Chuck Schumer: The Man Who Shut Down the Government

It seems that Senator Schumer wants the American citizens to believe it was President Trump that shut down the government over the wall, but it isn’t so.  The blame belongs to Schumer and the other libs that follow his orders, whether blindly or in agreement with the directives issued, because they all have two things in common.  They are a special form of modern day Democrat and they all hate Trump.

It must always be kept in mind that all Democrats are not the same.  Some are actually intelligent, compassionate, and real people like anyone else.  However, too many have stepped off the ledge and plunged into an insanity that threatens not only our society, but our entire country as well.  Schumer seems to be one of the latter.  He seems to be one that demands the irrational and spouts false accusations as though they were the gospel from on high.

Excuse me.  Schumer is not the righteous angel come calling on the Senate Floor.  He is, instead, a politician with apparently no morals.

Yes, I said that.

Yes, I meant that.

I have no love loss for Schumer, Pelosi or any of their other pals that claim a righteousness they have no right to claim.  It’s all a game to them.  Their deceit is obvious.  Watch the videos.  It’s right there for all to see.  No need to take my word.

Some like to claim that Trump lies.  Seems like the pot calling the kettle something or another, under all the circumstances and situations of the 24/7 trash Trump cable shows & hate Trump opinion pieces falsely labeled news by once respected media outlets.

Don’t like Trump?  Fine.  Don’t like him.  But that gives no one the right to lie about him.  It gives no one the right to suggest his supporters are nothing more than ignorant, racist, white supremacist, vile people, though that is what some seem to feel they are free to do.  And why do they feel free to be a part of “by any means necessary” attitude?  Because politicians like Schumer & Pelosi and the media suggest it is.

Schumer, Pelosi, & Pals are apparently still living in the Obama Era, when no one was allowed to question his highness for fear of being labeled a racist.  After all, no one could disagree with the O-man simply because they disagreed – it had to be because of the color of his skin.

Life moves on.

People learn.

People learn in spite of all the noise & propaganda dogging them daily.

Yes, people learn.

Schumer apparently thinks the majority of people believe he is a righteous dude – that or he is hoping beyond all hope the propaganda will work among the zombie following – and that his words will be taken as gospel.  However – he is wrong!

We see the truth.  More and more people are beginning see it too.

While Schumer & Pals cry for the criminal illegal aliens – citizens die without a tear from he & pals.  That’s how it is.  Defy Trump’s wishes & efforts at the expense of the American’s life.  Trump must, after all, be portrayed as the man most wrong, so  they – the deceitful ones – retain their wrongful power!

Yes, he – Trump – must be wrong.  How else can “they” win?

Copyright © 2018 Carrie K. Hutchens