In A Fury of Pure Hatred

burned buildingScreams pierce the night, as sirens wail against the blasts that light up the darkness in a fury of pure hatred.  Smoke smothers the air.  People seek to flee, running in desperation, but with no destination, except away… away from the blasts and the stench of burning flesh.

How long?  How long has there been warning unheeded?  Warning mocked as mere delusions of some?  How long has the laughter rolled from the lips of the all-knowing and all-enlightened ones?  Does it now matter?

Hearts pumping wildly as sweat flows freely.  Blasts closer and closer.  Breathing loud and labored against the sounds of people stampeding in blind flight.  Away.  Away from the nightmare and the murder surrounding and encircling.  The nightmare devouring hope, with lungs fighting frantically for the next breath.  Just one more breath.  The breath that doesn’t come.  The awareness of suffocation. 

The terror.  The tears.  The prayers.

Suffocating.  Falling.  Numbness.  Nothingness.

A silence that no one hears.

(c) 2015 Carrie K. Hutchens
All Rights Reserved!
No Reproduction Without Permission

Obama: If my word’s not good enough…

No, your word is not good enough.

Ask the foreign countries what they think of your “word”
or the “word” presented in your behalf.

  You dare ask us to trust you & take your word, after all the lies that have come out of your administration?

Divide & Conquer: A Statement We Desperately Need to Remember

divided we fallDivide and conquer is what an organized enemy does before going in for the win.  It’s perhaps time that “we” take note of what has been happening in our world.  We have been divided and we are being defeated at every turn.  “We” meaning all of us that are not on the elite pedestal of exemption.  “We”, the ones who will be first to feel the results of this run-away train of arrogance, ignorance and lack of empathy for all but their special and chosen groups of whom — “we” are not a member, nor ever shall be.

People are stepping forward and letting it be known that they do not want ObamaCare as it now exists.  The voices are not only ignored, but to listen to the MSM, and speeches from Obama down to his lowest communication agent — the citizens are instead quite elated.  It’s those bad Republicans that are trying to do mean and dirty things.  Just who is it that is not living in reality?  Perhaps they hope we will believe it is us, rather than they.  And truthfully… if they are able to isolate us — so we can’t or won’t compare notes — they have a very real chance of creating their illusion and presenting it as authentic.  That should give one a shiver or two.

Racism does still exist today, just as sexism does.  However, it isn’t as it once was.  It isn’t the dominate trend — it is the exception.  However, there are those who stoke the fires and attempt to make everything about racism or sexism or whatever other “ism” necessary, so as to create an illusion of victimhood that can be utilized to herd the targeted person or group towards whatever belief and action is beneficial to the agitators goal. 

Sadly, too many fall for the scam and eagerly follow to whatever hate and discontent they were assigned to be a part of.  Yes, assigned to.

Can any actually believe this chaos simply happened on it’s own?

We must remember that the enemy strives to divide so they might easily conquer.

Our world, as it now is, is being driven and directed for the benefit of someone, or someones, who definitely are not looking out for the best interest of “We the People”.  Whoever these specific people are — they have proven to be masters of deception, division and defection.  Their mastery is our threat — our realization is theirs.

Divide & Conquer —  A Statement We Desperately Need to Remember!

Wrestling the Bull: Nothing to See Here & Nothing to Worry About

Wrestling the bullOh bull, Big Brothers & Sisters, Aunts & Uncles & even watching Cousins, too!  Nothing to see and nothing to worry about?  Yeah right.  I’m sure you would never fib to us, the American citizens.  Naw!… you’d never do that.  You’d also never target the Tea Party, Conservatives, Christian and Jewish organizations either.  Ooops, I guess the sheep is out of the bag on that one with the IRS.  Gives us a great deal of reason to trust you — NOT!

I can just hear it.

Yes, we lied to you the other 50,000 times, but we aren’t lying to you now.  This time, we are telling the truth.  And that is supposed to give confidence — why?

I think the politicians and other government people have been drinking some funny water.  Their rationalizing ability seems a bit dizzy and doesn’t stand up too well in the real world of common sense.

Nothing to see here and nothing to worry about?  Some would beg to differ!  Obviously, no matter how many times the propaganda spins, it’s becoming quite plain that there’s plenty that needs to be seen and a great deal to worry about!

The Liberal Tolerance Once Again Shows Itself For What It Is NOT — Tolerant

I have just finished reading (and sharing)  “Archbishop prays while topless gay activists shout curses and douse him with water” by John-Henry Westen ( – Wed Apr 24, 2013 16:44 EST).  To say that I am appalled is an understatement of understatements.  To say what I want to say, is not allowed.  It isn’t politically correct – it’s accurate!

If I were someone in the process of considering that supporting gay marriage is “the right thing to do” – the behavior of these “tolerant” activists would have decided me otherwise.  It was rude and totally unnecessary.   It proved nothing more than that these activists are rude, intolerant and perverted.

I don’t see men and women exposing themselves, to sell the world on gun rights.  They present their arguments not their personals.  But then, it seems that gay activists have to shock and try to force people to “embrace & celebrate” their vulgarity and insistence that we all watch their sexuality in action and be delighted that we had the chance to do so.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard has class, unlike the topless liberals.

Gay activists have once again proven that while they DEMAND respect, tolerance and acceptance – they have none for others.  Their offerings appear to be the total substance of – shock and perversion.   Perhaps it is time to keep the shirts on and act like one has some respect for self and others, even the ones that don’t agree with them.  Perhaps!  But in the meantime, we are watching the intolerance of the liberal demanding tolerance for self and self beliefs only!

The Liberals & The Phony War On Women

For the thousandth & one(th) time — the Republicans and Conservatives have not declared “War on Women”.  However the Liberals claiming such a war exists are clearly declaring war on the sanity of men and women alike.  It isn’t real.  It’s a political figment used to tick women and their allies off and hopefully sway votes.  It’s a cheater’s game.  And cheaters can never be trusted, especially to tell the truth about what they are up.

No one is trying to take away contraceptives.  They are readily available.  All the allegedly bad people are doing is saying they shouldn’t be required to pay for other peoples’ sex lives.  This is a war on women?  Give me a break.

Viagra is totally free of cost?  Then charge a co-pay for it, if that is what is behind women thinking contraceptives should be totally free (or at least charged to their employer), and make everyone happy.  Problem solved.

There are people out here that must pay co-pays for life-sustaining meds, but the focus is on making the Catholic and other religious institutions pay for contraceptives that they don’t believe in?  Taking away religious freedom is okay as long as the women get their sex freebies?  How responsible and sane is that?

No one is trying to deny women sex.  The argument that the conservatives are, sounds as though it is coming out of kid’s playbook.  “You just don’t love me.  You just don’t want me to have any fun.”  (Stomping feet comes to mind as well.)

The real argument is that contraceptives can be obtained and there is no attempt to stop it.  On the other hand, religious institutions and business owners, who have religious objections, are being told they will have to pay no matter their objections.  The so-called enlightened have deemed this to be.

The War isn’t on women.  The War is on Religious Freedom!

Women are just being used by the radical liberals & their pals, but they are too into “self” and the load of stuff fed to them to see it.  One day though, the truth will come home to haunt and they will see this was just a stripping of freedom and they were the tools to help make that happen.  One day, they may be willing to pay those contraceptive co-pays just to undo what was wrongly done.  It could very well be too late and there will be no one to blame but those who made it happen.