‘This Is Wrong!’ Megyn Takes on Richard Fowler Over Reid’s Romney Tax Claim

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‘This Is Wrong!’ Megyn Takes on Richard Fowler Over Reid’s Romney Tax Claim


“I just think it’s politics at its finest,” Fowler said, arguing that it’s the job of politicians to evade the truth.



They believed Obama’s truth but not Romney’s truth? 

Excuse me, Mr. Fowler!  A lie is not someone’s truth. 

It is a lie!

It remains a lie no matter how many times someone claims it to be the truth.


Dear Fellow Citizens:

Do YOU believe that “lying” is politics at its finest?

Do you believe the best liar should win?

Embarrassed Yet: The People Want to Know

eagle blueWell, Congress, many things have been left up to you as representatives of “We the People”.  Sadly, many of you did it your way in spite of all the outcries and questions that loomed right in front of you.  The people weren’t smart enough.  The people weren’t aware of all the facts.  The people were over-reacting.  The politics and political careers out-weighed any of the bad stuff the people might be enduring.  And that is only a portion of it all and many of you know it. 

It is to the many of you that I address this…

You are in Washington, DC and you didn’t know (or believe) the IRS was targeting the Tea Party or Christian groups?

You didn’t know about the New Black Panthers intimidating voters and that it was ignored?

You didn’t have a clue about Fast & Furious?

You didn’t know that video line was a hoax, when an excuse was thrown out there for the Benghazi attack and the failure to act?

You didn’t know about the spying on journalists?

You didn’t know about problems with NSA, until Snowden announced it to the world?

You didn’t know that Holder was held in contempt?

You didn’t know the president wrongly inserted himself into the Professor Gates & Trayvon Martin cases, stirring racial tension?

You didn’t know that no one was allowed to disagree with the president or his administration least they be called racist?

You didn’t know that Sandy Hook — a tragedy — was utilized for political gain and an attempt to gun grab?

You didn’t know that people were bragging about having voted more than once?

You didn’t know that Henry Reid campaigned against Romney with an untruth when he claimed the candidate hadn’t paid taxes?

Where were you that you didn’t know these and other things that happened on your watch?

The world has been watching.

The world has been paying attention.

The world has been wondering at your lack of integrity and backbone.

Are you embarrassed yet?

You should be!

Calling the Non-Existent Bluff

It would seem many thought potential layoffs were merely a bluff.  It was never a bluff.  It was explained why layoffs would be necessary in the face of Obamacare and such.  Look at all the people who couldn’t seem to comprehend facts and went with the false illusions instead.  Enjoy, dulled ones, for your uninformed and misguided votes will come to bite you in the non-existent bluffing rear quite soon.  Problem is… the rest of us get to pay your price right along with you.   I, for one, am not happy at all.

You stand in line giggling like you’re off to see a rock star, rather than getting ready to do something quite important that is going to affect an entire country for a very long time.

You know the “talking points”, yet are clueless about what has been actually going on in the world.

You want equal pay for women and yet haven’t a clue that Obama wasn’t paying women equally from what has been reported.

You want contraception and think Obama is protecting your access to it, when no one … NO ONE… was ever trying to take it away.

You vote with your “lady parts” and then expect to be taken seriously?

Four people died in Benghazi.  Was it due to the administration being inept or worse?  Do you even know where Benghazi is?  Do you know who died and how?  Did you know that help could have been sent, but wasn’t?

Don’t know who Nancy Pelosi is?  How’s that possible if you are an informed voter?  She played some key roles that make her stand out from the crowd and not necessarily in a positive light.

You don’t know who Harry Reid is?  You know, the guy who wrongly used his position to suggest that Romney hadn’t paid taxes though he had.

This is important stuff that you missed, but as long as you got those “talking points” right, I guess you think you are the brightest bulb in the room of same watt bulbs.

Can people outgrow dumbed-down?  I certainly hope so.  Maybe they’ll invent a cure for it.  Oh, they have.  I almost forgot.  It’s called objective education and critical thinking.  Too bad so few decided to take part in the offer.  Might have saved us all from the dumbing results to come.

Thanks a lot.  Oh, by the way… the potential layoffs… were never an idle bluff.  Maybe that little bit of information will catch up with you sooner than later.  Let’s see if you are still giggling your way down the welfare line when it’s your time to pay for your dumb vote and there might not be enough help to go around.

Good luck in your little world of same watt bulbs.

Where Do People Get Their Obama Ideas?

I find it rather amusing that less fortunate people assume Obama can relate to their situations.  Why would any assume that?  Because he is half Black?  Because a Black man must have suffered and been through all the trials and tribulations of the less than wealthy?  Think again.  Check out his life that we do know about.  Obama did not live the life of a poor man, even if he didn’t always have all that he wanted when he wanted it.

I ask again…

Why would anyone assume that Obama has the slightest empathy or understanding for the life of those who are struggling to survive or even forced to live paycheck to paycheck?

If Obama truly understood the plight of the unfortunate, he would have been working first on the economy and jobs, with his ObamaCare coming in last.  It would have also afforded him and his pals more time to think things through and perhaps come up with something that made more sense and was far more affordable than the mess shoved through against the will of the people.  But Obama didn’t care.

When the country was already suffering from serious debt, did that stop the Obama’s from spending millions on vacations?  Yet, the less fortunate somehow see him as caring about their desperation?  Why because he is half Black?  Because a Black man must have suffered and been through all the trials and tribulations of the less than wealthy?  Think again.

Obama is not one of the lowly.  Watch him.  Listen to him.  Pay attention.  He has never been one of the unfortunate, but he certainly seems to know how to herd them.  So far, he has done that quite well.  I’m not impressed.  Perhaps others shouldn’t be either.

Republican Scare Tactics or Common Sense Inquiry?

I can’t believe some of the comments that come from the liberal mouths of madness.  Their thoughts miss the dots and they are all over the place with claims they throw out, but don’t provide support for.  Mostly, they claim the other side is guilty of what they themselves are doing or saying or thinking.  It’s simply amazing.  So, are there truly Republican scare tactics going on involving voter fraud or is common sense inquiry justified and what is actually transpiring?

According to Human Events, witnesses at an Ohio voting station were concerned because there were a great many non-English speaking Somalis arriving in groups to vote.  Apparently, only those supporting the Democrat candidates and positions were advising and providing slate cards.  I’d say that is a legitimate reason for concern.  Were the Democrat supporters assisting the voters in how to vote the voter’s choice, telling them how to vote or even misleading them into voting contrary to their wishes?

It isn’t scare tactics by any, including the Republicans, to have concerns about non-English conversations at a voting station, especially if the potential voters seem to need directives on who to vote for — not just how to vote for their choice.

People who vote in our elections are required to be United State citizens.  What part of that doesn’t the liberal mind comprehend?  The concept of “required” because it doesn’t fit their immediate agenda and effort?

According to the liberal minds that I have been witness to, especially recently, the Republicans are required to abide by all rules, regulations and politically correct requirements as per whatever happens to be considered PC at any given moment, while the liberals are supposedly allowed to skip all that and do what feels good and gets them whatever they want whenever they want it.  Rules don’t count when it is liberals involved, it would seem.

Liberals would be the first to scream, if it were Republicans or Conservatives speaking to voters in an unfamiliar language and offering directions on how to vote the non-democrat or non-liberal way.  That’s a fact and they needn’t try to deny it.

Non-English should not be allowed at a voting station, unless both sides are available to make sure the person is both qualified to vote and that the conversation is a legit explanation of how to vote the person’s choice — not simply how they were directed to vote because they were easy prey.

Scare tactics?  Sometimes it is common sense to ask questions and be concerned.  Sometimes the concern is based on very real reason for concern.  Sometimes people really are involved in breaking all the rules and need to be called on it.  Sometimes it is actually common sense inquiry that really needs to be inquired about.  Sometimes it really is!

It’s Crazy: It’s Politics

The insanity of politics is oozing out of the pours of so many that I don’t blame little Abby Evans for suffering frustration over Obama and Romney domination of the air waves.

We hear and read reports that we know are outright lies or at least distortions, yet we can’t do anything about it.  Think CNN or MSNBC is going to let us rush onset and show them the truth and demand they report it?  No, they certainly aren’t.

Perhaps more annoying is that the hosts seem to think it is just natural and fine for them to do commentaries promoting their side and expecting us to take it as NEWS — objective news.  I think they think we are all too stupid and that it is okay to spoon feed us propaganda because they know best.  You knew that, didn’t you?

Have we forgotten MSNBC thinking it was just fine for Al Sharpton to jump into the Trayvon Martin case and demonizing George Zimmerman before the investigation was even complete?  Anyone else notice how Sharpton went a bit silent after it was discovered that Zimmerman is not a “white” Hispanic (whatever that is supposed to mean), but actually most likely less white than the president?

Politics.  Politics and the screaming of discrimination that doesn’t exist to stir the people and get them to rally for whatever the cause.  Like… like… Sandra Fluke.  Oh, poor women who desperately need contraceptives or it shall be 1950 all over again.  The madness.  The distortions.  The lies.

It boggles the mind.

With my own ears, I heard Obama basically call Romney a liar over his car bankruptcy opinion.  However, it was readily proven that Romney was in fact telling the truth.  Did that stop Obama from repeating something not true?  Nope!  He immediately went out on the campaign trail and kept saying it over and over and over again.  Knowing what he was saying was not true means one thing — Obama was intentionally lying to try to gain vote.

Some will say that all politicians lie.  That’s no excuse.  They shouldn’t lie.  They shouldn’t be allowed to lie.  Maybe it is time to stop giving a free ride in politics and to the politicians who are supposed to be representing us with truth and integrity.  It’s our choice.

We can make changes in the behavior of our news media and politicians.  All we have to do is refuse to accept the inappropriate behavior and demand truth in reporting, campaigning and representation.  If they don’t honor our demands, the media loses viewers (therefore advertisers) and the politicians don’t win the elections.  It’s actually quite simple.  We just need to make the choice.

Until we demand better, it will go on as is.  It will be crazy.  It will be politics as usual.

Abby Evans is demanding better.  I’m with her.

The Allegations of Racism

Earlier, I read a column suggesting that Republicans are racist.  I became quite annoyed.  Okay, I became far more than annoyed at the careless allegations being so freely and wrongly thrown around for what appeared to be a self-serving motive to promote Democrats and demonize Republicans.

I have known a great many Democrats and Republicans in my life.  Never do I knowingly associate with racists no matter what skin shade they might happen to be, because I don’t like racists.  Never have and never will.  And, contrary to the opinion of the author of the piece that annoyed me so, the majority of racists I have ever known have been Democrats, not Republicans.  That’s right!  Democrats.

The difference between that author and me is that I don’t assume all Democrats are made out of a single mold, nor do I think Republicans are either.  Libs on the other hand, I’m not so sure about.  Their craziness seems to come from a singular mindset and no one knows what they are going to come up with next.

Back to racism though.

The Democrats are the ones that started up the KKK and encouraged what was to become Planned Parenthood, not for the good of women, but to get rid of as many of the unacceptables as they could.  The KKK didn’t like Blacks or Catholics or Jews or anyone who supported any who were.  So, just how can people now claim the Democrats are not racists and trying to protect the Blacks from the mean ole Republicans?  You know, the Republicans that fought for Civil Rights and such as the Democrats fought against it.

Some true history needs to be read, rather than simply reading these outlandish claims that are anything but representative of the truth.

Authors such as the one I am referring to, can propaganda it all they want, but it’s not our obligation to believe these horrendous fables simply because they do.  It is our obligation to seek out the truth and be willing to accept it once it is found.

Just like it is a lie that Republicans are trying to take away women’s contraceptives, it is a lie that they, as a group, are racists.

Public Relations is meant to sway people to think and act in a particular way.  Propaganda is PR on steroids, with no concern about truth in advertising.  It is meant, or most often used, to promote a known lie and to obtain a goal by whatever means is necessary.

False accusations of racism against the Republicans (as a whole) are just that.  It is propaganda.  It’s a known lie.  That is something that should matter to us all.  It’s time to say, “No more!  No more lies!”

The Rage of Sandy & the Pandering of the Obama’s

Obama is supposed to be sitting in Washington DC keeping a watchful eye on Sandy and the aftermath, is he not?  With this in mind, I started noting the emails coming from his camp.

Around 1:31 PM, October 29, 3012, Obama did send out an email offering to let us donate to the Red Cross via his website, however, it wasn’t long until the campaign donation solicitations began arriving.  Michelle Obama’s request for donations (for the campaign) was sent at 8:22 PM and talks about the raffle.

After it was mentioned that Romney was more focused on helping the victims of the devastating storm, here comes another email from the Obama campaign which mentions giving to the Red Cross via the Obama website again and a copy of the previous 1:31 PM email.  But then comes the 3:26 PM email (on October 30, 2012) that says, “Forward this:  How Obamacare helps.”  Yep, let’s use the devastation of Sandy to promote Obamacare and Obama’s campaign.

It didn’t stop there.

At 9:09 PM here comes the email, “I’m not going to sugarcoat this:”.  Indeed, another email worried about the extra money Mitt Romney and the Republicans raised and soliciting campaign donations.

What happened to the concern for the victims of Sandy?  Sure was brief and short lived, was it not?  The Obama campaign and donations for it are apparently far more important.

Says a great deal.  Says a great deal indeed.

The Desperation of the Obama Libs

You have to be kidding.  The Obama libs are at play again with their spins and distortions and righteous indignation.  Have they no honor?  Is it really their motto that all is fair in love, war and politics?  It would seem to be from all that has been transpiring.

Richard Mourdock a Republican Senate candidate from Indiana is not allowed to say that he is Pro-Life and believes life is precious or he is painted as a warrior against women?  Oh, but one can say it is fine and dandy to leave a living baby alone to die, if the mother intended an abortion and we are to all jump up and down in support of such cruelty?  Watch me not give praise or a jump of joy.

I listened to what Mourdock said and he did not say that he or God intended or supported rape in the slightest.  He wasn’t supporting the vicious act — he was merely saying that he feels life is precious and a gift from God even in such horrid situations.  Guess what!… many people actually feel life is precious as well.  Got a spin for that?

The Obama campaign is so desperate that it is looking for any word or phrase to spin?  It sure seems as though that is the case.  I’m not impressed.  I see the Obama campaign as pathetic, rude and childish.  If I had ever considered voting for the Obama — that has all changed now.  I would never vote for anyone that feels it is okay to take other people’s comments out of context and obviously distort what was intended.  People like that can’t be trusted.

Tell us again what Obama’s stance in on late term abortion and leaving babies to die?  I’d say Obama & Playmates have an ongoing “War on Innocent Life”, whether it be babies, elderly or you and me — the once unsuspecting!


The Mistake of Candy Crowley

Obama outright lied to the American peopleCandy Crowley’s mistake was to support his lie and protect him from challenge.  Now, Crowley’s credibility is damaged no matter what CNN might try to say.  It doesn’t matter that she finally admitted that Romney was right.  Crowley’s admission to error was after the fact.  Even then… she tried to blame it on Romney’s choice of wording, rather than the president lying and her wrongful support of that lie.

Obama said we should look at the transcript.  Many, many, many of us have.

I wasn’t impressed with the president’s strutting and that cocky smile, but I was even more disturbed by that admiring look from Crowley as the debate was ending.  I saw nothing “admiring” about how the debate unfolded or ended.  I also see nothing “admiring” about CNN saying Candy Crowley was right even when she has already admitted she was wrong.  A little honesty and fairness would be much appreciated, but I guess that is out-dated and an old fashioned way of looking at things.

The mistake of Candy Crowley is forgetting she was a moderator, not a participant, and obviously helping out one side over the other.  Many things may be quickly forgotten about this campaign, but other things will stand out and be shared for a long time to come.  Candy Crowley and the president’s attempt to rewrite history will be one of those things.  People won’t soon forget. The mistake of Candy Crowley was to think they would.

People Bored With Obama & Team?

It doesn’t matter how many thrill at the sight and sound of Obama, his brilliance of 2008 continues to fade with the lies and distortions and childish attacks on his opponent.  One has to wonder — doesn’t he get it?  Most likely, he doesn’t or the campaign would have changed paths long ago.

Spin as the Obama team (and participating media) might in their attempt to rewrite history, too many people saw and heard the video being blamed for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and the other three victims in the Libya attack.  And, too many people were listening for two weeks after and heard the reports over and over insisting it was a mob protest (that got out-of-hand) resulting from that little known video.  Then there were the paid (paid by the taxpayers) ads assuring the Middle East that the United States government had nothing to do with… yes, with that little known video Obama and Hillary wanted to blame.

Obama sat there at the debate so cocky and saying he declared the embassy attack a terrorist attack.  “Get the transcript.”  Oh yes… let’s try to twist what was said and use a play upon words.  However,  too many people know that an “act of terror” is not necessarily a terrorist act and Obama didn’t declare anything a terrorist attack as he is now claiming.  If he did, why was everyone, including him continuing to blame the video and putting out public service ads?  He can’t have it both ways — not any longer.  Americans are paying attention and many aren’t liking what they see and hear.

Massive crowds used to gather to hear the Obama speak.  The crowds have massively thinned.  Massive amounts of people are tired of hearing the lies and distortions and the transferences so common among the Obama team.  It’s all gotten quite old.  And the truth is… many, many have become bored with Obama & Team.

Time to move on.

No, Joe, you didn’t make me proud

Joe Biden, I found your behavior at the VP debate to be rude and obnoxious.  I found nothing amusing and definitely nothing to be proud of.

Personally, I like to hear both sides and make my own decisions about what I hear.  I don’t appreciate people, like you, Joe, who try to distract, make it impossible for me to hear, or simply interrupt and take the conversation away from the very thing I wanted the answer to.

Of course, I guess that all works for Obama and you, Joe.  Apparently, you aren’t interested in the American people “hearing” the answers and therefore allowed a chance of making up their own minds.  No, you seem to want to make up our minds for us by signaling what you think is amusing or serious and, therefore, just how you suppose we should react to whatever the topic is at hand.

You’re wrong, Joe.

As a Catholic, I find you even more offensive than your mere inappropriate behavior at the debate.  How dare you say there is no attack on religious freedom?  Do you think we (most of us) are so stupid that we don’t get it?  Is that what you are having so much trouble not laughing your fool head off about?

Well, Joe, I have a secret for you — we do get it.  We know where you and your Obama leader stand.  You stand against the Catholic Church you claim to be a part of.  You stand against religious freedom, if it is Christian — especially Catholic.  Then, you mock any who dare suggest this is obviously so?

I’m not impressed, Joe.

That’s right, Joe, I’m really not impressed.  Just who is your God and what is your religion, when you think it is quite okay to support so many things that go against the teachings of the church you claim to be a part of?

When did you suddenly think it was okay to tell the rest of us that it was (and is) okay to believe in your “new” view of the Catholic religion in the “new” political style?  You know… politicians deciding what the Catholic Church should (and does) stand for and then all the while ignoring the Pope, Bishops and real church beliefs?

I don’t know when you got there, Joe, but I do think you have a few surprises in store for you and I’m not so sure you will be laughing and mocking, when it’s time for you to be evaluated by the One with the most important and ultimate vote.

Good luck.


The Dangers of Trusting Claire McCaskill

Todd Akin made a statement relying upon outdated scientific material.  He said that pregnancy from a rape was rare because of what a woman’s body does during the trauma of a “legitimate rape.”  People pounced on the allegation that women rarely get pregnant from a rape and the term of “legitimate.”

Perhaps Candidate Akin should have verified his information, but at least he didn’t pull that belief out of nowhere and put it out there to simply support his position.  He was going on an actual scientific study that had once been put out there as verified fact.  He had every reason to believe his information was accurate.  When he found out differently — he admitted so.

As for the term “legitimate rape”… people knew what he meant, or should have.  He wasn’t trying to downplay the horrors of rape or insult victims.   He said that pregnancy resulting from rape was rare, not that it never happened.  Therefore, it shouldn’t have been considered another case of the victimizing the victim.  At worse, it was merely poorly chosen words in this nit-pick society we have become.

Akin may have relied upon outdated material, but it was once the current medical findings.  He may have used the wrong adjective and set the world on fire.  However, it was Claire McCaskill that has shown her true colors over this matter.

On August 21st and updated September 4, 2012, KCTV5 reported:

> U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill said Tuesday that her GOP opponent should be given the benefit of the doubt about his unfortunate choice of words.

The Kansas City news channel quoted McCaskill as saying:

> “Congressman Akin and I disagree on some things, but he is sincere,” McCaskill said. “And while I disagree with what he said, he has now, just in the last few hours, really apologized for what he said.”

Claire McCaskill was being fair and calling for others to be as well, right?

On September 26, 2012, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, published “Todd Akin moves forward as Claire McCaskill deepens attack with ‘legitimate rape’ ad”, which says in part:

> McCaskill, meanwhile, wasted no time in opening up on Akin over his controversial comments last month on rape and pregnancy, now that she can do so without fear of driving him off the ballot and getting a new opponent.

> “Todd Akin said only some rapes are legitimate,” an announcer says in a McCaskill ad, marking her campaign’s first real foray into an issue that has rocked the national political landscape. “What will he say next?”

Claire McCaskill said her opponent really apologized and should be given the benefit of the doubt.  Well, apparently she meant “only” until she was sure he wasn’t going to bow out of the race.  Now, she seems to want us to doubt him and the misstatement has become something for her to attack him for.

Akin may have said it poorly, but at least he said what he believed to be true.  McCaskill?  Well, it looks like what she says is not always what she believes, but hey, this is politics, isn’t it?  Fight dirty and hope the people are too dumbed-down to see what is going on right in front of them.

Oh, and next time Claire tells you something, you might want to wait a few days and find out what she is saying then.  After all, the Akin situation does show the dangers of trusting Claire McCaskill, the honorable appearing candidate today, but the real politician tomorrow — not so much so.

The Liberals & The Phony War On Women

For the thousandth & one(th) time — the Republicans and Conservatives have not declared “War on Women”.  However the Liberals claiming such a war exists are clearly declaring war on the sanity of men and women alike.  It isn’t real.  It’s a political figment used to tick women and their allies off and hopefully sway votes.  It’s a cheater’s game.  And cheaters can never be trusted, especially to tell the truth about what they are up.

No one is trying to take away contraceptives.  They are readily available.  All the allegedly bad people are doing is saying they shouldn’t be required to pay for other peoples’ sex lives.  This is a war on women?  Give me a break.

Viagra is totally free of cost?  Then charge a co-pay for it, if that is what is behind women thinking contraceptives should be totally free (or at least charged to their employer), and make everyone happy.  Problem solved.

There are people out here that must pay co-pays for life-sustaining meds, but the focus is on making the Catholic and other religious institutions pay for contraceptives that they don’t believe in?  Taking away religious freedom is okay as long as the women get their sex freebies?  How responsible and sane is that?

No one is trying to deny women sex.  The argument that the conservatives are, sounds as though it is coming out of kid’s playbook.  “You just don’t love me.  You just don’t want me to have any fun.”  (Stomping feet comes to mind as well.)

The real argument is that contraceptives can be obtained and there is no attempt to stop it.  On the other hand, religious institutions and business owners, who have religious objections, are being told they will have to pay no matter their objections.  The so-called enlightened have deemed this to be.

The War isn’t on women.  The War is on Religious Freedom!

Women are just being used by the radical liberals & their pals, but they are too into “self” and the load of stuff fed to them to see it.  One day though, the truth will come home to haunt and they will see this was just a stripping of freedom and they were the tools to help make that happen.  One day, they may be willing to pay those contraceptive co-pays just to undo what was wrongly done.  It could very well be too late and there will be no one to blame but those who made it happen.

Offensive Thoughts or Political Games?

I’ve just read, “Ark. GOP calls candidates’ statements ‘offensive'”, via Yahoo news and I just don’t know what my reaction should be towards Rep. John Hubbard, the title or article itself, but I do know what my reaction is in the over-all scheme of it all.

A quote from that piece regarding Rep. John Hubbard is:


Hubbard wrote in his 2009 self-published book, “Letters To The Editor: Confessions Of A Frustrated Conservative,” that “the institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise.” He also wrote that African-Americans were better off than they would have been had they not been captured and shipped to the United States.

Okay, that could sound pretty bad —  or not — especially if we don’t know the rest of what he wrote.

Sometimes bad things have to happen to create and allow for good things, or to turn a person down a different and most wondrous path they would have never otherwise traveled.

Is that what this man meant and was trying to say?

Was he trying to say that slavery was a horrendous thing, but if we couldn’t stop it (because we are here and it was then), at least some good came of it?  Was he trying to simply point out the blessings, while not condoning the horrors?

Obviously, we’ll not know what was on his mind or in his book unless we read it or ask him, or maybe even give him a chance to explain what he was trying to say.  Yet, we are to take brief quotes, (without further explanation or context clarification), as ones that defines this Representative and whether he is worthy of a vote?

I don’t think so!

I would like some more information before I decide who is the bad guy or gal in this scenario.

In short:  This smells like politics at its worst, rather than some hidden secret revealed just in time, and I think everyone should refuse to play.

Voting is not a game!  It’s time to stop acting like it is.

Teacher Missed History Class: Compares Romney/Ryan to KKK

Surprise!  Surprise!  Teacher is confused or missed required history classes in her pursuit of a teaching degree and compares Romney/Ryan to KKK?  Or, perhaps it is just a sign of the times.  Radical Islam to be tolerated.  Christianity not so much so.  Koran good.  Bible bad.  Liberalism = perfectionalism.  Conservatism = acceptable focus of insult & intolerance.

According to Lee Brodie’s article, “Teacher Ridicules Student for Romney T-Shirt” (CNBC – Yahoo.com):

Many Republicans can’t help but wonder if a student wearing a pro-Obama T-Shirt in a Philadelphia school would have been subject to the kind of humiliation that Samantha Pawlucy was forced to endure.
The 16-year old sophomore, who attends Charles Carroll High School, told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, that she was humiliated by a teacher for wearing a T-shirt in support of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

She said the teacher compared her to the worst racists in history — the Ku Klux Klan.

How ridiculous is this?

The KKK was not founded by the conservatives.  It is a product of the Democrats.  Yes, the Democrats — the very same people that fought civil rights and provided and fought for the murder of thousands of babies from the Black community via Planned Parenthood.  So, where did this confused teacher get the idea that a Romney/Ryan t-shirt is equal to the Ku Klux Klan?

Where oh where does any liberal idea come from?  Nobody knows.  It was just there one day and becomes fact, even if it isn’t and no matter how many history classes confirm the error of thought.

Yes, indeed, it appears this teacher must have missed history classes and went to the “Blame Bush” class instead, where transference becomes a virtue as long as that transference is being placed upon the Conservative or anything not considered PC that day.

Walking Into A Wall: Living With the Liberal Perspective

Walking into a wall would be more pleasant and less of a slam than trying to live with the out-of-control liberal perspective that is tainting the world and daily in our face with lies and distortions.  Yet, while we would be trying on a strait jacket if we picked walking into the wall, it’s considered normal and sane to silently endure the liberal politicians and media game of in our face lying and telling us what we heard or saw is not what we really heard and saw?

It’s a dizzy and strange thought that we are to know something is a lie and yet accept it as the truth because it is the present popular thing to do according to they.

One day we are told it — whatever it might be — will never happen.  It is simply wrong to even consider it and the other side is definitely wrong for suggesting it.

Next day we are told it — whatever it was — has happened because it was “the right thing to do” and it was done in spite of the other side trying to block it.

Okay.  Does that then mean that yesterday was erased from the calendar or is it verifiable evidence that there is a segment of our society that seems to suffer from delusions and disconnect from the rational reality realm the rest of us live in?

Excuse me.  I think I’ll go check out the nearest wall.  Care to join me?

Obama Could Win In Spite of Lies?

It’s amazing to read all the articles suggesting that Obama has a steady lead over Romney, has momentum and could actually win the election.  Hey folks, did you all forget Obama & Playmates lied about Libya?  That’s pretty important stuff there.  And that doesn’t even include the fact that no one has explained to the American people or to the Stevens’ family, why the Ambassador didn’t have extra security on September 11th.  Someone dropped the ball.  Who is it again that is in charge of present decisions?  That would be Obama and his administration, would it not?  Or, did Bush somehow sneak in again and call the shots when the O & Pals weren’t looking?

Obama & Playmates lied about Libya.  That has been proven.  The Obama administration is reported to have known within 24 hours that the attack on the embassy was, in fact, a terrorist attack, yet they kept claiming it was a spontaneous reaction to an unknown movie.

Obama & Playmates lied about the Joe Soptic case with the ad that implied that Romney was responsible for the man’s wife dying.  Have people already forgotten Obama’s Pals saying they had nothing to do with Soptic and didn’t know the circumstances?  That was proven to be a lie.  Obama Pal Stephanie Cutter knew all about Joe Soptic and she got caught lying.  Didn’t stop her from continuing to make smiling, cutesy television appearances.

It was implied by Cutter that Romney may have committed a felony.  Obama’s people tried to say they didn’t say that.  Really?  I guess the American people who actually heard and read the accusation are to be considered delusional by the Obama administration.  Or, perhaps Obama & Playmates are just hoping to get the idea into people’s minds and pretend the claim of innocence that it didn’t come from them.  “We didn’t say that.  Believe us — not your own eyes & ears.”

These are only two instances where lies were implied by Obama’s Playmate Stephanie Cutter and both found to be what they were… an attempt to suggest wrong-doing on the part of Mitt Romney that didn’t exist.  That’s bad enough.  That’s wrong.  That shows that Obama & Playmates have no hesitation in lying to the public.  And, for any who wish to claim that is just politics — what about Libya?  What about the death of Ambassador Stevens and the other three men?  Is that just politics as well?

Obama didn’t provide proper security for our people on the anniversary of September 11th.  He then lied about the attack.  He had his Pals out there lying about it.  He lied some more about it.  So what else is he lying about?

Obama & Playmates obviously have difficulty with the truth.  But then one must also wonder if they were so busy with the campaign (and making up convenient “implies”) that they slacked-off on their actual jobs, allowing four men to be brutally killed.  Or, are they simply that inept in the positions they hold?  Whatever the problem — there is definitely a problem — Obama can so “in-our-face” lie and still have a chance to win?  Something is wrong with that picture.  Did someone put the film in backwards or are voters simply “that” gullible that they don’t get it when they have been had?  Then again… maybe it is just the mainstream media fooling with us?

Senator Patty Murray & Ladies of Like-Mind, Your Spins Are Demeaning

My first response to Todd Akin’s “ladylike” comment was — you have got to be kidding!  Grown-up women in politics can’t grasp they are ladies as opposed to the guys being called gentleman or acting gentlemanly?  It’s got to be a slam?  It’s got to be demeaning?

This world, and especially politics & some politicians, have lost their common sense and comprehension skills, it would seem.  They blow up little stuff to such an extent that it is difficult to get excited or know when something actually major or inappropriate did take place.  And, instead of being upset with Akin, I’m upset with the childish cries of people such as Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington) who think the national party ought to scream that Akin is a bad boy and used the demeaning term “ladylike.”  How dare he?

I would like the Democrats to repudiate your comments, Senator Murray, because I find your remarks to be insulting and demeaning to women, who earn their votes, jobs and promotions without having to resort to stupid spins that have nothing to do with anything of importance.  It’s your behavior and reaction that makes women look bad, not some man saying some woman didn’t act as ladylike as she once had.

And, if Claire McCaskill is worried about the “ladylike” comment and having to rely upon spins to get votes — she isn’t the candidate of the past, who suggested she is person enough to stand strong for Missourians.  Instead, the citizens of Missouri would always have to wonder when she might get her little feelings hurt and have to focus her attention on getting others to repudiate whatever and make the big, bad man apologize and go away!

Murray & Ladies of Like-Mind, your willingness to spin is both demeaning and a suggestion that “some” politicians are simply too weak to do the tough job.  Are you suggesting Claire McCaskill is one of them?

Obama Lies & Then Expects Trust & Idolization?

I may be one of a few, if the Obama leaning polls are correct, but I’m tired of the lies coming from the president and his administration.  Likewise, I’m tired of the mainstream media that insists we blindly trust, automatically block out the lies we catch Obama & Playmates in, and dutifully take part in idolization of their “The One.”  Sorry Pals & Playmates, I’m not playing nor am I donating to your playground!

Obama & Playmates know darn good and well what Romney meant and that he wasn’t referring to 47% being on Obama’s Welfare Roll, but does the truth matter to them?  No, it’s time to spin the truth into something unrecognizable for political gain.

How many times did Obama lie and say that the death of Ambassador Stevens and the three staff members was the result of a movie?  How many times did he apologize for the movie that actually wasn’t at fault?  How much taxpayer money did he use for ads over in the Muslim world denouncing the not-responsible movie?  Yet, we are to trust and idolize him and his Playmates?  I don’t think so!

Just what is it they are thinking, especially when they tell us we didn’t hear or see what we think we saw and heard, even though we did?  Are we considered too stupid to comprehend what is truth and what is a lie or are we considered totally irrelevant?  Obama & Playmates do, after all, have his followers of ignorance.  (Listen to:  “You Can’t Make This Crap Up Alert: Howard Stern Exposes Stupidity of Obama Backers.”)  Are they plentiful enough to erase our informed opinions?  It’s something to worry about.

I don’t know how many followers of ignorance Obama & Playmates have, but I know that I’m not one of them.  My trust is saved for the truth-teller and I blindly idolize no man or woman that walks upon this earth, no matter what Obama & Playmates and the mainstream media insist upon.

Politics & Dirty Spins: The Obama Campaign

Campaigns should be a method by which we learn who the candidates are, their beliefs and proposed plans should he or she be elected to office.  What it shouldn’t be is dirty tricks and spins that distort the issues and positions, simply because a campaign has good lying spinners on its team.  After all, when one spins a comment into appearing to say something never intended — they are in fact intentionally lying.

After watching the dirty campaign presented by Obama and his playmates, I would never in my wildest dreams vote for him and find it quite surprising that others aren’t as offended as I am by the pride his staff and some supports takes in “spinning” the facts into something that can hardly be recognized after they get done with them.  Who can lie and distort best, isn’t what we should base our votes on.  However, some call it good politics.  I call it what it truly is — a disgrace!

Will the election be won by propaganda experts, tainted politics and dirty spins?  I don’t know how it will turn out, but I do know that when I go to the polls on November 6th, I intend to vote for integrity!

Surprise: Obama & Carney, Romney isn’t president yet

Romney is a presidential candidate.  You see, he hasn’t yet made it to president-hood.  He was apparently discussing campaigning strategy during that secretly filmed fundraising event, not what American people he would represent as President of the United States of America.  Don’t tell me that Obama & his personnel haven’t likewise had such discussion.  The difference is that no one secretly filmed it and then put it out there.

It would be so hilarious, if it weren’t so pathetic and Animal Farm/1984ish, as they attempt to tell us a different story than what has been and once upon a time documented.

Obama, according to Carney, wouldn’t ignore any group of people, because as president he represents them all.  Carney might want to tell that to the Black preachers who feel Obama is ignoring the Blacks.  Or, perhaps he would like to tell those who see Obama ignoring the white working class.  Maybe he would even like to tell that to the Christians that feel Obama only cares about their vote — not their religious freedom.  Yeah, he might want to do that, but he won’t.  Instead, he will probably pretend none of that (or the articles) exists, but they do anyway.

I hate to break it to Obama and Carney, but Romney isn’t the president.  He is still campaigning — not acting as president and not representing the people as the president yet.  But… give him time.