The White House & Congress: The Home of Court Jesters

court jester and puppetHave the White House and radical liberals of congress begun to believe their own propaganda media?  They certainly don’t seem to have the slightest clue what the ACTUALLY INFORMED PUBLIC is thinking and how they are responding to this childish and unnecessary behavior.  Maybe someone should tell them that the public, beyond their cult, isn’t sympathetic to their message?

The attack on Veterans has outraged Americans — not endeared the president and his followers to the People!

Perhaps the president doesn’t care.  He is after all “The One They All Have Been Waiting For”, is he not?

Whatever is going through the minds of this administration and radical liberals of congress, the People are paying attention and the lapdog media reps are NOT portraying the reaction as it truly is.  This administration and the radical liberals may have some people on their side at this point, but I’m betting many more will desert once they get a good look at their insurance options.  Then… they, too, will have a chance to feel they were deceived and mocked just like those they use to mock.

The White House and Congress seem to have become the home of the court jesters, who spend their time fooling the public into thinking they truly care.  And, dare a representative or a senator actually be concerned and want to work for the People — he or she or they can be assured to be labeled something not pleasant.  Perhaps even to be called one of the “Tea-Tards”, which we all know is likening Tea Party members to retards.  (You know — that politically incorrect term none of us are supposed to use anymore?  Well, unless we are radical liberals.)

Yes, the White House & Congress have become the home of Court Jesters!  “Jest” how unfunny is that?