!

Notice to readers: This book was previously published as Blind Rage.

 “(To Die For is) a solid, absorbing true crime book that depicts the depths of a remorseless mind.” —Clark Howard, author of City Blood



Love Lies and Murder Cover

Love, Lies & Murder


​Abandoned husband…or deceitful killer? Detective Miller, a soft-spoken man, asked Perry March point-blank if he had killed his wife, Janet, and disposed of her body. Perry adamantly denied having harmed Janet in any way. He admitted that he and Janet had argued on the night of August 15, 1996, but he said that he had not attacked her. She simply took the things that she had packed and drove away in her Volvo.”Look at me,” Perry said at one point. “On August 15, 1996, I was a respected lawyer in Nashville. I had it all. A beautiful wife. Two wonderful kids. Gorgeous home. I was a go-to guy in the business community. I was making good money. Now, my wife has left me.”Later, Perry would go on-camera on CBS News’ 48 Hours and tell to a national television audience: “Janet was a wonderful mother. Very doting.” It seemed strange how he referred to her in the past tense.

Love, Lies, and Murder—a riveting, page-turning true crime book.



Stolen in the Night Cover

Stolen In The Night


 ​The true crime story of a family’s murder, a kidnapping, and the child who survived, Stolen in the Night is a book about the Shasta and Dylan Groene/Joseph Edward Duncan III case that occurred in Idaho during the spring and summer of 2005. It is a shocking story of multiple murder, sexual abuse and kidnapping.

​A KNOWN SEXUAL PSYCHOPATH Joseph Edward Duncan III had been convicted of raping and torturing a 14-year-old boy in Washington state. On the Internet he proudly boasted of his perversions. But the system turned Duncan loose, and no one would stop him from committing an even more horrifying act…

​TWO INNOCENT VICTIMS This time, he prepared meticulously. He chose his getaway car. He chose his murder weapon and loaded a video camera. Then, when he saw two children playing outside their Idaho home, he struck–leaving behind three bodies and vanishing into the night with a young sister and brother.

A CRIME THAT SHOOK THE NATION Detectives poured over the bloody murder scene. The FBI scrambled to find the children and the abductor. And even when Duncan, who would be appropriately labeled a serial killer, was finally located, the story was not yet over: One of the children was still missing…and the depths of one man’s evil was still coming horribly to light….



Angels of Death Cover

Angels of Death


​The accused: 13-year-old Derek King and his 12-year-old brother, Alex, Sunday school students with choirboy looks.

After midnight on November 26, 2001, someone bludgeoned Terry King to death while he slept, and set his Florida home afire. By the time the firefighters extinguished the blaze, King’s sons, Alex and Derek, were at the home of their forty-year-old friend, Ricky Chavis, a convicted child molester. By the next afternoon, following confessions, both boys were charged as adults in their father’s slaying. Chavis was tried separately for the same crime–incredibly by the same attorney who would prosecute Alex and Derek, and argue two contradictory theories.

The Victim: their own father. When Alex claimed a sexual relationship with Chavis, the trial took a sensational turn. So did Alex and Derek, who recanted their confession and blamed Chavis, to no avail. A jury convicted the boys of second-degree murder, but the judge threw the verdict out. Chavis was acquitted. But the case wasn’t over. More disturbing revelations came to light, criminal motives became more complex, and as the line between guilt and innocence was crossed, a stunned nation watched in disbelief to learn the ultimate fate of the…ANGELS OF DEATH. A true crime book.



The Murder of Meredith Kercher Cover

The Murder of Meredith Kercher


One morning in early November 2007, police in the beautiful Italian city of Perugia made a gruesome discovery. The body of a young English exchange student from the University of Leeds, Meredith Kercher, was found under a blood-soaked duvet in her room in the small cottage she shared with other students. Her throat had been cut. Meredith’s flatmate Amanda Knox, an American also studying in Italy, initially gave evidence that implicated Patrick Lumumba, the owner of a local bar, and he was arrested. However, Knox changed her story—claiming her memory had been affected by smoking cannabis—and another man, local drifter Rudy Guede, was arrested, charged with murder and, after a “fast track” trial, found guilty. But the story didn’t end with Guede’s conviction.

​What was Amanda Knox’s role on the night of the murder? Prosecutors suspected that Guede, Knox and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito had killed Meredith in a perverted sexual game that went too far. With allegations of inaccurate forensic evidence, police brutality, blackmail, and even devil-worship, the trial was destined to be a long and complex affair.

​Top true-crime author Gary C. King presents the whole story behind the real-life courtroom drama that has made headlines around the world.



Murder in Hollywood Cover

Murder In Hollywood


Obsessed with glamour and wealth, she followed her dream to Hollywood, and finally found fame–in death.

Bonny Lee Bakley’s dream was to marry a movie star. Using sex and guts, the ruthless small-town blonde finally struck it rich by wedding Robert Blake, the Emmy Award-winning actor who scored in the hit show “Baretta.” When Blake found his bride of six months with a bullet in her head outside a Los Angeles restaurant, he was thrust back into the spotlight, and Bonny Lee was exposed for the manipulative woman she was–a drifter with a sordid criminal history of sex swindles, credit-card fraud, and Social Security scams. But her specialty was fleecing wealthy men for quick cash–a lucrative sting that finally brought Bonny Lee Bakley to Hollywood to live–and die–among the rich and famous.

But who really murdered Bonny Lee in cold blood? How did it play into Robert and Bonny’s turbulent marriage? Was she a victim of her own con–or something more sinister? What was the truth behind her fears of being stalked? And what secrets were hidden in Bonny’s past that she found impossible to outrun?

Now, in this riveting, fascinating true crime account, Gary C. King brings you inside details of the most talked-about Tinsel town murder in years.



The Texas 7 cover

The Texas 7 


 “You haven’t heard the last of us yet…”

 Those were the chilling words on a note left behind by seven armed and dangerous inmates who escaped from the John Connally prison in South Texas on December 13, 2000. Their promise has apparently been fulfilled. The inmates, now known as the Connally Seven, are suspected of having first robbed a Radio Shack in Houston, and then, days later, on Christmas Eve, of having fatally shot and run over a young police officer during an assault on a Dallas sporting-goods store. For six frantic weeks, a massive manhunt with a significant reward had only turned up dead ends…until a tip came in from someone who had seen the gang on Fox-TV’s “America’s Most Wanted.” Authorities arrested four of the seven prisoners, including suspected ringleader George Rivas, in Woodland Park, Colorado, and a fifth inmate shot himself during police negotiations.

Immediately intensifying the search for the last two heavily armed and dangerous prisoners, police and FBI closed in on them at a Holiday Inn in Colorado Springs just two days following the previous arrest. After five hours and a telephone interview with a TV news station in which they expressed their feeling that the breakout was a statement against Texas’s judicial system, the two inmates surrendered themselves, putting an end to a long and frightening episode. THE TEXAS 7 goes behind the scenes to give you a detailed, fascinating true crime account of the events leading up to and after their brazen prison escape–and the exciting chase that ultimately led to their capture.



An Almost Perfect Murder Cover

An Almost Perfect Murder


​A WOMAN WITH A PASSION FOR POWER… Kathy Marie Augustine was not out to make friends. In politics, she rose to the top by playing hardball–and pushing her way through the old boy’s network of the Nevada legislature, rising to the rank of State Controller. When she died, only a few people shed tears–including the man who killed her.

A KILLER WITH A FOOLPROOF PLAN… Chaz Higgs was a former body-builder turned intensive care nurse who saw wealthy, sexy Kathy Marie Augustine as his meal-ticket–until he couldn’t stomach her domineering personality any longer. When Chaz decided he’d had enough, he chose a poison that would leave no evidence behind.

​MURDER HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT… The death of a nationally-known politician made headlines, but one slip of the tongue came to the attention of a determined Nevada detective. Now, true-crime master Gary C. King takes us into the extraordinary life and death of a famously ambitious woman politician, behind the scenes of the investigation that unearthed shocking secrets, and into the heart and mind of a man who nearly got away with the perfect crime…




An Early Grave Cover

An Early Grave 


On September 17, 1998, police found Las Vegas gambling magnate Ted Binion lying dead on the floor of his palatial home, an empty bottle of Xanax beside him. The police had been called by Binion’s live-in lover, Sandra Murphy, 23, a California girl who had been working in a Vegas strip club when Binion had first met her. At first it seemed it was a fatal drug overdose that hilled the handsome multi-millionaire. But was it?

​A few days later, Binion’s “friend” Rick Tabish was arrested for trying to break into a vault where the eccentric millionaire had stored seven million dollars’ worth of silver bars and coins. Family members hired ex-homicide detective-turned-private investigator Tom Dillard to start digging into the case. Dillard turned over the evidence he collected to Las Vegas police. What they found led to Binion’s death being ruled a homicide and Murphy and Tabish’s arrest for murder.

The state said they were greedy lovers who’d conspired to kill Binion before he could strike Murphy out of his will, while the defense claimed that his vengeful family was trying to railroad Murphy to keep her from inheriting her fair share of the estate. The two sides collided in court in what became the Southwest’s Murder Trial of the Century! But in a dramatic chain of events, both Murphy and Tabish were acquitted of murdering Binion.



Rage Cover


ISBN: 9780786031870

​DIVORCE IS VIOLENT Darren Mack had it all. A beautiful home in Reno. A lovely wife. Three children. And a million-dollar business. Then his wife Charla filed for divorce, winning a large settlement in a heated courtroom battle. According to friends, Mack was “angry.” They had no idea how far his fury would take him…

​REVENGE IS BLOODY Over the next year, the rage only intensified. Finally, Darren Mack snapped, stabbing and killing his ex-wife in his condo. Hours later, he stalked and shot their divorce judge in broad daylight. Before the blood had even cooled and law enforcement could react, he fled to Mexico, eluding police hot on his trail.

​ JUSTICE IS FINAL The case made headlines nationwide, propelled by lurid details of Mack’s wild “swinger” lifestyle, the shocking discovery of explosives in his apartment, and the chillingly prophetic remark made by his wife: “Someday he’s going to kill me…” Catching him was the hardest part…



Butcher Cover



HIS GOAL: TO KILL AN “EVEN FIFTY” They called him “Uncle Willie.” At night, Robert “Willie” Pickton visited the streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The women he picked up never came back…

HIS METHODS: RAPE AND TORTURE For years, police built a long list of missing prostitutes, women at the edge of society. Some people claimed there was a serial killer. One detective lost his job for saying so. But investigators didn’t have a single body…until someone found a skull sawed in half…

THE PIG FARM MURDERS On land that had made his family millions, on a squalid pig farm near a school, a condo development and a Starbucks, Robert Pickton ran a house of horrors for decades. Friends, neighbors and community leaders came and went, while Pickton committed debauchery, torture, and bloodletting rivaling the worst on record. What he did to his victims was unspeakable. What he did to the bodies was unimaginable. How he got away with it is the most shocking crime of all…




Im Schatten Cover

Im Schatten 

 Im Schatten is the German language translation of Blood Lust: Portrait of a Serial Sex Killer, and is no longer available.



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