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Don’t be drawn into the spin!
Seek the facts!
Consider carefully!
November 8th determines our future as a country!


Rep. Trey Gowdy: False statements proved Clinton’s ‘intent’

Rep. Trey Gowdy: False statements proved Clinton’s ‘intent’

Judge Jeanine Warns Hillary: Your ‘Two-Step’ Won’t Work on Trey Gowdy

In the second of her two opening statements on last night’s “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro turned her attention to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Judge Jeanine said that congressman Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor and a man who doesn’t take kindly to lies and the disregard of subpoenas, now has Clinton between a rock and hard place.

“Would those emails have shed light on your foundation raising millions of dollars from countries that you were doing business with as secretary of state?” Judge Jeanine asked. “Or would those emails have shed light on what actually went on in Benghazi? Or why you refused to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organization?”

“You’re a smart lady, Hillary. I get why you wanted a private server. But you may just have outsmarted yourself.”  (Click to continue reading)

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Judge Jeanine Warns Hillary: Your ‘Two-Step’ Won’t Work on Trey Gowdy

What do you non-truthers and non-truther supporters have against the truth?

truth liesIs lying supposed to be the new fad?  One would think so with how so many are playing loose with the truth at a minimum and outright-blatantly lying at the not-so-minimum.  Personally, I’m tired of all this lying and want to know what the non-truthers have against the truth?  I mean, if your position and your facts and your ideas are so great — shouldn’t you be able to sell them with truthful presentation and defense?

I don’t know about anyone else, except my closet friends, but I don’t like or trust non-truthers.  No one can or should trust them.  After all, if they will non-truth about one thing or person to get their way — they will be prone to non-truth about anything and anyone to get their way next time, too.

Once upon a time, I was intimidated and threatened in an effort to get me to lie about another person.  I refused, but I also said something very true that I hope they remember to this day.  “If I will lie for you now, what makes you think I won’t lie about you later for someone else?”

People, who will lie about others, can’t be trusted.

People, who insinuate non-truths about others or things, likewise cannot be trusted.

People, who lie about polls or say false things to get elected or to get what they want passed — can’t be trusted either.

It’s all the same.  It’s all wrong.

It’s cheating to win and then bragging about the win won unfairly, as though there was reason for praise.

You supporters of the non-truths are no better than the outright liar.  If you didn’t support and excuse and look the other way, the non-truthers wouldn’t be able to pull off all these wrongful wins they are racking up.  But then… today… you seem to see it as a win for your side and it’s kewl stuff to win however your side has to win, right?

Non-truthers aren’t the most loyal kids on the block.  Watch out for when you get in the way or become useless to them or you might find yourself at the other end of their non-truth.  Might not seem so righteous or rightful then, but who will care anymore than you cared for what was happening to those before you?

What do you non-truthers and non-truther supporters have against the truth?  Never mind, I think the rest of us know that answer.  The truth would cost you the game and you would no longer enjoy wrongful wins.  After all, if your position and your facts and your ideas are so great — shouldn’t you be able to sell them with truthful presentation and defense?  Well, shouldn’t you?

Embarrassed Yet: The People Want to Know

eagle blueWell, Congress, many things have been left up to you as representatives of “We the People”.  Sadly, many of you did it your way in spite of all the outcries and questions that loomed right in front of you.  The people weren’t smart enough.  The people weren’t aware of all the facts.  The people were over-reacting.  The politics and political careers out-weighed any of the bad stuff the people might be enduring.  And that is only a portion of it all and many of you know it. 

It is to the many of you that I address this…

You are in Washington, DC and you didn’t know (or believe) the IRS was targeting the Tea Party or Christian groups?

You didn’t know about the New Black Panthers intimidating voters and that it was ignored?

You didn’t have a clue about Fast & Furious?

You didn’t know that video line was a hoax, when an excuse was thrown out there for the Benghazi attack and the failure to act?

You didn’t know about the spying on journalists?

You didn’t know about problems with NSA, until Snowden announced it to the world?

You didn’t know that Holder was held in contempt?

You didn’t know the president wrongly inserted himself into the Professor Gates & Trayvon Martin cases, stirring racial tension?

You didn’t know that no one was allowed to disagree with the president or his administration least they be called racist?

You didn’t know that Sandy Hook — a tragedy — was utilized for political gain and an attempt to gun grab?

You didn’t know that people were bragging about having voted more than once?

You didn’t know that Henry Reid campaigned against Romney with an untruth when he claimed the candidate hadn’t paid taxes?

Where were you that you didn’t know these and other things that happened on your watch?

The world has been watching.

The world has been paying attention.

The world has been wondering at your lack of integrity and backbone.

Are you embarrassed yet?

You should be!

Calling the Non-Existent Bluff

It would seem many thought potential layoffs were merely a bluff.  It was never a bluff.  It was explained why layoffs would be necessary in the face of Obamacare and such.  Look at all the people who couldn’t seem to comprehend facts and went with the false illusions instead.  Enjoy, dulled ones, for your uninformed and misguided votes will come to bite you in the non-existent bluffing rear quite soon.  Problem is… the rest of us get to pay your price right along with you.   I, for one, am not happy at all.

You stand in line giggling like you’re off to see a rock star, rather than getting ready to do something quite important that is going to affect an entire country for a very long time.

You know the “talking points”, yet are clueless about what has been actually going on in the world.

You want equal pay for women and yet haven’t a clue that Obama wasn’t paying women equally from what has been reported.

You want contraception and think Obama is protecting your access to it, when no one … NO ONE… was ever trying to take it away.

You vote with your “lady parts” and then expect to be taken seriously?

Four people died in Benghazi.  Was it due to the administration being inept or worse?  Do you even know where Benghazi is?  Do you know who died and how?  Did you know that help could have been sent, but wasn’t?

Don’t know who Nancy Pelosi is?  How’s that possible if you are an informed voter?  She played some key roles that make her stand out from the crowd and not necessarily in a positive light.

You don’t know who Harry Reid is?  You know, the guy who wrongly used his position to suggest that Romney hadn’t paid taxes though he had.

This is important stuff that you missed, but as long as you got those “talking points” right, I guess you think you are the brightest bulb in the room of same watt bulbs.

Can people outgrow dumbed-down?  I certainly hope so.  Maybe they’ll invent a cure for it.  Oh, they have.  I almost forgot.  It’s called objective education and critical thinking.  Too bad so few decided to take part in the offer.  Might have saved us all from the dumbing results to come.

Thanks a lot.  Oh, by the way… the potential layoffs… were never an idle bluff.  Maybe that little bit of information will catch up with you sooner than later.  Let’s see if you are still giggling your way down the welfare line when it’s your time to pay for your dumb vote and there might not be enough help to go around.

Good luck in your little world of same watt bulbs.