The Dictators of Non-Compassion: Gary Harvey Case and the Unexpected Twist

Moving forward in the Gary Harvey case to still another holiday…

The Dictators of Non-Compassion: Gary Harvey Case and the Unexpected Twist

Sara & Gary Harvey

Sara & Gary Harvey

How long has it been since Gary Harvey fell down those basement stairs? Some days it seems as though it was only yesterday, but it wasn’t. It was January 21, 2006. It has been nearly seven years and little has changed, since the county took over and began their reign of merciless dictatorship.

Oh, Gary & Sara Harvey have gotten seven years older and he is no longer in the nursing home, but a ward connected to St. Joseph Hospital. Only his location has changed, as the desperate and uncalled for battle goes on with the power hungry feeding upon, demeaning, and controlling this husband and wife.

On December 10, 2010, I wrote:

Amazing! I can actually recycle my article as if it was current and remaining accurate. How often does that happen?

Here it is the holiday season of 2010 and Sara Harvey gets a letter from Bryan Maggs, Chemung County Attorney, stating that her visitations with Gary are suspended immediately. Isn’€™t that the same gift they offered last year? I’€™m so impressed with the repeat gift and the timing –” NOT! ( Wife’€™s Visitation in Jeopardy: The Recycling of Gary Harvey’€™s Holiday Restrictions)

Would anyone be surprised to learn that Sara didn’t get to visit Gary on Christmas Day 2012?

It isn’t often that one can continue to recycle articles and pretty much be assured that there is going to be some excuse… some mistake… some problem raising it’s ugly little head and taking away anything that could be considered special for Gary and Sara, especially during this special holiday season. It isn’t often, unless the articles happen to involve Gary and Sara Harvey, Chemung County and St. Joseph Hospital.

Anyone see a pattern?

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No Commandeering Invited or Allowed

hackerThe article, Why Does My “Invisible Friend” Bother You So Much, has resulted in a touch of frustration, entertainment of the day, and pure validation.  Yes, validation.  Validation of what so many of us have come to see as the new reality people are attempting to impose upon the masses.  To suggest many of us are tired of it, is the understatement of the century.  It’s old.  It’s used up.  It’s a game no longer selling with ease, as the boycott membership swiftly grows.

Why Does My “Invisible Friend” Bother You So Much was dealing with the need of SOME to get rid of anything and everything that suggests Christianity, while either supporting, or ignoring, rude & lewd behavior in public (possibly in front of children).  And, let’s not forget the Mosque/Islamic “exception” and demand for tolerance not afforded the Christian churches, though they (the Muslims), too, have an “Invisible Friend”.

Rather than deal with the topic at hand, the reaction was an attempt to slide the discussion elsewhere and totally away from the point.

I did not ask why people didn’t simply believe in God.  I asked why it bothered them so much that they had to remove any sign of my “Invisible Friend” from view, while demanding tolerance for the Muslims and their “Invisible Friend”?  What did (and do) they fear that they can’t simply let Christian believers believe?  What did (do) they fear that made, and makes, it necessary to demand removal and exclusion of anything thing that resembles Christianity, while often promoting (with a passion) anything that is non-Christian or blatantly against Christianity?

A person tried to get into a conversation about the wrongful things that happened in the guise of Christianity, but… that wasn’t the topic.

I kept trying to remind the person what the topic was.  It was useless.

It was suggested that I am delusional.  I was asked if I was stupid.  Well, most readers know the drill and how the conversation went – ‘cause it was like they always go.  It was also suggested that I made it all up.  Straw man illusion, if you will.  No one was actually trying to take away anything and everything that might suggest a Christian theme.  So, I presented an article dealing with a Christmas tree ban.

Needless to say, but I will…

The person, at times throughout the conversation, responded by repeating a particularly offensive word over and over.  (Now there’s an intelligent argument.)

Likewise, the person said that I had failed to address all that he/she presented about Christianity, but I had dared to bring up a Christmas tree ban.  Then there was the laughing and so forth as he attempted to mock me.  EXCEPT… things such as a Christmas tree ban was the major point of the particular article.  Yes, In regard to the article, Why Does My “Invisible Friend” Bother You So Much — Christmas tree banning was quite relevant to the issue presented.

Straw man illusion?  Wouldn’t that apply to someone pretending to be rational, while trying to commandeer a discussion and ignoring the actual question presented?  And yes… wouldn’t that apply to that same someone who was suggesting no one is trying to remove signs of Christianity except maybe from schools?  Oh, and wouldn’t that apply to that same person who was trying to tell me the point of the article?  You know, the article I personally thought up and wrote all on my own without his input or guidance?  (Somehow, I think I am the most qualified to know what point I was trying to make.  Whether I made it or not, is an entirely different issue.)

My question again with the examples spelled out for the little mocker types, who deny even the obvious when it doesn’t fit their agenda…

Why Does My “Invisible Friend” Bother You So Much that there is a problem with having a Christmas tree or saying something so simple as, “Merry Christmas”?  What is it that is feared?  What is it that you fear — that makes all these things so dangerous to you that you can’t just let them be?  Why is it necessary to remove and destroy anything you feel is even remotely related to my “Invisible Friend”, while promoting tolerance for the Muslims or the rude and the lewd?

That is the question.  No commandeering invited or allowed.