Black Sheriff: Ferguson Desecrates The Legacy Of Martin Luther King

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke is challenging the radicalized Democrat Party to tolerate, rather than to destroy, dissenting local leaders.

The hard left and Michael Bloomberg want this strong black voice “taken out,” as he describes it in this two part video interview with The Daily Caller. Yet, he recently won his fourth term for sheriff in a liberal Democrat country, winning with higher percentages each time his name has been on the ballot.

With his unique views, this 36-year law enforcement professional has been dubbed “The People’s Sheriff.”

Clarke starts out this video interview by condemning those who would elevate the death of Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin, “people engaged in criminal behavior,” as icons of a new civil rights movement. He says this would “desecrate the legacy of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

“None of these people deserved to have been killed, but they were co-conspirators in their own demise.”

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Black Sheriff: Ferguson Desecrates The Legacy Of Martin Luther King

Common Sense vs The Now Common Behavior

holderIt appears that the Holder Fast & Furious contempt case remains on hold, as everyone waits on a judge’s ruling.

So does that mean that Holder is on leave pending the outcome?


If a cashier was caught stealing from his boss, would the boss leave him at the cash register, until a judge ruled on his guilt or innocence?

If a nurse was caught harming patients, would the supervisor keep scheduling the accused to work shifts caring for patients, while waiting on a judge to rule?

If a fast food employee was caught poisoning food, would the boss keep him preparing and serving food, while waiting on a judge to make a decision?

If a police officer was caught stopping cars and robbing the drivers, would the Police Chief keep the officer on traffic duty, as a judge ponders a decision?

If a prosecutor was caught doctoring evidence, would he be allowed to handle cases, while waiting on a judge to rule on his?

Then why is Eric Holder acting as Attorney General and making decisions on who will and won’t be prosecuted for whatever his heart desires, while someone waits on a judge to rule?

Does this then mean that the boss, knowing what Holder has been caught doing, is complicit or is it short-sightedness?  Either way, there is a question we all should ask and ponder upon…

Where is the common sense in this now common behavior?  Do we simply accept that there is none and go on about our business?

What do you think?

Embarrassed Yet: The People Want to Know

eagle blueWell, Congress, many things have been left up to you as representatives of “We the People”.  Sadly, many of you did it your way in spite of all the outcries and questions that loomed right in front of you.  The people weren’t smart enough.  The people weren’t aware of all the facts.  The people were over-reacting.  The politics and political careers out-weighed any of the bad stuff the people might be enduring.  And that is only a portion of it all and many of you know it. 

It is to the many of you that I address this…

You are in Washington, DC and you didn’t know (or believe) the IRS was targeting the Tea Party or Christian groups?

You didn’t know about the New Black Panthers intimidating voters and that it was ignored?

You didn’t have a clue about Fast & Furious?

You didn’t know that video line was a hoax, when an excuse was thrown out there for the Benghazi attack and the failure to act?

You didn’t know about the spying on journalists?

You didn’t know about problems with NSA, until Snowden announced it to the world?

You didn’t know that Holder was held in contempt?

You didn’t know the president wrongly inserted himself into the Professor Gates & Trayvon Martin cases, stirring racial tension?

You didn’t know that no one was allowed to disagree with the president or his administration least they be called racist?

You didn’t know that Sandy Hook — a tragedy — was utilized for political gain and an attempt to gun grab?

You didn’t know that people were bragging about having voted more than once?

You didn’t know that Henry Reid campaigned against Romney with an untruth when he claimed the candidate hadn’t paid taxes?

Where were you that you didn’t know these and other things that happened on your watch?

The world has been watching.

The world has been paying attention.

The world has been wondering at your lack of integrity and backbone.

Are you embarrassed yet?

You should be!