Sheriff Clarke: Mainstream Media Has Become Propaganda Wing of Far-Left

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on “Hannity” tonight to weigh in on why the death of convicted drug dealer Freddie Gray got so much more mainstream media attention than the murder of 25-year-old NYPD officer Brian Moore.

Last night, Sheriff Clarke told Hannity that, “Cops’ lives don’t matter.” Tonight, he said that he sees a political agenda in play, explaining that the data doesn’t back up the narrative of police targeting black men.

“There is no pattern. There is no credible evidence to support that law enforcement officers of any race use an inordinate amount of force against black males,” Sheriff Clarke stated.

He said this narrative thrives because the liberal mainstream media likes race and identity politics.

“They have abandoned their responsibility under the First Amendment to be neutral and to get to the facts, and they have become the mouthpiece, they have become the propaganda wing of leftist policy and leftist ideology,” Sheriff Clarke said.

Watch the clip from “Hannity” above.

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Sheriff Clarke: Mainstream Media Has Become Propaganda Wing of Far-Left

Black Sheriff: Ferguson Desecrates The Legacy Of Martin Luther King

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke is challenging the radicalized Democrat Party to tolerate, rather than to destroy, dissenting local leaders.

The hard left and Michael Bloomberg want this strong black voice “taken out,” as he describes it in this two part video interview with The Daily Caller. Yet, he recently won his fourth term for sheriff in a liberal Democrat country, winning with higher percentages each time his name has been on the ballot.

With his unique views, this 36-year law enforcement professional has been dubbed “The People’s Sheriff.”

Clarke starts out this video interview by condemning those who would elevate the death of Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin, “people engaged in criminal behavior,” as icons of a new civil rights movement. He says this would “desecrate the legacy of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

“None of these people deserved to have been killed, but they were co-conspirators in their own demise.”

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Black Sheriff: Ferguson Desecrates The Legacy Of Martin Luther King

Nonsense Card: Over-the-limit & Declined

Nonsense card 1

I started reading an article at a site that I normally avoid. My reason for avoiding it is that I feel it has over-the-top in leanings and often claiming absolutes that I know to be false. I find that irritating — not amusing. Nevertheless, I started reading and sure enough, by the sixth paragraph — and they weren’t large paragraphs — he says he suspects there are a lot of people who do not like Obama for no other reason than his skin color. The nonsense card in play again. Give me a break!

Obama is in his “second” term of office. If his skin color was such a major issue, he wouldn’t have been elected the first time, much less a second. What part of this does the “skin color” fetish cult not get?

On the other hand, this nonsense card that people have been using for political and personal gain, has been way over-used and is now over-the-limit and being declined. It’s nonsense. People can actually disagree with Obama and his inept team and it not have a single morsel of anything to do with anybody’s skin color. I’m serious. It’s true. It’s reality. Get a grip on it.

People trying to play the nonsense card, need to step back and take a long look at their motives. Are they standing with Obama & Pals because they believe he is right or because they feel they are some new breed of people championing the “skin color” war they perceive in their delusional world? If it is the latter, perhaps it’s time to look around at all the shades of color in high places. This isn’t the 1800’s or 1960’s. We’ve come a long ways from those days — a very long ways!

Is the world cleansed of all discrimination? No, and it never will be. Somewhere… sometime… someone will be discriminated against for some reason. However, discrimination is not wide-spread as has been suggested in the past six years, and especially since Ferguson, MO. Not everything that happens good or bad has to do with race. It can happen for all kinds of reasons. It can happen because of poverty. It can happen because of age. It can happen because of disability. It can happen because of lack of knowledge and/or skills. And… get this… not everything (not to our liking) that happens has anything to do with discrimination of any sort. It can happen for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes a person can be wrong. Sometimes it can happen because of attitude. That’s right. It can happen to a person because the person’s attitude stinks.

People have a right to disagree with Obama & Pals, just like anyone has ever had a right to disagree with any president before. It happens. It happens because it happens. Playing this nonsense card to try to make a disagreement of policy or actions or words into a race issue instead, is an attempt to distract from the possibility the accused is right and Obama might just be wrong. (Sorry to burst a bubble, but Obama can be wrong, too!)

It’s time to get honest. It’s time to deal with real issues and not ones created for political and personal gain. It’s time to stop immediately seeing every disagreement with Obama as a matter of “skin color” and thereby ignoring the possibility there is good cause for disagreement. It’s time the nonsense card be declined and cancelled. Yes, it is definitely time.

Hypocrisy: A Story in Gray

I’ve just finished reading, in part, Black lawmakers against recognition of Virginia tribe , and find it quite ironic and amusing.

Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus are urging the Obama administration to withhold federal recognition of a Virginia Indian tribe because of its history of banning intermarriage with blacks.

In January, the Interior Department proposed recognizing the Pamunkey tribe in southeast Virginia, which would make members eligible for special benefits in education, housing and medical care — and allow the tribe to pursue a casino. A decision on recognition, which would be the first for a Virginia tribe, is due by March 30.

The Congressional Black Caucus members urged Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Attorney General Eric Holder to hold off until the Justice Department investigates any discriminatory practices by the tribe.

Let’s see… the “Congressional Black Caucus” which is made up of only Blacks dares to suggest that others might be discriminating and excluding?

Native Americans were here first.  They have suffered discrimination and yet… here… in the 21st Century, we have the “Black Caucus” not worrying about discrimination in and of itself, it would appear, but only concerned if maybe it might be… or could be… an exclusion of Blacks from something?

My question to the “Congressional Black Caucus” — How many Native Americans, Whites or any other race or nationality are in your caucus?

Racism… Racism… Racism

wolfOnce upon a time, as the tale goes, there was a boy that cried wolf when there really wasn’t one.  Then one day, he cried wolf because there really was a wolf, but no one paid any attention because of all the times he had duped them.  (Now replace “wolf” with “racism” or “discrimination”.) 

The moral of the story is simple.  Keep throwing the false allegations out there and one day, when the allegation is true, people aren’t going to believe it because it was never true all the other times.  And that is where we are at today.

How dare anyone disagree with Obama.  To do so was and is alleged to be racism.  Except it wasn’t and isn’t racism to simply disagree with another person.

For people such as Oprah Winfrey to say Obama is a victim of racism is a slap in the face to all who have been the victims of racism, sexism and whatever other form of discrimination that has been unjustly played upon them.  The simple truth is… if there was racism in this country to the degree that Oprah and other Obama followers try to say there is — Oprah would never have been deemed the Queen of Talk Shows and Obama would never have been elected in the first place.  Can’t have it both ways.

On the other hand, since Oprah and these racism allegers dwell on the thought of racism as a motive to all things, might it be that they are the ones that are the actual racists?

I’m sorry if Oprah was ever discriminated against, but I have news for her — so was I.  So were a great many people for various reasons and in various situations.  Though sometimes it is… and though I have been burnt big time…  I don’t look at every negative situation in my life as being the result of the fact that I’m a woman or that I’m a Catholic or that I chose a career in a male dominated field or that I’m not as rich as some think I should be.  Sometimes things happen that haven’t a single thing to do with me personally.  And… sometimes… just sometimes… people actually think I’m wrong and feel they have a right to say so.

People need to grow up and let go of the past and start living in the present!

Yes, there was a time that slavery existed in the US.  It was also a time when women and children were considered property of the husband/father.  Let’s not forget that little bit of history, when we think of all the wrongs done unto a group… any group… of people.  And how about the Native Americans?  They’re part of the history of peoples wronged.  Oh… oh… and we can’t forget the Irish Catholics that were so hated either.  Then there are the Jews that supposedly lied about the Holocaust and were taking over the world via the banks.

The list goes on and on.

Numerous groups of people have found themselves discriminated against at one time or another somewhere or another, but somehow “exceedingly rich” Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama take top billing on the victims’ list?  I don’t think so.

Again… if racism truly existed now days as Oprah and the Obama team try to suggest — she would never have been Queen of Talk Shows & he would never have been elected president — especially over Hillary Clinton.

It’s time to get rid of the false allegations of racism and start dealing in honesty, in reality and in the present where sometimes — disagreement is simply a difference of opinion because people have different opinions — period!

 * * *

If you like your opinion – you can keep it.  Period.

Stop Trying to Deal Me Into Your Card Game

ace of heartsAll these racism and discriminations claims have gotten a bit old and I truly wish people would stop trying to deal me in.  I don’t want to play and I’m not gonna play.  Can I make it any clearer than that?

The other day I referred to “rude & lewd in public”.  It was immediately assumed I was referring to homosexuals.  Does this mean that deep-down, the accuser feels the homosexuals’ behavior is (or is often) “rude & lewd” or did the person immediately have a memory flash of seriously “rude & lewd in public” by some from the homosexual activists of the world?  Either way, I don’t care what was behind the accusation — the accuser was way off base.

When I say “rude & lewd in public”, I am specifically referring to people — anyone — who acts “rude & lewd in public”.  If I am referring specifically to homosexuals ONLY acting “rude & lewd in public”, I will be very clear about who I am referring to.  There won’t be any need to assume or guess or make false accusations.  I will say it outright, plain and clear, because I have nothing to hide about my reactions.  They are reasonable.  Yes, I said — reasonable.

In other words:  I do not like nor appreciate being exposed to “rude & lewd”.  There are no exceptions.  “Rude & lewd” is “rude & lewd”, no matter who the participants are.  It’s that simple.

I do not base my likes and dislikes upon the color of a person’s skin or their sexual orientation.  I base it upon the person’s attitude and behavior.  My life proves this to be so.  No Harry Reid or Al Sharpton types can change the truth — they can only change the perception in the minds of people who often don’t think for themselves or are to quick to react to the emotional game so often played upon them.

In the past, I have tried to rationally respond to false allegations, but those days are numbered, if not absolutely done with.

You want to call me a racist — you prove it!  I have no obligation to prove your lie to be a lie.

You want to say that I have somehow discriminated against anyone — you better get some creative writers on your team.  You might even need a teleprompter or two.  Yes, and you might even need some Botox remover to get rid of the “give-away” smile — you sly one, you.

Life can be a wondrous thing.

People can be happy.

Neighbors can enjoy each other.

Family, friends & neighbors can readily be there for one another.

All these things can be, unless we allow “self-serving” activists to continue to divide us with their distortions and lies and expensive public relations campaigns and/or media opportunities.

To falsely accuse people of discrimination is no different than being discriminated against.  It is one and the same — just done differently.  Both are wrong.

People need to take a step back and really take a good look at this world and what is happening in it.  They need to think about the cards dealt to them and do some weighing in on who is truly responsible for things that have happened and are happening that just aren’t right.

I guess the short of my story is…

Maybe more people ought to take notice of the stacked deck and decide that they don’t want to be dealt into the irrational game thrown at us.

Maybe more people ought to take note and decide not to play into the hands of the activists and wanna-bee dictators that seem to love to toy with us all and try to isolate us from one another.

Maybe… just maybe… we ought to throw in the hand they dealt us and start with a fresh deck — one that isn’t tainted and slanted and stacked against us — US — We the People!

Sexism: The Unforgivable Offense

Life is full of injustice, but all claims of injustice are not necessarily so.  One of the claims that gets me steamed the quickest is for someone to scream “sexism” because someone dared to challenge a female type’s behavior, actions or words, or fail to give her a job that doesn’t even exist.

One of my favorite stories to tell is about the time I was in the back, when I heard a woman screaming in the front office.  Of course, I went rushing up there to find out what was going on.  There was this out-of-control woman screaming discrimination and threatening to sue.  Okay.

The man she was screaming at, said something to the effect, “There she is.”

The woman gave me an ugly smug look and said she was not talking about a secretary.

He said, ” She is the owner.”

With that, the woman turned and huffed her little rear on out of the office.

I’ve never forgotten that moment.

The woman had come in and asked to apply for a job.  All she was told was that there were no openings at the moment, but if she would leave, or drop off, her resume she would be considered when something did open up.  She went ballistic claiming she was being discriminated against because she was a woman etc. etc. etc.  He kept trying to tell her that wasn’t the case because… , but she was too busy yelling to listen.

I wouldn’t have hired that woman under any circumstances after the tantrum I witnessed.

As a female law enforcement officer, I never asked to be excused from responsibility for my actions because the big bad male officers were picking on little ole me.  If I screwed up — “I” as a law enforcement officer screwed up.  If I were held accountable, it was as a “law enforcement officer” and not a single thing to do with my gender.  So, I don’t take too kindly to women trying to claim a right to a position, while then claiming special treatment rights that forbid accountability expectations, or they are the victims of discrimination and sexism.

Discrimination also includes the expectation of being held to a lesser standard than anyone else in the same position.

Sexism also includes the expectation of being held to a lesser standard than anyone else in the same position.

The unforgivable offense of sexism and discrimination is to claim it when none exists and thus makes the “claimer” guilty of the claim instead.  It becomes an unfair ploy.  There is no excuse!