‘This Is Wrong!’ Megyn Takes on Richard Fowler Over Reid’s Romney Tax Claim

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‘This Is Wrong!’ Megyn Takes on Richard Fowler Over Reid’s Romney Tax Claim


“I just think it’s politics at its finest,” Fowler said, arguing that it’s the job of politicians to evade the truth.



They believed Obama’s truth but not Romney’s truth? 

Excuse me, Mr. Fowler!  A lie is not someone’s truth. 

It is a lie!

It remains a lie no matter how many times someone claims it to be the truth.


Dear Fellow Citizens:

Do YOU believe that “lying” is politics at its finest?

Do you believe the best liar should win?

It’s Crazy: It’s Politics

The insanity of politics is oozing out of the pours of so many that I don’t blame little Abby Evans for suffering frustration over Obama and Romney domination of the air waves.

We hear and read reports that we know are outright lies or at least distortions, yet we can’t do anything about it.  Think CNN or MSNBC is going to let us rush onset and show them the truth and demand they report it?  No, they certainly aren’t.

Perhaps more annoying is that the hosts seem to think it is just natural and fine for them to do commentaries promoting their side and expecting us to take it as NEWS — objective news.  I think they think we are all too stupid and that it is okay to spoon feed us propaganda because they know best.  You knew that, didn’t you?

Have we forgotten MSNBC thinking it was just fine for Al Sharpton to jump into the Trayvon Martin case and demonizing George Zimmerman before the investigation was even complete?  Anyone else notice how Sharpton went a bit silent after it was discovered that Zimmerman is not a “white” Hispanic (whatever that is supposed to mean), but actually most likely less white than the president?

Politics.  Politics and the screaming of discrimination that doesn’t exist to stir the people and get them to rally for whatever the cause.  Like… like… Sandra Fluke.  Oh, poor women who desperately need contraceptives or it shall be 1950 all over again.  The madness.  The distortions.  The lies.

It boggles the mind.

With my own ears, I heard Obama basically call Romney a liar over his car bankruptcy opinion.  However, it was readily proven that Romney was in fact telling the truth.  Did that stop Obama from repeating something not true?  Nope!  He immediately went out on the campaign trail and kept saying it over and over and over again.  Knowing what he was saying was not true means one thing — Obama was intentionally lying to try to gain vote.

Some will say that all politicians lie.  That’s no excuse.  They shouldn’t lie.  They shouldn’t be allowed to lie.  Maybe it is time to stop giving a free ride in politics and to the politicians who are supposed to be representing us with truth and integrity.  It’s our choice.

We can make changes in the behavior of our news media and politicians.  All we have to do is refuse to accept the inappropriate behavior and demand truth in reporting, campaigning and representation.  If they don’t honor our demands, the media loses viewers (therefore advertisers) and the politicians don’t win the elections.  It’s actually quite simple.  We just need to make the choice.

Until we demand better, it will go on as is.  It will be crazy.  It will be politics as usual.

Abby Evans is demanding better.  I’m with her.

Teacher Missed History Class: Compares Romney/Ryan to KKK

Surprise!  Surprise!  Teacher is confused or missed required history classes in her pursuit of a teaching degree and compares Romney/Ryan to KKK?  Or, perhaps it is just a sign of the times.  Radical Islam to be tolerated.  Christianity not so much so.  Koran good.  Bible bad.  Liberalism = perfectionalism.  Conservatism = acceptable focus of insult & intolerance.

According to Lee Brodie’s article, “Teacher Ridicules Student for Romney T-Shirt” (CNBC – Yahoo.com):

Many Republicans can’t help but wonder if a student wearing a pro-Obama T-Shirt in a Philadelphia school would have been subject to the kind of humiliation that Samantha Pawlucy was forced to endure.
The 16-year old sophomore, who attends Charles Carroll High School, told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, that she was humiliated by a teacher for wearing a T-shirt in support of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

She said the teacher compared her to the worst racists in history — the Ku Klux Klan.

How ridiculous is this?

The KKK was not founded by the conservatives.  It is a product of the Democrats.  Yes, the Democrats — the very same people that fought civil rights and provided and fought for the murder of thousands of babies from the Black community via Planned Parenthood.  So, where did this confused teacher get the idea that a Romney/Ryan t-shirt is equal to the Ku Klux Klan?

Where oh where does any liberal idea come from?  Nobody knows.  It was just there one day and becomes fact, even if it isn’t and no matter how many history classes confirm the error of thought.

Yes, indeed, it appears this teacher must have missed history classes and went to the “Blame Bush” class instead, where transference becomes a virtue as long as that transference is being placed upon the Conservative or anything not considered PC that day.

Obama Could Win In Spite of Lies?

It’s amazing to read all the articles suggesting that Obama has a steady lead over Romney, has momentum and could actually win the election.  Hey folks, did you all forget Obama & Playmates lied about Libya?  That’s pretty important stuff there.  And that doesn’t even include the fact that no one has explained to the American people or to the Stevens’ family, why the Ambassador didn’t have extra security on September 11th.  Someone dropped the ball.  Who is it again that is in charge of present decisions?  That would be Obama and his administration, would it not?  Or, did Bush somehow sneak in again and call the shots when the O & Pals weren’t looking?

Obama & Playmates lied about Libya.  That has been proven.  The Obama administration is reported to have known within 24 hours that the attack on the embassy was, in fact, a terrorist attack, yet they kept claiming it was a spontaneous reaction to an unknown movie.

Obama & Playmates lied about the Joe Soptic case with the ad that implied that Romney was responsible for the man’s wife dying.  Have people already forgotten Obama’s Pals saying they had nothing to do with Soptic and didn’t know the circumstances?  That was proven to be a lie.  Obama Pal Stephanie Cutter knew all about Joe Soptic and she got caught lying.  Didn’t stop her from continuing to make smiling, cutesy television appearances.

It was implied by Cutter that Romney may have committed a felony.  Obama’s people tried to say they didn’t say that.  Really?  I guess the American people who actually heard and read the accusation are to be considered delusional by the Obama administration.  Or, perhaps Obama & Playmates are just hoping to get the idea into people’s minds and pretend the claim of innocence that it didn’t come from them.  “We didn’t say that.  Believe us — not your own eyes & ears.”

These are only two instances where lies were implied by Obama’s Playmate Stephanie Cutter and both found to be what they were… an attempt to suggest wrong-doing on the part of Mitt Romney that didn’t exist.  That’s bad enough.  That’s wrong.  That shows that Obama & Playmates have no hesitation in lying to the public.  And, for any who wish to claim that is just politics — what about Libya?  What about the death of Ambassador Stevens and the other three men?  Is that just politics as well?

Obama didn’t provide proper security for our people on the anniversary of September 11th.  He then lied about the attack.  He had his Pals out there lying about it.  He lied some more about it.  So what else is he lying about?

Obama & Playmates obviously have difficulty with the truth.  But then one must also wonder if they were so busy with the campaign (and making up convenient “implies”) that they slacked-off on their actual jobs, allowing four men to be brutally killed.  Or, are they simply that inept in the positions they hold?  Whatever the problem — there is definitely a problem — Obama can so “in-our-face” lie and still have a chance to win?  Something is wrong with that picture.  Did someone put the film in backwards or are voters simply “that” gullible that they don’t get it when they have been had?  Then again… maybe it is just the mainstream media fooling with us?

Politics & Dirty Spins: The Obama Campaign

Campaigns should be a method by which we learn who the candidates are, their beliefs and proposed plans should he or she be elected to office.  What it shouldn’t be is dirty tricks and spins that distort the issues and positions, simply because a campaign has good lying spinners on its team.  After all, when one spins a comment into appearing to say something never intended — they are in fact intentionally lying.

After watching the dirty campaign presented by Obama and his playmates, I would never in my wildest dreams vote for him and find it quite surprising that others aren’t as offended as I am by the pride his staff and some supports takes in “spinning” the facts into something that can hardly be recognized after they get done with them.  Who can lie and distort best, isn’t what we should base our votes on.  However, some call it good politics.  I call it what it truly is — a disgrace!

Will the election be won by propaganda experts, tainted politics and dirty spins?  I don’t know how it will turn out, but I do know that when I go to the polls on November 6th, I intend to vote for integrity!

Surprise: Obama & Carney, Romney isn’t president yet

Romney is a presidential candidate.  You see, he hasn’t yet made it to president-hood.  He was apparently discussing campaigning strategy during that secretly filmed fundraising event, not what American people he would represent as President of the United States of America.  Don’t tell me that Obama & his personnel haven’t likewise had such discussion.  The difference is that no one secretly filmed it and then put it out there.

It would be so hilarious, if it weren’t so pathetic and Animal Farm/1984ish, as they attempt to tell us a different story than what has been and once upon a time documented.

Obama, according to Carney, wouldn’t ignore any group of people, because as president he represents them all.  Carney might want to tell that to the Black preachers who feel Obama is ignoring the Blacks.  Or, perhaps he would like to tell those who see Obama ignoring the white working class.  Maybe he would even like to tell that to the Christians that feel Obama only cares about their vote — not their religious freedom.  Yeah, he might want to do that, but he won’t.  Instead, he will probably pretend none of that (or the articles) exists, but they do anyway.

I hate to break it to Obama and Carney, but Romney isn’t the president.  He is still campaigning — not acting as president and not representing the people as the president yet.  But… give him time.

Romney Caught Talking: Media Pounces

The hidden camera scheme seems to be getting coverage and trying to make Romney the bad guy for saying that a percentage of Americans don’t pay taxes and that some feel they deserve assistance.  It appears to me that Mitt Romney was saying that he could not worry about a certain segment of these voters, because they would lean towards Obama and his government assistance programs, regardless of what he (Romney) says or does.  What is the big deal about that?

It is amazing what people will pounce on and try to make a big bad deal of when there is actually nothing to it in the first place.  This is one of those cases.  This is where the audience should be going, “So?  What’s your point?”

I woke up to a whiny voice going on and on about how Romney doesn’t care about these people.  Oh, let’s insert our opinions in there and decide what he does or doesn’t care about.  Why bother saying it appears he doesn’t care?  Let’s make sure we say it as fact.  After all, there are people that won’t stop to think that we can’t possibly know what Romney is thinking, unless he tells us or by some action shows us.  Thus far, he has done neither.  He has merely said that he can’t worry about these voters, because they will stand by Obama and his government projects.

When the media is forever talking about campaign strategy, we don’t get that the candidates sometimes need to pick and choose the voters they will focus on?  Obviously, when there is limited time, it wouldn’t make much sense to focus on a group that most likely can’t be swayed for whatever the reason.  In this case, Romney apparently felt he couldn’t sway a certain segment of Obama’s following and said so.

I say again …

What’s the big deal about that?

Betrayal: The Slants to Buy Obama Votes

I just watched Obama’s ad called, “Dangerous – Obama for America TV Ad” where a woman says, in part, “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would get rid of Planned Parenthood funding. And allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. Both backed proposals to outlaw abortions…even in cases of rape and incest.”

Does she feel no shame?  Or, is it that she is brainwashed to such an extent that she really believes this pile of “slant the truth” to make an untruth and upset the voters?

Let’s throw in cancer.  Rosanne Barr did as well.  She said she hoped people that ate at Chick-fil-A got cancer, after the owner dared… just dared… to say he believed in traditional marriage.  (You know… that law which remains the law in the majority of the states?)   Oh yeah, cancer is a good scare tactic and wishing it on someone is a horrendous thing to do.  But hey… look who is using it to try to sway opinion their way.

On the other hand, so what if there’s a chance Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would/will succeed in defunding Planned Parenthood on the federal level?  Planned Parenthood has other sources of income.  They just wouldn’t get as much “easy” money that they haven’t truly earned.  Boo hoo.

Contraceptives are available.  No one is trying to take them away.  However, the lib side does appear to be trying to take away freedom of religion per a mandate that isn’t even necessary.

Basic health care?  Lady in the ad, no one is trying to take away basic health care for women.  That is a campaign illusion.  You are an illusion.  Your worry is an illusion.  You have betrayed women… you have betrayed the truth… as you took, and continue to take, part in slants to buy Obama votes.

Is the betrayal worth whatever you were promised?

The Joke of the Polls: Either Romney or Obama in the Lead Today

There was a time that I took polls seriously, but that time has long since passed.  Now they have become a form of entertainment and a tool to evaluate the legitimacy of the MSM (mainstream media) and level of propaganda being spouted for the day.  Actually, many polls and the use of them remind me of soap operas and the ongoing saga meant to dramatize and fictionalize, with little resemblance to reality.

I’ve seen polls that had people way out ahead and unbeatable, only for those to be beaten badly.  One clear memorable example of “Ooops Polling Results” happened in reference to New Hampshire.  Obama was predicted to be the clear winner — Hillary Clinton won instead.

Let’s also not forget that at one point, Hillary Clinton was considered the unbeatable candidate to get the DNC nomination.  That changed rather quickly, did it not?

The election polls, for example, to have the slightest chance of accuracy and non-bias sampling, would need to have untainted questions by an untainted questioner or source.  There would also need to be an equal sampling from among all the various groups that will (would) affect the election results.  (More questioned in any specific group than any other, would undoubtedly taint the results.)

The delicate nature of obtaining  true and accurate poll results should leave us all with a major question to ask ourselves and others.  How can polls be taken as gospel, when so many variables are at play?  Yet, often they are.  And some people, wanting to be on the winning side, will go with the candidate who appears to be the favorite of everyone else and for no other reason.   The MSM knows that and I believe they use it to try and sell the candidate of their choice.  I, for one, will have none of that.

The MSM may not realize it yet, but people have taken note of them not vetting Obama or doing serious investigative reporting when the     answers might make him look less than the all-perfect one.  Yes, it is quite obvious who many in the MSM are pushing to be the winner on     November 6th.  Some of them are the same people who are giving us poll numbers that seem to support their favorite candidate.

Yes, there was a time I took polls seriously.  There was a time that I had respect for the MSM and thought they were trying to be objective and careful to present only facts.  Now I see obvious propaganda spilled onto the airwaves and watch as some of these people pretend to be reporters and journalists.  And to this I have to say     — If I wanted to watch a soap opera and the daily polling saga that bounces between Romney and Obama at any given time, I would have turned the channel to one of the soaps in the first place.

One thing I know for sure about tomorrow — Romney or Obama will be in the lead and someone will be telling us so.