New hope for motel kids

moving kids from motel 1Just blocks from “The Happiest Place on Earth,” in one of the richest counties in America, Demond, Ashley, and their four kids have been living in a cramped, run-down motel room for a year and a half. Between the six of them, they share one bed and one small couch. Surprisingly, they aren’t welfare cases; Demond and Ashley both work full-time at Walmart. But like thousands of other families in Orange County alone, they struggle to save enough to pay the first-month/last-month/security deposit that landlords require. And so they’re stuck.

“It eats up all your money so you can’t afford to move,” says Ashley, “Even if you could afford an apartment of your own, with kids, and the rent, you can’t save any money to do anything except stay here.” To compound the problem, Ashley’s mom had an eviction when Ashley was living with her – a fact that shows up on Ashley’s credit history. So Demond and Ashley pay $1300 a month for the dubious privilege of living in a single motel room where the kids aren’t even allowed by the management to play in the parking lot. For Christmas, they’d like nothing more than to get out of the motel and into a stable home.  (Continue Reading)

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New hope for motel kids

Voiding the Land of the Void

United States FlagOnce upon a time, in the Land of Void, there were men and women, who wished to serve their country with honor and integrity. These few, among so many others, had this vision of a life with liberty and freedom and a true chance at the American Dream as once had been before PC became the rule of the land and tolerance a requirement, rather than something freely given. It was, oh such a glorious vision to behold.

Sadly, these men and women found a reaction opposite of what should be. They often found their opponents to be vicious and cruel. Truth was treated as the evil. Facts were merely something to toy with and twist into whatever message fit the moment and the audience at hand. Money flowed freely to those reverbers of deceit and used to drown out any message that revealed the dishonesty of their words and plot to take over and control all not considered of the self-appointed elite.

It was a time of fear and distrust. A time of proclaimed victimhood and loss of self and reason. A time when dividing was the intent, though the words were said oh so differently in charade. A time when slavery was considered the reward, by those who did not grasp that is what they were walking into under the guise of a gift… a gift of “alleged free” government support with all the free that really isn’t free.

Oh yes… it was a time in the Land of Void, where principles were considered vices and disagreement claimed to be intolerance. A time where liberty was shoved away as a skeleton in our closet. It was a time called now. It is a time that many thought would never be. Yet, here stand our men and women of integrity being treated as the evil and the evil as the good.

How long shall we stand in the void of deceit and sink into its vile embrace? How long before we see and hear and return to the land of liberty and a hope of tomorrow? How long before we free ourselves from the suffocating grasp of a deceit well-planned? How long before the Land of Void is voided and we return to all that we were meant to be — a land of the free and the brave — a land of true hope & dreams of a better tomorrow! A land called the United States of America!