Hernando fourth-grader speaks out against new FSA testing


A Brooksville Elementary student isn’t happy with the new statewide testing in schools, and she’s making her opinion known.

Sydney Smoot, 9, spoke Tuesday in front of the Hernando County School Board. She told school leaders that she’s not happy with the new Florida Standards Assessments.

“I do not feel that all this FSA testing is accurate to tell how successful I am,” she said in her speech.

WATCH: Sydney Smoot speaks out against standardized testing

The fourth-grader says the testing causes way too much anxiety for students.

“I just don’t think it’s fair because one test defines you as either a success or failure,” Sydney said.

She also says she had to sign a form telling her not to talk about the testing with her parents. She felt the need to speak up. (Click to continue reading)

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Hernando fourth-grader speaks out against new FSA testing

In A Fury of Pure Hatred

burned buildingScreams pierce the night, as sirens wail against the blasts that light up the darkness in a fury of pure hatred.  Smoke smothers the air.  People seek to flee, running in desperation, but with no destination, except away… away from the blasts and the stench of burning flesh.

How long?  How long has there been warning unheeded?  Warning mocked as mere delusions of some?  How long has the laughter rolled from the lips of the all-knowing and all-enlightened ones?  Does it now matter?

Hearts pumping wildly as sweat flows freely.  Blasts closer and closer.  Breathing loud and labored against the sounds of people stampeding in blind flight.  Away.  Away from the nightmare and the murder surrounding and encircling.  The nightmare devouring hope, with lungs fighting frantically for the next breath.  Just one more breath.  The breath that doesn’t come.  The awareness of suffocation. 

The terror.  The tears.  The prayers.

Suffocating.  Falling.  Numbness.  Nothingness.

A silence that no one hears.

(c) 2015 Carrie K. Hutchens
All Rights Reserved!
No Reproduction Without Permission

The Icy Chill

Photo by: Carrie K. Hutchens

Photo by: Carrie K. Hutchens

The icy chill of winter, clinging beyond its time, mocks and dances against the lonely night of darkness where no friendly voice speaks and no hopeful hand rests.

The chill… the darkness… the hopelessness embraces and suffocates.

Cries begging for mercy race to the heavens, as man drags still another unwilling soul into the pit of vile corruption that seeks to crush and devour.

The chill… the darkness… the hopelessness embraces and suffocates.

A hopeful challenge sings against the confusion, with no one to listen and few to remember the days when the world was not encouraged to sink into the incomprehension of utter insanity.

The chill… the darkness… the hopelessness embraces and suffocates.

Madness and rage erupt into boiling lava of confused hate and lost reason, as the masses seek to feast upon the spirit of all others not they or theirs.

The chill… the darkness… the hopelessness embraces and suffocates.

A dream, or a nightmare, there was a moment… a moment somewhere within time… a moment touched with a vague sense of humanity and good purpose.

The chill… the darkness… the hopelessness embraces and suffocates.

Where… where did those moments of a dream go?  Did they travel far or just beyond the glimpse of a horizon hidden?

Did the chill… the darkness… the hopelessness embrace and suffocate all hope of a tomorrow to be as once was? 

The answers await within the night not present.  Only in a distant tomorrow will the truth be revealed to survivors of the icy chill that dances within the darkness where no friendly voice speaks and no hopeful hand rests. 

The saved or the damned?  Only they shall know as they emerge into whatever has become.

(c) 2015 Carrie K. Hutchens
All Rights Reserved!
No Reproduction Without Permission

Obamacare Realities: Pulling things out of the horse’s rump

horse rumpI don’t just pull things out of a horse’s rump and throw it out as truth. I actually read and search and verify, unlike some of the seemingly brainwashed and vicious Obama defenders of today’s society.

Obama said, “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

That came out of Obama’s mouth. His own mouth. His own words. His own promise. I didn’t pull it out of a horse’s rump, but he must have.

Thousands upon thousands of people are getting cancellation notices. Yet, in the mist of all this, Obama Zombies (the fainting following) are swearing that if people have insurance — they won’t have to change. But they are having to change. It’s happening. It’s real. It’s all around. And it isn’t done yet.

Of course, once it is shown by a source other than Fox News that cancellations are in the high numbers, the argument becomes that the policies were lacking in quality coverage. Excuse me, it should be up to the insurance seeker and insured to decide what coverage best meets his or her particular needs and budget. People don’t need the government playing Nanny, especially when it isn’t Nanny that must cough up any and all additional costs associated with these uninvited decisions.

It doesn’t matter. Obama said repeatedly: “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

What happened to that guarantee? Would people have voted for AHC if they had known what Obama said wasn’t true?

Then we have the website issues and Amanda Marcotte saying she wants a screen shot proof or people are lying:

Yes, “she” makes an accusation and then demands others prove her wrong, rather than “her” proving her statement true. It’s not supposed to work that way, but in this flipped universe we are living in, it’s happening way too often.

Amanda says:

Well, Amanda, here’s a screen shot for you:

How Stupid Are We: Pretty Darn Stupid According to Big Government Supporters

stupidIt’s amazing how stupid “big government supporters” think everyone else is.  We are too stupid to make our own decisions about the size of soda we buy, so the government will help us.  They will deny us the 32 oz. option.  Now, that is really going to help all on its own.  Oh, never mind.  That ban is only the beginning.  With the government in control of insurance, they’ll soon be able to tell us what we can’t eat and what we must eat.  Probably tell us how many times a day to go to the bathroom, too.  And, never fear, we will probably receive instructions on the proper way to wipe the bottoms we have somehow been taking care of for years without their help.

Drink water?  What a unique idea.  I’m sure that most of us never once thought about grabbing a glass of water when thirsty.  And how about those water fountains? They aren’t just for decoration?  Well, what do you know about that.  Learn something new every day.

I have a control freak relative that will walk into the kitchen, see someone is doing the dishes and tell that person she (or he) needs to do the dishes.  It is as though the event is not real… not happening… unless “control freak” gives the order for it to be done.  Does my relative sound like anyone you know?  You know… like someone who thinks they know more about our health, health needs and coverage than we — the people who happen to be living our lives — do?

My “control freak” relative got involved where there was no need and really messed things up.  After the blunder, “control freak” walked away and left everyone else to suffer the major consequences involved.  Looks like our government is planning a likewise move.  They screw everything up for us — like cost us perfectly good insurance coverage — then, as it all falls apart, they go, “ooops” and walk away with their coverage still intact.

Many of the elite in government haven’t the slightest clue what it is like to be in our less-elite shoes, so their edg-i-ka-sion is limited to that book larning that was written by others who probably didn’t have the slightest clue either.  So, who are they to suddenly walk into our lives and tell us what to do and when to do it and how to do it, as though we hadn’t been living a life prior to their decision to decide for us?

We may not know everything about everything, but we do certainly know what we need to survive.  We know what is “affordable” in our situations, no matter what amount they decide upon.  Better yet, they talk about all these people that didn’t have insurance because of pre-existing conditions and life-time limits.  So, why didn’t they deal with those problems?  Why didn’t they find a way to get those people covered?

I’m trying not to laugh or cry.  Rather than deal with the “specific” issue at hand, the “control freaks” in government decided that they needed to tell everyone they have to have insurance — including the ones who already had insurance and didn’t need to be told to get it.  (But it wasn’t really REAL until “control freaks” told them they had to.)  And to top it all off… as the government took over to make sure everyone was covered… they caused people who already had coverage to lose it and become uncovered.   Yep!… that’s some progress and a success story to be proud of — NOT!

The government mingled where it had no business mingling and now people, who had made the good decisions for themselves and family, are in one heck of a mess.  Many have lost hours and jobs.  Many have or will be losing coverage.  Many are facing exceedingly high premiums, co-pay and deductibles.  But the government knows best, or so it thinks.

How stupid do they think we are?  Pretty darn stupid.  And just remember this conversation when they tell you that you HAVE TO eat your veggies, how to wipe and how to have sex with your spouse.  Yeah, I know you didn’t know how to do that properly either.  But… never fear… they’ll get you up to speed as soon as they get the glitches fixed in the O-care site.  In the meantime, don’t hold your bladder or your breath.

The Dark Idol of Enlightenment

demonIn anger I defy you, oh mighty thief of all good that has ever been.  You are a vile creature, who mocks and insults, for your empty vessel has nothing more to offer the moment either then or now or even yesterday.

I walk away from the ignorance of your ways, but you continue to follow and bay in tune with the idol of your thought core-center.  The noise so maddening, yet to you so sweet and pure.

The sickness flows from your programmed mouth, as your eyes flicker in dullness and a cloud of blinding obedience to the one who feeds the senses of pure hate and vile pleasure.

You suggest to live in enlightenment and I in the dark ages of old.  Yet, it is you whose fire has been extinguished with nothing left of self within or beyond.  Your spirit gone, you now exist obedient to they — the master of the flesh.  A master who knows no loyalty nor mercy.  A master who mocks and devours all who dare to call him friend.  For, he has no friends by intent… only fools who feed the beast in delightful ignorance that they, too, have an expiration date stamped upon their fate and no choices left to make.

Copyrighted ©Carrie K. Hutchens 2013 – All Rights Reserved

I thought about writing about today’s events…

redundancyI thought about writing about today’s political events, but quickly realized it would be redundant.  Anyone following the happenings of this current life-mess read it all yesterday or perhaps even several weeks ago.  Oh… yes… there are a few technicalities that might have changed, but the outcome is right back where it started.

Radical liberals are still calling other people names, while whining if they think they’ve been called one.

We have the radical liberals deciding the Confederate flag is a statement of the Tea Party, Republicans & Senator Ted Cruz attitude, but the OFA thinks it is unfair to suggest they are less than sensitive to the disabled after having a sign that says, “Tea-Tards”.  (Like we don’t get the reference to the term – retards.)

Oh, and then there are those radical liberal writers that suggest Tea Party members have all these characteristics that are quite unproven?  Does truth matter at all to the radical liberal?

But it’s all a mess.

One moment it looks like progress is being made.

Never mind.

Then there is ole Harry Reid… you know… the senator that wrongly threw out a rumor during the election year and hoped it would stick?  Harry Reid is blocking any effort the House makes to try to provide funding, yet then tries to blame the Republicans for the failure to fund?

Oh how delicious is that?

The constant is Obama with his rhetoric and wrongful descriptions as he always blames someone — anyone — except Obama!

On and on we go… where we stop… no one knows!  But stop we should!  Stop we must! It’s time to bring sanity back into government and into our lives.  After all, we really aren’t their little zombies, unless we allow ourselves to be.

Time to pay attention!

Time to use our own minds! — the ones not cluttered with irrational thoughts!

As for writing about today’s events — never mind — tomorrow is soon enough!

Oh, how deliciously ironic…

negotiate4Obama tells congressional leaders he won’t negotiate on shutdown, debt“???… oh, how deliciously ironic.  If Obama won’t negotiate on any of those things — or anything — what is he willing to negotiate on?

Things have gotten out of hand.  (Actually, they got out of hand long ago.)  There was no reason that the Democrats and the President of the United States of America could then (or now) truthfully feel their plan for health care reform was so perfect — so very perfect — so very, very perfect — because they are “all-knowing” — that a little devil’s-advocacy and balance wasn’t in order, rather than a defiant blow-off of everything and anything not-their-way.

No reason, but it happened.

Now we have tons of people losing their jobs, or at least their full-time hours, and definitely their certainty of what tomorrow brings.  No longer does the need of the worker matter — the only things that matter are the whims of Obamacare and the dear Democrats & Pals that claim to so care for the people’s well-being.

And, rather than try to explain what they were thinking and why they thought (and continue to think) they were right and meant/mean well — they start in with the name-calling (calm rhetoric) and low blows towards any who do not agree with them, not to mention those special terms …

 In recent weeks, however, Obama and his aides and Democratic allies have accused the Republican legislators of being anarchists, suicide-bombers, hostage-takers, arsonists, political terrorists, fanatics, blackmailers, and ideological crusaders.

 “What we’re not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest,” Dan Pfeiffer, Obama’s top media adviser, said in a CNN interview this week.  ~Obama: I use ‘calm’ rhetoric, unlike ‘hostage takers’  (The Daily Caller — 7:16 PM 10/02/2013)

The irony of the Obama Administration — their willingness to call names (calm rhetoric), refuse to budge and then dare to project their words and behavior on others.  So, are we to be impressed and feel more secure in Obamacare and this administration now that we know they are pretty darn good at retaliating, hitting below the belt and name-calling (calm rhetoric)?  Sure makes me want to rush out and buy me an Obamacare plan — how about you?


Pulling the Plug

plugIt is mind blogging how some people are so ready to suggest the plug should be pulled on others. What if the pluggee doesn’t want the plug pulled? Pull it anyway?

There you go. One more down. Who else can we get rid of?

The thought brings to mind a picture of an eager face with a vile grin and some drool running down the chin for good measure. “Oh look, that little old lady in Aisle 4 doesn’t have quality of life. I wouldn’t want to live that way, walking with a limp. Let’s get her. Boy, this legal murder is empowering. Look at me! I have power over life and death. Why didn’t we start doing this before now? Oh, good another one back by the frozen foods. Such a good day for plug pulling.”

Think it can’t ever happen?

Who would have thought we would ever be where we are today? Who would have thought we would be so ready to say that helpless people “aren’t in there”, and thus believe it is simply okay to starve and dehydrate them to death? Who would have thought, but that is where society has arrived at. Society is killing off the weakest without thought to those who have fallen victim to illness, injury, disability or age. It is outrageous at how cold and cruel our society has become.

It is easy to say someone has no hope, when no therapy or attempt has been made to help the person get better. It’s causing the problem and then having the problem be our supportive argument as to why not to take any positive actions.

For those who might not get what I just said, it would be like a husband taking the one and only family car and then blaming the wife for not driving to the grocery store for something he wanted while he was gone with the one and only car that prevented her from being able to drive to the store to get what he wanted while he was gone with the one and only car.

Or, how about a teacher not giving an assignment, but then blaming the class for not completing the assignment not given?

Likewise, people can’t always get better without the tools and treatment being made available to them.

They can’t wheel themselves down the hallway, if they don’t have a wheel chair to wheel.

They can’t do physical therapy if none is offered, nor anyone to tell them how.

They can’t take the necessary medications to cure their illness, if no medication is made available.

They can’t eat or drink if no food or water is provided.

They can’t look out the window if there is no window to look out of.

Simply put, people can’t get better if they aren’t allowed to get better, because all things that will (or might) make them better is denied them.

But none of this appears to matter in this day and age, when the so-called “Enlightened” seem to feel they are the anointed and have the power of a god to make life and death decisions in spite of what the person or family might want.

Listening to the arguments of many is a waste of time. They justify with issues that are irrelevant to the case at hand. I liken their arguments to:

Spot — the dog — pooped in the yard, so Spot’s owners aren’t going to feed the cat bird food.

So, one asks this person what any of that has to do with anything or even with each other, and the person might come back with the righteous question — “What? Are you trying to say that Spot didn’t poop in the yard?”

Or, maybe the response will be, “What? Are you supporting feeding the cat bird food?”

Sometimes I wonder if the irrational is to drive the rational over the edge or wear them down where they give up the fight against this madness. I don’t know, but I do know that I get tired of it and would like to put the irrational in a padded room with all their irrational statements played back to them throughout the day and night and see their reaction to their own words… their own arguments… their own enjoyment at playing these games with others.

I guess I should ask for forgiveness for wishing such on even them, but it doesn’t take away the truth that something really does need to be done to shake up this world and get it (and us) back on track. This craziness has simply gotten all too boring and quite too dangerous for all too many people.

Those who think they are gods and anointed to make choices between life and death for those who aren’t asking for their services, should be demoted to Spot’s poop scoopers and making sure the cat isn’t fed the bird food, while those who respect life — should be the ones moved into the position considered “Enlighten” and given the courtesy of a listen.

Once “non-responsive” is not necessarily forever “unresponsive”.

Unable to speak or move is not necessarily a sign that a person is gone and that the brain is dead.

Those who believe the garbage being spit out in this day and age to suggest otherwise of what I just said, should read the story of Kate Allatt, Mother-of-three left ‘locked in’ by a stroke last year WALKS down the aisle to renew her wedding vows . By Daily Mail Reporter Created 10:15 AM on 25th May 2011. It might just be an eye opener and give a person wonder of what if they were in a situation as she. Would they, too, like the opportunity to return to their life? Or, would they rather Spot eat the bird food and the cat poop in the yard while the bird makes the decision just before he goes to work to consider giving the rat still another loan to pay for his teeth so he can chew up the constitution and any good works that might have once shown us to be compassionate human beings trying to make this world a better place for all?

Pulling the plug on any, should be a something taken very serious and it has nothing to do with what Spot did in the yard today or yesterday or any day before!

It has to do with the issues at hand!

It has to do with a human life we are talking about and deciding about!

What if we are wrong?

Ask Kate Allatt and her family about the consequences of wrong and what might have been if continued!

Ask her if she rather have been unplugged or allowed to walk down the aisle to renew her wedding vows. Her answer might astonish our “enlightened”, but it certainly doesn’t astonish me or the rest of us “unenlightened”.

We know.

We just hope the realization spreads.



Pulling the Plug originally published on Dakota Voice – August 26th, 2011

Carrie Hutchens is a former law enforcement officer and a freelance writer who is active in fighting against the death culture movement and the injustices within the judicial and law enforcement systems.


Divide & Conquer: A Statement We Desperately Need to Remember

divided we fallDivide and conquer is what an organized enemy does before going in for the win.  It’s perhaps time that “we” take note of what has been happening in our world.  We have been divided and we are being defeated at every turn.  “We” meaning all of us that are not on the elite pedestal of exemption.  “We”, the ones who will be first to feel the results of this run-away train of arrogance, ignorance and lack of empathy for all but their special and chosen groups of whom — “we” are not a member, nor ever shall be.

People are stepping forward and letting it be known that they do not want ObamaCare as it now exists.  The voices are not only ignored, but to listen to the MSM, and speeches from Obama down to his lowest communication agent — the citizens are instead quite elated.  It’s those bad Republicans that are trying to do mean and dirty things.  Just who is it that is not living in reality?  Perhaps they hope we will believe it is us, rather than they.  And truthfully… if they are able to isolate us — so we can’t or won’t compare notes — they have a very real chance of creating their illusion and presenting it as authentic.  That should give one a shiver or two.

Racism does still exist today, just as sexism does.  However, it isn’t as it once was.  It isn’t the dominate trend — it is the exception.  However, there are those who stoke the fires and attempt to make everything about racism or sexism or whatever other “ism” necessary, so as to create an illusion of victimhood that can be utilized to herd the targeted person or group towards whatever belief and action is beneficial to the agitators goal. 

Sadly, too many fall for the scam and eagerly follow to whatever hate and discontent they were assigned to be a part of.  Yes, assigned to.

Can any actually believe this chaos simply happened on it’s own?

We must remember that the enemy strives to divide so they might easily conquer.

Our world, as it now is, is being driven and directed for the benefit of someone, or someones, who definitely are not looking out for the best interest of “We the People”.  Whoever these specific people are — they have proven to be masters of deception, division and defection.  Their mastery is our threat — our realization is theirs.

Divide & Conquer —  A Statement We Desperately Need to Remember!

Customer Service Being Trained to Drive the Population Mad?

stressedI’m not going to name the company in question, because, for the most part, their customer service has been quite good, but they are now driving me crazy… Crazy… CRazy… CRAzy… CRAZy… CRAZY!  Did I mention that they are driving me a bit crazy?

I was asked to contact said company to verify a text was, in fact, sent by them because there are the fake emails and texts that attempt to get people to fall into traps and taps and identity theft and all kinds of not so good things.

First question was to the effect, “Was the text from your company and did this action take place?”

It wasn’t.

Oh… never mind…

It was.

I was then asked to verify what the account holder needed to do to comply with the changes involved.  That is when the total ride of crazy went from bad to badder to worse to, “Oh, please, dear God, let me off of this ride of maddening madness.”

I was given answers to questions I never asked.

When a “yes” or “no” answer would have been the perfect one — added (and unresponsive) information was included that muddied up the water still again.

Some of the responses seemed to include a third step, while others sounded like it was a mere two-stepper.  I was trying to clarify whether we did have a two- sie or a three-sie and if we had the latter — how did we do the extra three-sie step?

One response was to say something to the effect of doing that questionable step, which includes… (the other two thingies I was asking about).

“Which includes…” ????  Use of the term “which includes” means the person was — whether they meant to or not — saying there were three steps and still without explaining how that one step could be done.

I said I was done.  They weren’t.  I received still another email (today) providing unnecessary and unrequested directions.  The actual question and its answer? Well, they are apparently floating around somewhere out there in the Twilight Zone, as I prepare to take a padded cell vacation from the customer service experience from Hades!

I’d be embarrassed if…

embarrassedI’d be quite embarrassed if I woke up one morning and realized that what I thought and was thinking and believed was actually what someone else decided I should be thinking and believing.

I’d be quite embarrassed if I couldn’t think rationally or detect truth from fiction though the evidence was right in front of me and left no room for doubt.

I’d be embarrassed if I couldn’t think for myself or employ the concept of simple problem solving that didn’t involve possible plans for government takeover of even replacing the toilet paper in private bathrooms.

I’d be quite embarrassed if I couldn’t review information and give it a chance to be what it is, rather than what I perceived it to be due to being programmed to think as “one” with all other “thought clones“.

Yes, I would be embarrassed if I woke up one morning and found myself to have been indoctrinated into believing the propaganda of the liars.

Yet, I watch all these people on televison and the internet proudly following the lies as though the lies are the gospel truth.  And then… and then… they — the “thought clones” — have the gall to call others (who don’t blindly follow & still use their own brains) stupid and idiots and racists and intolerant and haters and whatever other bully-like term they can think of (or is thought of for them and sent via the talking points memo).

Yes, I’d be totally embarrassed if I gave up reality and my ability to process thoughts and information.

Maybe there is a good reason why I would be embarrassed and the “thought clones” aren’t.  Maybe it’s because I can still see and respond to reality, while they gave it up for progressivism and the fulfillment of the Animal Farm and 1984 prophecy!


madness b 030113Madness looks into my eyes and speaks with drooling words of pure deceit.  It thinks I shan’t know or notice?  Does it suppose that once it utters its blatant lies that they shall somehow become the ultimate truth to touch reality now and in all tomorrows to be?

Oh, to wonder what it thinks is to chase the empty shadows of the night.  There is no reason within the thoughts to grasp or to hold, nor to define as any sense of sanity possessed.

Oh yes, madness tells me I did all that I did not and that I said all that never touched my lips or even my silent thoughts.  It does say though whatever it will and demands that I willingly agree.  All must be my fault, after all, for it is the god of all that is enlightenment that says such to be so, and I am only one that travels in servitude through their world of the elite privilege and dominate control.

I am no one in the eyes of the self-appointed enlightened, who writes and rewrites history and the claims of a truth to fit whatever is to its benefit at any given moment.

Madness shakes in uncontrollable response, as I dare to refuse its lies and deceit to become mine or to shade anything I have done or said.  It calls out that I must… I must… I must agree to its claims and do as it bids for “it is the right thing to do”.

As the drool slides down its distorted face of madness, I smile.  I turn.  I walk away.  I leave it in the darkness of the night to chase the shadows of nothingness that it has become.  I leave it there to destroy itself, as I walk into the rewards of truth that shines upon the day and the world that is mine and perhaps yours as well.

Copyrighted by Carrie K. Hutchens 2013

A Future World Remembered

Atlanta-burns-jpgSome believe the morning sun hides somewhere behind the iron walls of a future world many thought never to be, but none know for sure. It, too, perhaps was destroyed in those days of madness and banned from existence as so many things became outlawed and demonized for the profit of the few. The few who thought they had the answers to all things and blessed with the ability to lift their vile lives to the royalty of the gods.

The moments of the elite scorched the earth and danced in joy, as it watched the masses withered into a broken people struggling desperately to survive one moment to the next. And then it was over.

An army of the faithful fools, who had given the elite their death blow of wealth and power, rose up from the devastation they had blindly carried out and demanded their due. The elite laughed. Did any truly believe their deceitful word to be true and meant?

The laughter was swiftly silenced, as the army of revenge lashed out to crush the ruling ones. Some died in agony, while others fled to face a slow death of their own creation. For in those last moments, locked from their hoards of abundance, they, too, faced the man-made scarcity of necessities they had imposed upon their unwilling subjects. And, as their cries of utter torment reached into the moment of defeat, there was no mercy to embrace or to ease. It was for them what they had so excitedly bestowed upon those restricted from the celebrity of the self-proclaimed enlightenment.

There was no true delight, except by those whose hearts dined on the fruits of revenge, for as the last cry echoed against the walls of deceit and ignorance, the knowledge that only a few might survive was the only thing left abundant. Time was little. Hope was none. There was no sun shining to bid a new day. No sun to scare away the demons and the hopelessness of reality remembered. No sun to cast a shadow to hide the hideous knowledge sucking the life from all.

It could have been different. The madness could have been stopped. If only it had been, before it was too late.

Copyrighted 2012 & 2013 & 2014 Carrie K. Hutchens
All Rights Reserved