Old News Breaking

Dear “Truly Appreciated” Reader:

hear ye 2I’m still trying to raise money to help a friend pay for medical tests, treatments, meds & other expenses incurred during a medical setback.  If you need help with proofreading or updating your blog, for example, please consider me for the job.  Just tell me what you need done and how much you are willing to pay for the project, and I’ll quickly get back to you, as to whether I can accept your offer or not.

Those who wish to simply donate a few dollars can do so here at Carrie’s Take, too.

Life is rough out there, and I know many are struggling to get by, so I
don’t ask for this consideration lightly.  Your help, whether by
donation or business offer, will be truly appreciated now and

May Blessings Be Yours Always,


 Thank you & God Bless!