Another Very Open Letter to the Apathetic Congress

Dear Apathetic Congress:

I’ve had it. Not only have I had it – there’s an over-flow of company crowded into this corner of opinion.

How can you sit there and fail to take action to remove Mueller from his apparent “free to do whatever he wants” position?

Mueller is making a mockery of the rule of law and so are you by your inaction.

In real life, where the rules count more, Mueller would not be allowed to proceed with all these OBVIOUS “in your face” conflicts of interest. And, no doubt, someone would have filed numerous ethic violation complaints on him, Comey & Rosenstein right at the onset. Yet, in your world of political calculation – you turn a blind eye to his inappropriateness and pretend not to hear us. How politician of you!

Maybe in the past, you were able to blow off the silent majority because they didn’t rock the boat too awfully bad, but times have changed. The silent majority is silent no more, as many have told you over the past year or so. They meant it. I mean it. It’s time you realize it.

You, by your inaction, are making a mockery of the rule of law. You are showing us that we have no reason to trust the system ruled over by the Federal government. You are showing us we have no reason to trust you.

The short of the story is…

Mueller should never have been appointed to anything, but he was.

Upon realization that Mueller does have a conflict – he should have been immediately removed.

You have thus far failed to do anything about correcting this error. That is not acceptable. It will never be acceptable.

Should you continue to ignore our rightful complaint about this wrong and wrongful behavior – you will have broken your oath of office and therefore – have no further right to be a member of Congress. Instead, you will be an accessory to any violation and law broken as a result of your failure to take appropriate action.

It’s up to you to do the right thing.

Will you?

Copyright © 2017 Carrie K. Hutchens

A Very Open Letter to U.S. Congress

Dear Members of Congress:

To say I am quite disappointed with you as a body, and with some in particular, would be the ultimate understatement.  You have been shockingly ineffective in all good ways and reeking of betraying, backstabbing, low-blowing, tantrum throwing, shameful individuals walking among you.  Unbelievable.

How many of you knew that President Trump wasn’t under investigation but allowed media to spread the false rumor that he was?  Did you ever step forward and announce to the world that was untrue?  Or did you gleefully allow the public to believe a lie and watch as so many then judged the president based on that falsehood?  Worse, how many of you were part of keeping the false illusion going?  How many of you slyly made suggestive comments knowing how the public would take them due to the previous lie tainting their reactions and opinions?

Shameful doesn’t touch what I perceive of what you all, with exception, have done.  You have been deceitful in so many ways.  Yes, even you, who turned your heads and pretended it had nothing to do with you – are guilty of deceit because you allowed – by your silence – an outright lie or distortion be presented as the truth.

Let’s be simple.

Congressman X and Congresswoman X were at dinner together.  Someone that doesn’t like one or both starts a rumor that they are seeing each other romantically.  You know differently.  You were sitting close enough to hear & knew it was a working dinner.  You also knew there was other staff that had merely gotten up from the table briefly for the restroom, taking a call or whatever reason.  You know and you say nothing.  You are guilty of the rumor as well.  You have allowed it to continue by your silence.

Do I need to spell it out or have you figured out what the example is suggesting? 

Those of you, who have not spread the lie, are still guilty because you know the truth (or suspect it) and have done nothing to put a halt to the outright lies and innuendoes that are meant to taint and destroy the president because you don’t like him either.

How would you feel if your career (or entire life) was destroyed by lies simply because people didn’t like you and they got enough media coverage to make the masses believe that lie?  After all, as we all know, the lie is always SHOUTED OUT and the correction, if any, is a meek whisper hidden amid the pages or reporting.

I can’t remember how many times I have heard some of your members admit there has been no evidence of collusion with the Russians only to follow it by something to the effect – that is why we need an investigation.  Do you know how irrational you sound?

Some have brought up Benghazi hearings.  There is a difference.  We know there was an attack.  We know four people died.  We know certain people lied about the video.  We know someone is responsible.  We know information has been hidden from us.

Do you see the difference yet?

The Benghazi investigation began with an actual incident.  Something actually happened.

The Russian collusion investigation is based on what?  A collusion incident didn’t happen and an investigation ensued.  Instead, an investigation ensued to look for an incident.  If you don’t see the irony in that or understand the danger of such inappropriate use of power – you are part of the danger to our free society.

It’s easy to make an innocent situation look otherwise, if one has a mind to do so.  It’s easy for words to be twisted, taken out of context and dissected to mean something totally different than what the person meant.  Easy.  And you in Congress seem to be among those who are making it even easier. 

Where are you when your president is being openly lied about? 

Where are you when some of your members are shouting that articles of impeachment are being presented?  Just like those members, whom I believe to be acting unethically, you know that many will either be hopefully ignoring facts or ignorant of the facts.  You know, but  you do nothing as the members go on television and get in front of those mics.  You allow them, by silence and lack of action, to make claims untrue and unproven.

Where are you when they try to claim that Trump is mentally ill?  (Fear mongering)  Have you noticed that many, of those throwing that claim out there, actually give the appearance of having some sort of problem themselves?  Many of us have certainly noticed.

Where have you been when members of Congress try to suggest Trump is disrespectful, while they themselves have been and are being disrespectful?

Where have you been?

With exception – you have been allowing the lies, distortions and disrespect to flow through the halls of Congress.  You have been as guilty, if silent, as any member that has lied, twisted words & thrown out innuendoes to suggest a lie.  You have allowed it to be what people think.  So you have allowed it to happen.

I could continue, but will, instead, move on to a few other points.

Should any of you politicians take the time to look beyond your ideology, as well as hate and dislike of OUR president and the opposite party, you might find that Trump has some excellent ideas that can get us out of the mess that politicians have made.  And, though it’s obvious that many of you don’t want Trump to succeed at anything, you might want to think beyond that.  If Trump’s ideas win, or ignite ideas that are winners, you all win too.  People will remember that good happened because you supported and voted for it.  Might want to think about that for a moment, as you think of coming elections.

To all that hate Trump so badly that you will sacrifice something good happening for America and its citizens – you need to resign and go into some other field.  You are disrespecting the duties and office you were sworn to uphold.  You are a liar and a cheat.  A cheat because you are cheating the people you represent of the truth and good results.  A liar because you are suggesting you are doing it for the good of the country and people, when, in fact, you are only doing and saying what you are doing and saying because you do not like Trump and want him to fail at all costs.

Shame on all of you who have put your feelings before those you have been elected to represent!

Shame on all of you who have allowed lies and half-truths (full lies) to be reported far and wide by the liberal leaning networks, publications and people, who are more than happy to provide the platform to spread it all!

Shame on all of you who aren’t man and woman enough to stand up with integrity and respect to end the rash of wrongful attacks and disrespect towards the president!

Shame on all of you who are putting your petty thoughts, feelings and reactions before our country because you didn’t get the president you personally wanted!

Shame on all of you who are looking for some technicality to void the election results because you don’t like them!  (Remember:  If this one can be voided – so can all future ones.  You open the door to chaos.)

I’m so tired of waking up every day to all the lying, sneaking and cheating of many politicians and lots of media – that I could scream loud enough for even you all to hear me.

The behavior of some, for all to see, is outrageous.

It’s pathetic.

It’s worse than having to deal with out-of-control children.

It’s worthy of being expelled as one would be in a normal school setting where ethics and rules matter.

All of you who have acted inappropriately whether by action or inaction – know who you are.  (Your fellow members know, too.)  You all need to do some serious reflection and ask yourself why you ran for office and what it was you wished to accomplish.  If you had, and have, good intent – I hope that you will be able to turn your behavior around.  On the other hand, if it was your intent to get only what you wanted, line your pockets, create chaos or destroy America from within – I hope your fellow members will out you and take steps to make your wrongful efforts ineffective.

To all of you who stand up against wrongful behavior, wrongful attacks on the president and acts to destroy our country regardless of how unpopular it makes you among other members – thank you!  Thank you for striving to be the honorable representative that lives with integrity and truth!  God bless you & may you be rewarded for holding the line in our behalf!

In summary…

Members of Congress, we are watching and listening.  The ball is in your court.  It’s all up to you how you play the game.  However, remember that it is up to us whether you will be on the team for another term.

Good day!

No Justice! No Peace!: It’s Time to Make It So

“No Justice!  No Peace!”?  Sounds like a  plan to me.  After all, actual justice (via the rule of law) would be deporting all the illegal aliens.  Peace would be in not having to hear the insults, attempts at intimidation and rude chants demanding what is not your right to demand.

I’m a compassionate person as are most people.  However, demand I bow to your will simply because that’s what you want and your wants trump mine (in your mind) – I’ll be doing anything but bowing.   And that is where we are today.  You demanding and me refusing to bow along with a great many other people.

Just who do you think you are to make demands and threaten to create havoc if those demands are not met?

I didn’t bring you to the United States and neither did anyone I know.  If you have a problem with the results of being brought here illegally – take it up with those responsible for having made that choice for you.  Be mad at them for putting you in the awkward position in the first place, if you are going to be mad at anyone at all.  Don’t be mad at me for what I had nothing to do with.  That’s justice.

I might have been more interested in your plight, if it weren’t for the attacks suggesting anyone not 100% on your side is a racist.

I might have been more interested in your plight, if people tried to win me over, rather than immediately go into attack mode and attempt to shame, mock and intimidate me.  How dare I not group-think with all the group-thinkers.  Darn!

I can’t know why you are being so aggressive, rather than diplomatic in your approach, but you have lost a great many people by your choice of attitude.  Count me right on that opinion.  I know I am.

The United States owes you nothing simply because you are here.  A fact you need to come to terms with.

People can believe all immigration should be “legal immigration” without being the slightest bit racist.

You don’t like being labeled “illegal”?  Well, many don’t like being falsely accused of being racist either.

Your behavior – you that I am addressing – is liken to slugging someone and then expecting them to be your friend and oh so grateful.  How dare they not wish to welcome you into their home?  How dare they not rush to every hilltop and claim you to deserve all things you wish for simply because you do?

The irony… the big irony… is all that you missed in the rescinding of DACA, as you reacted emotionally, rather than with thought.

President Trump actually did you a favor.

Obama’s Executive Order was unconstitutional.  It’s coverage – your deportation – was always pending and placing you all at the mercy of a court order that could come at any moment.  There was no safety or security to behold.  How could you have missed that little fact?  Shouldn’t that have upset you just a little bit?

Trump rescinded an unconstitutional Executive Order and bumped it over to Congress.  You know, that body of elected officials that draft, propose & pass legislation?  He did you a favor.  If you hadn’t let emotions get the best of you – you might have realized that.

Take note of all those people in Congress that think Trump is simply awful for having rescinded the Executive Order and then ask them what they are going to do about it.  Ask them what legislation they are going to submit (or vote for) to address this problem that has been plaguing all of us.  Yes, all of us.  You aren’t the only ones affected by all that has transpired.

I know it is easy to think you got the short end of the stick, but it isn’t just you.  Lot’s of people have been badly affected by this whole mess.  It’s time that reality be faced.  It’s time that activist, or simple rear-ends that love to stir trouble, stop with all these false accusations and attempts to destroy and demean any that don’t jump on the band wagon of their choice and yours.

It’s time to think with logic, rather than respond with emotion.

Trump did you a favor!

Perhaps it is time for you to figure that out and start acting with respect, rather than tantrum protesting with all the screaming of demands and hurling of insults.  Yes, perhaps it time you stop and think how you got in this position, who didn’t fix it when they could and how insecure your position has been all along.  Then think who has taken steps to bring about a permanent fix.  That would be Trump – the President of the United States!  The man you wrongly curse.

Copyright ©2017 Carrie K. Hutchens

An Open Letter to Trey Gowdy

Dear Representative Gowdy:

It is with great sorrow that I write to you today! Yes, sorrow. I feel as though I am at the execution of my best friend and finding there is nothing I can do to stop the wrongful killing of justice. A killing so wrongful that the cries of the people are relentless and piercing. Can’t you hear them?

You trusted Mueller in spite of the teams he was compiling? How is that possible? Even us lowly voters saw the deck was being stacked and not in a good and fair way, yet you were never suspicious? I don’t understand.

The leaks continue. Leaks that are always meant to harm our president and his administration. Leaks that are meant to take him down and void our vote. You know – the vote of the people. The vote that made Trump the legitimate President of the United States. Does that even matter anymore?

We watch as the liberals lie, cheat and bully in an attempt to de-legitimize the election and take down the president we voted for. We watch as few Republicans do anything to stop this wrongful attempt. We watch as people who claim to believe in the Constitution and our system – just shrug their shoulders and pretend all is working as it is supposed to.

Well, it’s not. It’s not working as it is supposed to.

The FBI director selectively answered questions. He answered when it would look bad on President Trump and claimed he couldn’t answer, if it would look good for him. You know, like the fact that Trump wasn’t under investigation though media & officials made the world think he was.

Lie by omission matters. It matters a great deal.

Rep. Gowdy, I have no doubt you have lived a squeaky clean life, but I bet even you are vulnerable to the evil and corruption that we are witnessing. Yes, I bet that if the media and so many in Congress set out to discredit you, that even your reputation and proven action couldn’t withstand their relentless attacks – not if you were standing against them alone. How would you feel then? How would you feel if it was you, rather than Trump, that was targeted for wrongful destruction?

I’m disappointed that you and a few others that I have trusted are doing so little, if anything to stand up for President Trump.

It’s simple really.

You don’t have to like Trump. That isn’t a requirement. However, if you are to claim you believe in the Constitution… believe in our system… believe in justice and the courts – you must stand up and fight fiercely even for Trump- the man we elected president. Otherwise, there is little hope of anything being right ever again.

Today we helplessly watch the corrupted laugh. We watch it because those in power are either using their power wrongly or not at all. We watch it because those who could make a difference have chosen not to and have closed their ears to our pleas to be the warriors they were sent to Congress to be.


Today we helplessly watch as truth and justice are being devoured in a pit of the wrongfully executed.

We may be helpless to fight the swamp beasts but you are not. Will you help us by helping President Trump?

With Hope that Evil Hasn’t Already Won,
A Legally Registered Voter

‘Who Appointed You to the Supreme Court?’: Senator Grills Yates For Defying Trump Travel Ban

‘Who Appointed You to the Supreme Court?’: Senator Grills Yates For Defying Trump Travel Ban

Rep. Trey Gowdy: False statements proved Clinton’s ‘intent’

Rep. Trey Gowdy: False statements proved Clinton’s ‘intent’

Montel: How Dare We Make a Deal With Iran While Americans Are Still Held?!

Greta Van Susteren slammed the mainstream media for its lack of reporting on the U.S. Marine veteran who has been held in Iran’s worst prison for more than three years.

Montel Williams went “On The Record” earlier this week to ask the public to help raise awareness for Amir Hekmati, the jailed veteran (below, right).
Amir Hekmati

On Thursday, Williams returned to the show to discuss the case again, in light of the announcement by the Obama administration of a framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear program

Hekmati, an Iranian-American, was born in Arizona but held dual citizenship when he flew to Iran to visit his ailing grandmother.

Hekmati was arrested and charged with spying for the United States. He was sentenced to death, but that sentence was reversed and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison on a lesser charge.

Williams said a few days ago that Hekmati is in a dire situation, being whipped and forced to take drugs so that he could be tortured with the withdrawal symptoms.

On Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry said conversations are continuing on the release of American prisoners. Others known to be held include American pastor Saeed Abedini and former FBI agent Bob Levinson.

Williams said he has “no idea” what Kerry meant with that statement.

President Obama declared Thursday that the proposed agreement satisfies the United States’ “core objectives.”

Williams pushed back, asking Greta how Obama could say that while these Americans remain imprisoned.

“Would not getting an American soldier back from the grips of a terrorist country that is torturing him be one of our objectives? So I don’t understand what that meant,” said Williams.

He added that the State Department may think he’s “pompous” for speaking out about this and demanding to know more.

But he said he only wants the administration to provide more information to the public.

“Don’t call me. Tell the American public what you’re doing. Since you and I started talking about this, there have been 18 million impressions of people in America looking at the story. That means America wants to know: how dare we make a deal and even contemplate signing one in a month, without bringing our citizens home? I don’t get it,” he said. (Click to continue reading)

Full Article & Source:
Montel: How Dare We Make a Deal With Iran While Americans Are Still Held?!

Krauthammer’s Take: Bergdahl Black Eye Obama Can’t Escape

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer sounds off on the largely self-inflicted embarrassment Pres. Obama and the White House have suffered in terror prisoner swap for accused deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Full Article, Video & Source:
Krauthammer’s Take: Bergdahl Black Eye Obama Can’t Escape

Mind Games: The Helplessness of Living in this World

I overheard a host on CNN repeating that Ted Cruz had caused the government shutdown.  No, he didn’t.  Harry Reid refused to allow a vote, unless it was his way.  If there couldn’t be a vote, then funding came to an abrupt halt and thus… government shutdown. What part of that don’t people get… or remember?  Or, perhaps in the “entertainment news,” it is merely more of the rewriting of history and convincing people the fake scenario is actually a true one.

How many will believe the fake over the genuine?

Personally, I am quite tired of the mind games and people telling me lies to my face with the insistence that no matter what I know, I am to believe them over my own knowledge, my own witnessing of events and my own remembering.  It’s not like there isn’t video out there that proves my memory goes along with what actually happened.  Yes, it’s true.  We haven’t quite made it to the Orwellian-Land-of-Duh where someone sits in front of a computer screen wiping away actual events from searchable documents and files.   Believe it or not, the truth is still documented for those who care to take a peek or two.

Continue reading at:  American Clarion

Poor, poor delusional Harry Reid

2Reid told The Huffington Post that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is smart, but he can’t outmaneuver the 26-year veteran in the halls of Congress.

“He might be able to work a calculus problem better than I can,” Reid said Thursday. “But he can’t legislate better than I can.” ~The Hill – 10/18/13

Someone should tell Harry Reid that what he does, many of us do not call “legislating”.  There are many names for it, but that is not one of them.

Reid said Cruz is a “laughing stock to everybody but him” and said he pitied the GOP if the party saw him as a viable nominee for president in 2016. ~The Hill – 10/18/13

No, Harry Reid, Senator Cruz is not the laughing stock to everyone but him.  As a matter of fact, for you to say that, is to say the American People he stood up for are a laughing stock.  How dare you!

Harry Reid, you have shown yourself.  Your arrogance will be your downfall.  Your Rooster walk will trip you up.  No one is fooled by you, except the uninformed and zoombie troops.  But never fear, many are waking from their blind coma, as the results of your “legislating” hits their lives and pocketbooks.

Laugh and mock this moment away, Harry Reid, because it won’t be long until the elections and that smirk on your face will turn to a blush of embarrassment.  Then you will know that many, many people aren’t happy with you, Harry Reid.  Not happy at all.  They’ll be telling you what they think of your “legislating” and you’ll know it isn’t Senator Ted Cruz they are laughing at.  You’ll know that for sure!

Okay DC: What About the Other Americans Who Lost Their Private Sector Jobs?

busyIsn’t this quite delightful!  The government employees will be returning to their jobs after a short break.  They knew they would be.  It was a short-term  hurt.  What about all the other Americans in the private sector, who have lost their jobs, or their hours, and are facing an uncertain future?  They don’t know when they will be getting back to work (or hours returned), if ever they will.  Theirs is a long term nightmare.  Why are they forgotten?  Why are they deemed the non-important?

Obamacare did, and continues to, cost jobs.  If DC can’t see it, then perhaps they need a refresher course in reality.  After all, only they and their oblivious cult followers, are blind to the true plight of the American people all at the hands of Washington, DC politics and politicians.  Thanks for nothing.

I do hope politicians are feeling proud of themselves for their lack of concern and compassion for the families that are suffering as a result of idiotic politics and selfish legacy fights.  That will mean a great deal to them in the hereafter, when they are shown up for the self-centered and selfish individuals that they are.  Oh yes, they will be remembered for the pain and suffering that they needlessly caused.  There will be no mercy given to their memories.  What a true legacy that will be.

So, now that we know Obamacare was slopped together and has done nothing but cost people their jobs, their insurance, their financial well-being, and so on — what are you going to do about it, DC?  How are you going to fix this mess?  Will it be within the next two weeks or so?  (Isn’t that about the time it took you to get the government employees back to work?)  Well, you better get on it then, because the American people aren’t too happy with you and your crazy, selfish plans.  It’s time to do what you are supposed to.  It’s time for you to represent the people — not dictate to them.  It’s time to get the private sector Americans back to work and their good insurance returned!  Get busy!

I thought about writing about today’s events…

redundancyI thought about writing about today’s political events, but quickly realized it would be redundant.  Anyone following the happenings of this current life-mess read it all yesterday or perhaps even several weeks ago.  Oh… yes… there are a few technicalities that might have changed, but the outcome is right back where it started.

Radical liberals are still calling other people names, while whining if they think they’ve been called one.

We have the radical liberals deciding the Confederate flag is a statement of the Tea Party, Republicans & Senator Ted Cruz attitude, but the OFA thinks it is unfair to suggest they are less than sensitive to the disabled after having a sign that says, “Tea-Tards”.  (Like we don’t get the reference to the term – retards.)

Oh, and then there are those radical liberal writers that suggest Tea Party members have all these characteristics that are quite unproven?  Does truth matter at all to the radical liberal?

But it’s all a mess.

One moment it looks like progress is being made.

Never mind.

Then there is ole Harry Reid… you know… the senator that wrongly threw out a rumor during the election year and hoped it would stick?  Harry Reid is blocking any effort the House makes to try to provide funding, yet then tries to blame the Republicans for the failure to fund?

Oh how delicious is that?

The constant is Obama with his rhetoric and wrongful descriptions as he always blames someone — anyone — except Obama!

On and on we go… where we stop… no one knows!  But stop we should!  Stop we must! It’s time to bring sanity back into government and into our lives.  After all, we really aren’t their little zombies, unless we allow ourselves to be.

Time to pay attention!

Time to use our own minds! — the ones not cluttered with irrational thoughts!

As for writing about today’s events — never mind — tomorrow is soon enough!

The White House & Congress: The Home of Court Jesters

court jester and puppetHave the White House and radical liberals of congress begun to believe their own propaganda media?  They certainly don’t seem to have the slightest clue what the ACTUALLY INFORMED PUBLIC is thinking and how they are responding to this childish and unnecessary behavior.  Maybe someone should tell them that the public, beyond their cult, isn’t sympathetic to their message?

The attack on Veterans has outraged Americans — not endeared the president and his followers to the People!

Perhaps the president doesn’t care.  He is after all “The One They All Have Been Waiting For”, is he not?

Whatever is going through the minds of this administration and radical liberals of congress, the People are paying attention and the lapdog media reps are NOT portraying the reaction as it truly is.  This administration and the radical liberals may have some people on their side at this point, but I’m betting many more will desert once they get a good look at their insurance options.  Then… they, too, will have a chance to feel they were deceived and mocked just like those they use to mock.

The White House and Congress seem to have become the home of the court jesters, who spend their time fooling the public into thinking they truly care.  And, dare a representative or a senator actually be concerned and want to work for the People — he or she or they can be assured to be labeled something not pleasant.  Perhaps even to be called one of the “Tea-Tards”, which we all know is likening Tea Party members to retards.  (You know — that politically incorrect term none of us are supposed to use anymore?  Well, unless we are radical liberals.)

Yes, the White House & Congress have become the home of Court Jesters!  “Jest” how unfunny is that?

Oh, how deliciously ironic…

negotiate4Obama tells congressional leaders he won’t negotiate on shutdown, debt“???… oh, how deliciously ironic.  If Obama won’t negotiate on any of those things — or anything — what is he willing to negotiate on?

Things have gotten out of hand.  (Actually, they got out of hand long ago.)  There was no reason that the Democrats and the President of the United States of America could then (or now) truthfully feel their plan for health care reform was so perfect — so very perfect — so very, very perfect — because they are “all-knowing” — that a little devil’s-advocacy and balance wasn’t in order, rather than a defiant blow-off of everything and anything not-their-way.

No reason, but it happened.

Now we have tons of people losing their jobs, or at least their full-time hours, and definitely their certainty of what tomorrow brings.  No longer does the need of the worker matter — the only things that matter are the whims of Obamacare and the dear Democrats & Pals that claim to so care for the people’s well-being.

And, rather than try to explain what they were thinking and why they thought (and continue to think) they were right and meant/mean well — they start in with the name-calling (calm rhetoric) and low blows towards any who do not agree with them, not to mention those special terms …

 In recent weeks, however, Obama and his aides and Democratic allies have accused the Republican legislators of being anarchists, suicide-bombers, hostage-takers, arsonists, political terrorists, fanatics, blackmailers, and ideological crusaders.

 “What we’re not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest,” Dan Pfeiffer, Obama’s top media adviser, said in a CNN interview this week.  ~Obama: I use ‘calm’ rhetoric, unlike ‘hostage takers’  (The Daily Caller — 7:16 PM 10/02/2013)

The irony of the Obama Administration — their willingness to call names (calm rhetoric), refuse to budge and then dare to project their words and behavior on others.  So, are we to be impressed and feel more secure in Obamacare and this administration now that we know they are pretty darn good at retaliating, hitting below the belt and name-calling (calm rhetoric)?  Sure makes me want to rush out and buy me an Obamacare plan — how about you?


Victims of Government Shutdown vs Victims of Obamacare

Businessman Thinking on StepsThere are numerous stories about the employees being affected by the government shutdown and we are only two days into their financial nightmare.  Understand that I’m not wishing for, or happy about, anyone losing their income, but wait a minute… the shutdown is only temporary — Obamacare financial losses are long term, if not permanent.  Why aren’t those Obamacare affected employees/former employees as important as the government ones?

Listening to everyone carry on about how unfair this all is, the thought “entitlement” keeps coming to mind.  It’s as though the government employees are entitled to their jobs, though no one else is entitled to theirs.  It’s as though everyone else is considered expendable and simply collateral damage.

I get it.

The news media is headed towards government run organizations.

Government employees are protected, while private sector is destroyed.

Then we come to the government being in complete control of every aspect of our lives and deaths.

Orwellian fiction is fast becoming our 21st Century reality.  And so few seem to notice what is happening around them or realize how they themselves are being led to what to believe and not believe.  As for now, it is a tragedy that the government employees have lost two days of pay, while a shoulder shrug that so many private sector workers have lost their jobs or the hours they were counting on.  Where is the outrage for their long term lack of pay?  Where is the fight to get the job killers talking and fighting to get the private sector workers back on the job?  Oh, that’s right… the job killers are the ones fighting to keep Obamacare intact regardless of what devastation and destruction it causes.

Government workers = entitled to job and pay.

Private sector workers = expendable and entitled to nothing.

This should be all it takes to open the eyes of the willing-blind.  Do you now see by the actual “Victims of Government Shutdown vs Victims of Obamacare” where we have come to be and where we are headed?  We should all be more than a bit concerned.  Is Obamacare, as is, really worth it?

Oh, that ticks me off…

madI just love it when people send P.R. (propaganda) mail and call me names or otherwise insult me in their little pep talk aimed at getting money from me , no less.  I guess I’m supposed to be one of their Zombie followers or too stupid to get that I’ve been insulted or that insulting me will make me feel I must be wrong and must rush over and become a Zombie, too.  Who knows.  Who cares?  Whatever they are thinking — they are WRONG!

It reads:  “We are the largest grassroots movement organizing every day to knock down those roadblocks, one by one.”

They call people in Congress — who are actually representing their constituents — roadblocks?

They are going to knock them down one by one?  Really?  And just what’s the plan?  How are they going to do that?  Will they pull a Harry Reid on the roadblock Congress people?  You know… throw some “misinformation” out there about the person, in an attempt to challenge his or her credibility?

It goes on…”We have an aggressive plan for the months ahead — that’s because building the kind of organization that can stand up to the powerful interests and the obstruction -focused members of Congress takes a lot of grassroots power.”

Takes a lot of arrogance, too.

The “powerful interests” in this situation happens to be you and me and anyone else that is a citizen.  People have spoken and some Congress members are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing — LISTENING & ACTING ON THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.  Then we have this grassroots group that is going to aggressively knock down any of these Congress members who have dared represent their districts… who have dared represent US and our wishes?

Am I to be impressed or something?

Oh… oh… and then they put… “Since we launched ___, we haven’t slowed down.  You’re the reason for that…”

Beg pardon?

I’m what?

I think they have mistaken me for someone else.  I deserve no credit for their existence or anything they have done or attempted to do, nor do I want any.  As a matter of fact, I consider their efforts to be insulting to the American citizens and representative of nothing more than “Bully Power”!

Government isn’t supposed to be a playground with everyone going around, “Let’s pretend this is true…” or “Let’s pretend these are the facts…” or “Let’s pretend I’m the good guy and you are the bad guy…”  This is REAL LIFE and REAL LIVE PEOPLE are being affected by decisions being made.  Needless to say — the games need to stop!  The games need to stop and people need to take a REAL look at what is taking place right in their face!

The “roadblocks” are Congressmen & Women, who are listening and responding to those they are representing.  How dare anyone suggest to remove them one by one.  That sounds like a threat!

Oh, that ticks me off…

Embarrassed Yet: The People Want to Know

eagle blueWell, Congress, many things have been left up to you as representatives of “We the People”.  Sadly, many of you did it your way in spite of all the outcries and questions that loomed right in front of you.  The people weren’t smart enough.  The people weren’t aware of all the facts.  The people were over-reacting.  The politics and political careers out-weighed any of the bad stuff the people might be enduring.  And that is only a portion of it all and many of you know it. 

It is to the many of you that I address this…

You are in Washington, DC and you didn’t know (or believe) the IRS was targeting the Tea Party or Christian groups?

You didn’t know about the New Black Panthers intimidating voters and that it was ignored?

You didn’t have a clue about Fast & Furious?

You didn’t know that video line was a hoax, when an excuse was thrown out there for the Benghazi attack and the failure to act?

You didn’t know about the spying on journalists?

You didn’t know about problems with NSA, until Snowden announced it to the world?

You didn’t know that Holder was held in contempt?

You didn’t know the president wrongly inserted himself into the Professor Gates & Trayvon Martin cases, stirring racial tension?

You didn’t know that no one was allowed to disagree with the president or his administration least they be called racist?

You didn’t know that Sandy Hook — a tragedy — was utilized for political gain and an attempt to gun grab?

You didn’t know that people were bragging about having voted more than once?

You didn’t know that Henry Reid campaigned against Romney with an untruth when he claimed the candidate hadn’t paid taxes?

Where were you that you didn’t know these and other things that happened on your watch?

The world has been watching.

The world has been paying attention.

The world has been wondering at your lack of integrity and backbone.

Are you embarrassed yet?

You should be!


Judicially Sanctioned Financial Exploitation
Vulnerable Elderly and Disabled Citizens
by Non-Family Court-Appointed Fiduciaries

The recent MetLife study[1] on the comprehensive subject of elder abuse once again focuses on theft by family members rather than by court-appointed fiduciaries[2] who too freely liquidate entire estates by means of exorbitant or fraudulent billings and proceedings.

The cold reality is that keeping the focus and the spotlight on families[3] enables the continued milking of the helpless by “professionals” appointed by the courts to protect them. How can MetLife and others almost completely overlook this entire category of elder abuse? How can Congress continue to ignore it, especially after GAO’s[4] September 2010 report[5] clearly substantiating this growing problem?

“Most of the allegations we identified involved financial exploitation and misappropriation of assets. Specifically, the allegations point to guardians taking advantage of wards by engaging in schemes that financially benefit the guardian but are financially detrimental to the ward under their care. Also, the allegations underscore that the victim’s family members often lose their inheritance or are excluded by the guardian from decisions affecting their relative’s care.”

NASGA has addressed guardianship[6] abuse by fiduciaries in three previous white papers to Congress and the White House[7]; yet, when any legislator has come forward to champion the cause of guardianship reform and propose legislation, the focus of said reform continues to concentrate on family members as guardians and is limited to suggestions of grants for certification, training, background checks – none of which addresses the growing threat of professional for-profit and “not-for-profit” fiduciaries freely bleeding their victims into indigence and onto Medicaid, at the expense of the currently unsuspecting taxpayers.

We reiterate: while training and certification may help courts operate more efficiently and will certainly be profitable for those providing the training and certification, neither even begins to address court-sanctioned exploitation and abuse (financial, emotional, and/or physical) of guardianship wards – not by family members appointed as guardians, but by nonfamily fiduciaries – “persons of trust,” including attorneys. We continue to ask: How are thieves “trained” not to steal other than by enforcing existing law and sending them to jail?

Who is going to speak up and protect vulnerable persons from potential court-sanctioned plunder in 50 different states with 50 different laws? Several states have recognized the need for and have begun to take baby steps toward reform, but victims have been waiting too long already!

In Elmira, NY, NASGA member Sara Harvey has been battling her husband’s guardian[8] in state court for six years, trying to protect her disabled husband from abuse and neglect.[9] Her efforts have been in vain and very costly. Sadly, Gary Harvey, a Veteran, remains virtually isolated,[10] languishing behind closed doors[11] at St. Joseph’s Hospital since 2009, when he could and should be spending his final days in the familiar surroundings and comfort of his own home, under his wife’s care.

Allowing Gary Harvey to go home would place him in the least restrictive environment, an objective of positive guardianship. Additionally, taxpayers would save approximately $20,000 a month or more, in the cost of his hospital room alone.

Mrs. Harvey has turned everywhere she could for help, including to her elected representatives. The responses all follow the same theme and pointed Mrs. Harvey back to the very system she claims is abusing her husband. Claims of abuse and neglect, they tell her, can only be filed by the guardian or the guardian ad litem.

Is it a surprise that the guardian sees nothing wrong with isolating Gary Harvey from family and friends? Is it a surprise that the guardian ad litem, whose first loyalty and duty is to the court instead of the ward, Gary Harvey, stands with the guardian?

With all the court-appointed “protectors” connected in some way to the same law firm, including the judge, who truly is looking out for Gary Harvey’s best interest other than his wife who has been at his side since his debilitating accident?

When the system is as broken as this case illustrates, who will speak up for those without a legal voice who are trapped and suffering at the system’s hands?

Our second Open Letter to Congress[12] highlighted the non-emergency “emergency” aspects of NASGA member musician/songwriter John Daniel (Danny) Tate’s case[13] in Nashville, TN. This poster case exemplifies how the practice of conserving a ward into indigence – contrary to the intent of the protective statutes – has become accepted, perhaps even anticipated, by judges who should be the last line of defense against fiduciaries who bleed estates dry using a pen as their weapon of choice. The Tate case is also a case for “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!”

♦ Four days after Tate’s estranged older brother filed a petition for conservatorship[14] (without notice to Tate), claiming a drug-related “emergency” which did not exist, Probate Judge Randy Kennedy ordered a “temporary” conservatorship, naming Tate’s brother as his “temporary” conservator,[15] in direct violation of TN statute, 34-1-108.[16]

The law requires a conservatorship operate in the “best interest”[17] of a ward, but Tate’s temporary conservator diverted all of Tate’s postal and electronic mail; dissipated Tate’s approximate $2.5 million in assets, interrupted his career and plunged him into debt. During this time, Tate’s temporary conservator stopped Tate’s child support payments,[18] homeowner’s insurance,[19] and health insurance, while paying his own lawyer regularly with Tate’s funds. When Tate’s cash assets ran out, his temporary conservator’s lawyer even attempted to put a lien on Tate’s flood-damaged home!

♦ On 5/24/10, thanks to Facebook, friends wearing “Free Danny Tate” tee-shirts showed up for his “final” court hearing,[20] Judge Kennedy “released” Tate from his two-and-a half-year “temporary” conservatorship. At that hearing, when Tate complained of his temporary conservator’s breach of fiduciary duty in open court, court watchers were stunned as Judge Randy Kennedy responded by admonishing Tate for not thanking his conservator “for all he’s done for you.”

The conservatorship had picked Tate’s financial bones clean; plunged him into not only indigence but snowballing debt as well; caused him to be sued by his ex-wife for child support payments, by his own attorney for ongoing fees; and left him without home and health insurance. Tate had no choice but to appeal the conservatorship from its inception, but he was indigent and could not afford to hire an appellate attorney.

Now to the “believe it or not”: Judge Kennedy, the same judge who refused to listen to Tate’s complaints that the conservatorship was devouring his estate and harming him and his young daughters financially, then turned around and approved Tate’s application for pauper status so Tate could file his appeal. From one side of his mouth, Judge Kennedy insisted that the conservatorship “protected” Tate and his estate. From the other side, Judge Kennedy approved Tate’s application for pauper status. Did the conservatorship protect or plunder? The figures don’t lie; Tate’s $2.5 mil estate disappeared under Judge Kennedy’s watch.

What did the conservatorship accomplish other than feed the lawyers? How could Judge Kennedy allow Tate’s temporary conservator and the lawyers to devour Tate’s estate and plunge him into indigence in the guise of protection and under color of law?

The injustice Tate has suffered – and continues to suffer – should be an urgent wake-up call to every American, especially Boomers, and certainly to members of Congress in a coming election year. Who is going to protect wards of the state when they are permanently harmed by the very system claiming to be protecting them? When will it end?

Where are we now, after more than 20 years of study and reports? Clearly, the answer is Americans are in more danger than ever before; and Congress is talking about grants for training and certification and looking the other way, as do the States, while permitting financial exploitation and criminal conversion to continue with little or no accountability.

ONLY CONGRESS CAN MAKE GOOD THE FORGOTTEN PROMISE of 42 U.S.C. 3001 of The Public Health and Welfare Law: “(6) Retirement in health, honor, dignity – after years of contribution to the economy;” and “(10) Freedom, independence, and the free exercise of individual initiative in planning and managing their own lives, full participation in the planning and operation of community-based services and programs provided for their benefit and protection against abuse, neglect, and exploitation.”

Please do not wait until it happens to you or a member of your family to step up and take action. Address this critical need now. Americans are suffering now; they need help now.

NASGA began seeking federal intervention in 2009. With Congress well aware of the aging of the Baby Boomers, and still sitting on the information, we are now shifting our focus to that very group of potential victims and the taxpayers who will have to pick up their Medicaid tab when the fiduciaries are finished with their feeding frenzy. As part of our mission, we will educate the taxpaying Boomers about how these laws are being misused and abused and no longer work in the “best interest” of the people.[21]

Forewarned is forearmed!

It is our continued hope and prayer on behalf of those presently entrapped in unlawful and abusive guardianships and conservatorships and the huge potential victims group nationwide, that Congress will step up and forcefully declare that open season on vulnerable persons (be they elderly, disabled, or children) has ended!

We respectfully ask for your support.

/s/ Elaine Renoire


1 “Elder Financial Abuse: Crimes of Occasion, Desperation, and Predation Against America’s Elders,” June 2011,

2 Nonfamily members, court-appointed guardians and attorneys

3 NASGA acknowledges that sadly, and perhaps more than ever due to the current economic conditions, some families do financially exploit and abuse their vulnerable elderly and/or disabled through misuse of powers of attorney and other financial controls or even in guardianships and conservatorships, while fiduciary abuse has become an actual industry. We applaud media’s growing attention to the general category of “elder abuse” and increasing response of various state legislators.

4 Government Accountability Office

5 “Guardianships – Cases of Financial Exploitation, Neglect, and Abuse of Seniors,” September 2010,

6 ”Guardianship,” as used here, is meant to include conservatorship.

7 “Reform of Unlawful and Abusive Guardianships and Conservatorships and Abuse by Courts and Fiduciaries”; “A Review of Unlawful ‘Emergency’ Guardianships,”; and
“The Fleecing of Medicaid and the Taxpayers,”

8 Chemung County Department of Social Services, Case number: Index 2006-1578/RJI No. 2006-0275M

9 See

10 Sara Harvey is permitted a mere six hours visitation per week – under guard. Her husband’s guardian refused to permit visits by friends.

11 Mr. Harvey is unable to ring his call bell should he have an emergency and need help.

12 “A Review of Unlawful ‘Emergency’ Guardianships,”

13 Davidson County Circuit Court, Docket # 07P1654

14 Tate’s brother was already in possession of a durable power of attorney (DPoA) which would obviate the need for a conservatorship, but neither he nor his lawyer brought the DPoA to the judge’s attention. Tate claims the DPoA was procured by fraud, was reproduced and altered and would not permit access to all of Tate’s significant assets. While acting in his capacity of DPoA, Tate’s brother wrote a $25,000 “retainer” check to his lawyer from Tate’s account, thereby launching the events that led to Tate’s loss of control of his life.

15 See YouTube videos of the ex-parte so called “emergency” hearing of 10/23/2007: and

16 TN statute 34-1-108 requires notice be given to the respondent for an emergency hearing to be held.

17 “Best interests” is the general language of “protective” statutes.

18 Tate has two young daughters.

19 Tate only learned that his insurance had been allowed to lapse when he filed a claim after his home and much of his remaining musical equipment were destroyed in the 2010 Nashville, TN flooding.

20 Kennedy had been told by a higher court to issue a final order. His earlier failure to do so had prevented appeal.

21 A detailed review of the events in the case can be seen at

22 and

* * *


NASGA is a civil rights, public benefit nonprofit organization whose members are victims of unlawful and abusive guardianships and conservatorships seeking reform on a national basis.

As we have stated in all of our writings to Congress, the sole purpose of guardianship and conservatorship is to GUARD incompetent wards of the state to keep them from harming themselves or others; CONSERVE their assets; and PROTECT the public from the ward becoming a public charge.

Our mission is:
(1) To engage in outreach, education and advocacy regarding unlawful and abusive guardianship and/or conservatorship proceedings in state courts across the country, and the growing violations of due process, civil and human rights.

(2)  To end the unnecessary and growing Medicaid burden resulting from court-appointed fiduciaries’ use of their wards’ assets for self-profit and unjust enrichment.  Instead of their assets being conserved, the wards are forced into indigence and ultimately relegated to Medicaid services, contrary to law and at the expense of the unwary taxpayer.

(3)  To promote the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable persons subject to damages by unlawful and abusive proceedings; to be a support organization for victims and their families; and to work towards ultimate total reform.

This is our fourth request for Congressional intervention.

The Truth or Not From Senator Reid


Senator Reid had to get on television today, December 27, 2012, claiming we are headed for the fiscal cliff drop-off and, of course, it is all Rep. Boehner’s fault, when it isn’t simply all the Republicans’ fault. It couldn’t be a bit of liberal or Democrat fault in there, too, for they are the all enlightened and all-knowing, it would seem. And, this is not to mention that it is fine for the president to go on vacation in Hawaii and the Democrats to go home for Christmas, but how dare the Republicans do likewise. Them thar Republicans is bad folks fer doing what them Democrats done did, too. We all know how that works. The goose gets by with everything and the gander gets blamed for it in the world of politics and political posturing.

Reid told us that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for years and demanded that he prove he did. He even used the Senate floor to do this campaign gesture to make Romney look like a tax evader. However, Romney did pay taxes and ole Reid got by with making false allegations. But now we are to believe him. We are to believe that what Reid is saying today is true, even if what he said during the campaign wasn’t. It must be true — it came out of his mouth — right? Wrong, because the deceitful and false comments came out of there as well.

The truth or not from Senator Reid — how can we ever know?