Mueller Effect: Trust Lost

I never thought I would say this, but I no longer have any respect for the FBI, DOJ or anything related to the judicial system.  Perhaps worse – though maybe not – I trust none of them thanks to Mueller & the corrupt individuals involved in the “take down Trump” crowd.

After what we have seen with this Mueller & Pals witch hunt, if someone from the FBI were to ever ask me what time it is – I’ll not answer.  I might be mistaken or my clock might be off.  Nevertheless, they could say I was untruthful with them and charge me with lying to the FBI.  Isn’t that what Mueller & the FBI have shown their present day M.O. to be?

Did General Flynn know he was being interrogated or did he think the FBI was merely asking him some questions?  Didn’t the agents say they did not believe he lied, yet Mueller came in and charged him for lying anyway?

“Perjury Trap” is an interesting thing.  No one is actually safe from it, though some don’t seem to grasp the reality of that fact.  To the contrary, they seem to think that because they tell the truth, they cannot be trapped – but that is not how it works.  All it takes is saying something different from the person the prosecutor chooses to believe.  Then, when arrested… you better have the bucks to pay all the attorney fees to save yourself from the wrongful charge.  Don’t have the bucks?  Then you might be the one taking a plea deal to save yourself from what you are being threatened with.

I’ve seen innocent people take deals because they didn’t have the money to prove themselves innocent.  It happens.

I’ve seen people arrested for things they didn’t do.  It happens.

I’ve seen people lose in court when there was absolutely no way they should.  It happens.

Now, as though the flaws in the system and man aren’t enough, it seems one has to worry about being setup by the FBI, DOJ and perhaps even Mueller & Pals with a “perjury trap?”  This shouldn’t be.  It is time to end the misuse of power.

I can complain all I want, but that doesn’t mean anything will change for the better simply because I have.  It will take someone far more important than I am for that.  Someone that sees… comprehends… and has the power to put a halt to all this madness created by a rogue group of people in charge of a corrupt system. Someone that can halt it or get the ball rolling towards that end.

It is true that I may not be able to make a positive change, but the “take down Trump by any means necessary team”, sure has made a difference in my life.  They have shown me not to trust the FBI, DOJ or judicial system, because I can never know now if that question is legit or a trap for some reason that was never supposed. 

It’s trust lost. 

It’s called the “Mueller Effect!”

Copyright © 2018 Carrie K. Hutchens