“…you do not, have not & will not ever speak for me…” – Antonia Okafor


The Birthing of Crazy Ideas & Misinformation

David GuthAfter the September Navy Yard shooting in DC that killed thirteen people, University of Kansas journalism professor (or associate professor), David Guth, posted the following comment on Twitter:

“The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you.”

Guth was put on administrative leave.

In the following days, I read that some of the staff from UK was defending Guth’s freedom of speech, though they didn’t necessarily agree with what he said.  I likewise agree on the concept of freedom of speech.  However, along with it — he also has the right and obligation to take the responsibility and consequences that come along with saying something so blatantly inappropriate.

Today, I learned that Guth would not be returning this semester and is scheduled for a leave in Spring of 2014.  I shed no tears.  Remember that this was a man teaching “journalism”.  The field that is supposed to investigate and report the truth to readers and viewers.  Yet, this man is blaming the NRA for what happened in the Navy Yard?  Apparently truth and accuracy passed over his head, in his bias against this particular organization.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) neither promotes nor defends gun violence.  So why they are being held accountable whenever a shooting occurs, I have no idea.  Well, maybe I do.  It’s most likely an attempt to turn the nation on them and diminish their influence in the battle of more gun control vs enforcing the laws already in existence.  It’s also possible that people aren’t paying attention and just coming up with crazy ideas from misinformation.  It doesn’t matter.

For a teacher, especially of journalism, to blame an organization that was no way involved in the tragic shooting that cost the lives of 13 people, is bad enough.  (So much for gathering the inconvenient little things called facts.)  But to then wish their children to be the ones killed next?  That’s way over the line and past inappropriate.

Shame on the NRA?  No, Mr. Guth — shame on you!  It’s the vile and cruel attitudes such as you presented that create hatred and intolerance.  It’s your type of attitude that gives birth to the crazy idea that it is okay to provide misinformation and say whatever — when dealing with a person, place, thing or concept not agreed with.  It leads to propaganda — not journalism.  It is hatred and cruelty all bundled up in supposed indignation to indoctrinate and create a generation of zombies.

The NRA did not influence the Navy Yard shootings, but attitudes and words such as Mr. Guth’s might have.

People have lost their minds…

mid section view of a woman cutting vegetablesExactly when has the NRA ever promoted gun violence?  (I’m asking for proven incidents, not something made up in the minds of people, who want to get rid of all guns, except those used to protect them.)  Never!

It seems that some people have this intense need to get rid of guns, because guns have been “used” by “some” people to kill or harm.  Though knives have also been “used” by “some” to kill and harm, I haven’t seen the wild and crazy anti-gun fanatics attempt to get rid of their set of pocket or kitchens knives.  They definitely don’t speak ill of the info-commercial hosts and accuse them of promoting violence — yet…  yet… look at all the people who die via being stabbed to death.

Interesting would be to see (in these “over-reacting schools & other public spaces”)…

If a person walked in with a NRA shirt promoting “hunting” (the obtaining of food) and another person walked in with a T-shirt promoting kitchens knives (companies) for preparing food obtained — who would be the most likely to get called out for a so-called and unacceptable “violent message”? I don’t think we have to suppose too much.

Too many people seem to have lost their common sense gene and minds!

“People” are responsible for their actions, not the “object” they utilize to carry that act out.  And just because there are people who happen to use guns for their acts of violence, doesn’t mean that the NRA (law-abiding citizens) had a single thing to do with it or has ever once promoted or condoned such behavior by anyone.

To blame the NRA for misuse of weapons by people, who aren’t even members, means that anyone selling or using kitchen knives are likewise responsible for any and all use of kitchen knives and they too should be held accountable for wrongful  use of them.

People have indeed lost their common sense and their minds!  It’s proven every day!

How dare you own a knife!  Are you promoting violence?  After all, it is someone’s weapon of choice.