Destiny and Doom To Behold

serpentThe lies slither to embrace and mock all that is.  No breath of truth remains untainted in the bitter battle between the dimensions of calm sanity and the void of madness out-of-control.

Vile names are cast upon any who dare not believe in the madness or agree in blindness to walk to its end at the cliff’s edge.

How dare there be question or challenge in any thought bayed by the elite of all darkness, for they are the gifts from the Universe and all others the weeds of pure waste.  In this they were taught by the seeds of an arrogance bathed in a self-design of importance and now descending to a void and destruction someday to be true.

Alas!… alas poor soul… for evil does prey upon itself.  Soon you… the champion of all that is evil and untrue… shall no longer be the host, but rather the feast to be devoured and mocked into a torment and nothingness you once deemed a worthy existence for all others but you and yours.

Yes, dear soul — it is now your heaven or your hell that shall be served unto you.  For what you have created for others is now your destiny and doom to behold forever and a day.

 Copyrighted ©Carrie K. Hutchens 2013 – All Rights Reserved

Tricked & Manipulated: All the Sheep in a Line to be Sheared

rears of sheepI truly hate it when people attempt to trick or manipulate me.  I don’t do it to them and I would appreciate the same courtesy in return.  Of course, in this particular time period of the world, it seems the trickery and manipulative behavior is a bit overwhelming and behind almost every bush and peanut tree.

One might laugh and say something about me watching commercials, as I use to frequently do when they were entertaining.  Don’t I realize they are an advertising firm’s attempt to manipulate my opinion and make me decide I absolutely need the product in question, whether I truly do or not?  Yep!  Yep!  I realize that to be completely so.  However, that’s the difference — I know what commercials are all about.  But the government and its agents?  Well, that’s a different story all together.  We shouldn’t have to be worried about being swayed by the better ad or public relations scheme.  Government should be straight forward and fact-filled — not an entertaining ploy .

Should be!… not that it is.  Now we have the White House employing entertainers to sell Obamacare?  (Does this mean, since these are ads, that we can file false advertisement complaints?)

The government shouldn’t be involved in having a Truth Squad, or whatever it is called, to harass and stalk people who are voicing their opinion.  And, I must admit… now that I’m on the subject… I’m more than a bit tired of Orwellian enforcers and blind followers calling me the idiot.

(I’m tired of them calling you an idiot, too.)

The United States of American may not have been perfect, but it wasn’t this mad, selfish, self-centered, immediate gratification demanding and threatening madness we have now.  How we got from 2007 to now is a whirl wind of bizarre.  This mess created by the radicals and activists is unbelievable and unsustainable.  It will eventually bite them in their backyards and it will no longer be their heavenly dream come true.

The problem is…

How do we, as a nation, survive, until “reality” wakes up the coma prone and rabid New World followers?  Can we?  I believe so.

We are a creative and hardworking people, who have merely been put on hold.  Once the common sense ban is lifted and the business & job-killing mercenaries are retired, we can fire up our efforts and rebuild and rebuild some more.  In the meantime, we need to help individuals, who might not be able to survive this mess entirely on their own.  We’re going to need them too.  And, let’s not forget the elderly, disabled and children — all have a part to play in making our country great again.

The moral of the story is…

Don’t fall for the trickery and manipulative rhetoric being spewed by those who want absolute control of every aspect of our lives.  Don’t be fooled.  These people aren’t looking out for us — they are out for control and profit.  After all, they certainly aren’t trying to redistribute their money and assets, or give up their lifestyles, now are they?

Don’t be fooled.  Realize what we are seeing right now is one big commercial, as the government and agents try to trick and manipulate us into believing they know what is best for us and we should simply agree to be nice, quiet little sheep!

Baaaaaa  Baaaaaa, not I.  I shan’t be nice or quiet or simply follow because I’m told I must.  What about you?  Has the trickery and manipulation become apparent to you, too?

I’m in a really bad mood…

grumpyYesterday, I was quite ticked off because I truly don’t like people writing to me and suggesting that those who are somewhat like-minded with me are something I know for a fact they are not!  Oh, that really ticks me off.  Not that you would ever guess.

But… it didn’t begin there… nor does it end there.

Not long ago, I was suspended from a site.  I received one thing that said I needed to agree not to do something anymore.  Problem was… I hadn’t done it in the first place.  And, for various reasons, I wasn’t about to confess to something I did not do.  Like… if I had taken the easy way out just to get back on the site — it would have been on record that I said I wouldn’t do it anymore?  Duh, the false confession could later be used against me with someone saying I had admitted to doing it prior, regardless of the fact I really hadn’t ever done the deed (in question) ever

Let’s put it this way…

I would rather never be on that site again, than to say I did something I did not do!

Needless to say, I don’t believe in false confessions.  Oh, did I say that already?

Nevertheless, I wrote to the site in question and they did let me back on, but it sounded as though they still thought I did whatever because their system supposedly said whatever it was it said.  On the other hand, I wondered if they had gone and taken a “physical” look, which would have shown what I was saying was true.  Maybe they even found out there is a flaw that the bad people figured out and used to their advantage to get rid of the opposition?  (The latter being what I think actually happened – the radicals and silencers found the flaw & were using it to their advantage.)

Then we come to today.  I started out the day finding I’m suspended from still another place.  (I wish I could say who.  Maybe later, I will.)  Once again, I am at the mercy of a group that can’t (or won’t) tell me specifics, but can hold me accountable for what I have no ability to control, even if it did happen.  But what if it didn’t… or what if it was a setup because I had ticked someone off?  After all, I do write and I do tick off radical liberals quite often, don’t I?

Might they set me up for punishment?

Naw!  They wouldn’t do something like that, would they?