Impromptu lunch with a police officer turns into a fast friendship for 3 brothers

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — It started with a lunch trip to Chick-Fil-A and ended with an unlikely friendship. You might’ve seen a picture floating around Facebook or Twitter of an Independence police officer spending his lunch break with three boys.

Not only has the picture gone viral, much more has developed beyond the lens. Officer Lewis Logan has an important task. He has three tiny people he needs to question.

“Hi. Hi. How are you?” Officer Logan asked.

“Hi Officer Logan,” four-year-old Finley Leiboult said.

Before this week, officer Logan had never met the Leiboult boys.

But now…

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Impromptu lunch with a police officer turns into a fast friendship for 3 brothers

Cross country runner carries injured competitor across finish line


DEVILS LAKE, ND (WDAY/CNN) – Every once in a while in sports the results don’t matter.

Hundreds of cross country runners were in Minnesota for a race, but the winner from the event was someone who didn’t even place, but instead showed compassion for a fellow runner.

Devils Lake senior Melanie Bailey carried an injured and distraught Danielle Lenoue, who runs for Fargo South, across the finish line at the EDC cross country meet at Ponderosa Golf Course near Glyndon.

“I was past the 2-mile mark, I was right around the corner from the finish line,” Lenoue said. “It happened instantly, like I was just running along and felt like a little pop in my knee and down I went. It was that fast.”

Lenoue’s left knee buckled during the race and she injured her patellar tendon.

“Just sobbing and everything, so I just started walking and I stopped cause I couldn’t go any farther and all of a sudden this girl comes up and she grabs my arm and she said ‘here, come on.’” Lenoue said. “And we just started walking and couldn’t walk at all. And she was just like ‘this isn’t working’ and so she said ‘here hop on my back.’ And she bent down, picked me up. She’s like half my size.”

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