Wrestling the Bull: Nothing to See Here & Nothing to Worry About

Wrestling the bullOh bull, Big Brothers & Sisters, Aunts & Uncles & even watching Cousins, too!  Nothing to see and nothing to worry about?  Yeah right.  I’m sure you would never fib to us, the American citizens.  Naw!… you’d never do that.  You’d also never target the Tea Party, Conservatives, Christian and Jewish organizations either.  Ooops, I guess the sheep is out of the bag on that one with the IRS.  Gives us a great deal of reason to trust you — NOT!

I can just hear it.

Yes, we lied to you the other 50,000 times, but we aren’t lying to you now.  This time, we are telling the truth.  And that is supposed to give confidence — why?

I think the politicians and other government people have been drinking some funny water.  Their rationalizing ability seems a bit dizzy and doesn’t stand up too well in the real world of common sense.

Nothing to see here and nothing to worry about?  Some would beg to differ!  Obviously, no matter how many times the propaganda spins, it’s becoming quite plain that there’s plenty that needs to be seen and a great deal to worry about!

Who Cares What Celebrities Hollywood Is Unhappy With?

I happened upon “15 Celebrities Whose Politics Have Made them Unpopular” and wanted to see if it happened to be the same celebrities on my list.  Instead, I found that it was a list of celebrities that are unpopular in Hollywood because of their conservatism.  I should have guessed.

Hollywood, there is something I would like to share with you.  You don’t pay me enough to watch your stuff.  As a matter of fact, you have never paid me a dime to sit through some of the garbage you have put out.  On the other hand, my money — as well as many other peoples’ money — has (have) supported you.  It  has bought tickets, rented movies and been free advertisement for you.  So, maybe you should be a little more concerned about who is unpopular with us, rather then who doesn’t agree with your radical liberalism.

I don’t require all celebrities to support the people and positions I do.  I respect their right to make their own decisions in these matters.  However, when they start blatantly suggesting that anyone who doesn’t agree with them (or Obama) is a hater or a racist or intolerant or a homophobic or whatever other insult they choose to use — I have a real problem with them.   And yes… they jump right on my list.

Let’s put it this way…

Interior of a Movie TheaterI will never intentionally go to, or begin to view, any movie or show with the celebrities that are on my list.  They are free to believe whatever they want, but they’ve never earned the right to insult me for not agreeing with their radical liberal views and I’ll not reward them for those insults by supporting their careers.

Maybe it is time for Hollywood to stop worrying about who isn’t liberal enough for them and start worrying about who is on our (the public’s’) unpopular list.  After all, what worth is any movie or actor without an audience?

I’d be embarrassed if…

embarrassedI’d be quite embarrassed if I woke up one morning and realized that what I thought and was thinking and believed was actually what someone else decided I should be thinking and believing.

I’d be quite embarrassed if I couldn’t think rationally or detect truth from fiction though the evidence was right in front of me and left no room for doubt.

I’d be embarrassed if I couldn’t think for myself or employ the concept of simple problem solving that didn’t involve possible plans for government takeover of even replacing the toilet paper in private bathrooms.

I’d be quite embarrassed if I couldn’t review information and give it a chance to be what it is, rather than what I perceived it to be due to being programmed to think as “one” with all other “thought clones“.

Yes, I would be embarrassed if I woke up one morning and found myself to have been indoctrinated into believing the propaganda of the liars.

Yet, I watch all these people on televison and the internet proudly following the lies as though the lies are the gospel truth.  And then… and then… they — the “thought clones” — have the gall to call others (who don’t blindly follow & still use their own brains) stupid and idiots and racists and intolerant and haters and whatever other bully-like term they can think of (or is thought of for them and sent via the talking points memo).

Yes, I’d be totally embarrassed if I gave up reality and my ability to process thoughts and information.

Maybe there is a good reason why I would be embarrassed and the “thought clones” aren’t.  Maybe it’s because I can still see and respond to reality, while they gave it up for progressivism and the fulfillment of the Animal Farm and 1984 prophecy!

Doesn’t Obama Get It Yet?

Obama Nose UpObama can slam the GOP all he wants over their investigation of the Benghazi torture and murder case, but it isn’t going to go away.  Doesn’t he get it yet?  The American People are quite upset over what did happen and what didn’t happen and all the lies that followed.  Lies that came out of the mouths of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Jay Carney and Obama himself.

Does Obama really think he can lie his way into what he wants us to believe is the truth?  If so, he doesn’t know the American people as well as he thinks he does.

Obama & Pals can tell us all that they didn’t lie, (though we are looking right at the truth that says they did), and pretend it didn’t have a thing to do with the election, but many, many people can add 2000+12 = 2012 Election.  Couldn’t let a little thing like a terrorist attack get in the way of a re-election campaign, it would seem.

It isn’t just the GOP that is searching for the truth about Benghazi and why four Americans are dead.  It’s a growing group of Americans that won’t look the other way.  A group of Americans that are paying attention to what is being said versus the “real” facts.

Doesn’t Obama get it yet?  Perhaps it will take another day or two for reality to sink in.

The American people are tired of the lies and being manipulated and played.  More importantly, the American people don’t take it lightly when fellow Americans wrongly die at the hands of terrorist, while the president does whatever he was doing that tragic night, when he should have been acting as President of the United States of America — but apparently wasn’t.

Doesn’t Obama get it yet?  Apparently not.

The Liberal Tolerance Once Again Shows Itself For What It Is NOT — Tolerant

I have just finished reading (and sharing)  “Archbishop prays while topless gay activists shout curses and douse him with water” by John-Henry Westen (LifeSiteNews.com – Wed Apr 24, 2013 16:44 EST).  To say that I am appalled is an understatement of understatements.  To say what I want to say, is not allowed.  It isn’t politically correct – it’s accurate!

If I were someone in the process of considering that supporting gay marriage is “the right thing to do” – the behavior of these “tolerant” activists would have decided me otherwise.  It was rude and totally unnecessary.   It proved nothing more than that these activists are rude, intolerant and perverted.

I don’t see men and women exposing themselves, to sell the world on gun rights.  They present their arguments not their personals.  But then, it seems that gay activists have to shock and try to force people to “embrace & celebrate” their vulgarity and insistence that we all watch their sexuality in action and be delighted that we had the chance to do so.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard has class, unlike the topless liberals.

Gay activists have once again proven that while they DEMAND respect, tolerance and acceptance – they have none for others.  Their offerings appear to be the total substance of – shock and perversion.   Perhaps it is time to keep the shirts on and act like one has some respect for self and others, even the ones that don’t agree with them.  Perhaps!  But in the meantime, we are watching the intolerance of the liberal demanding tolerance for self and self beliefs only!

Reid & The Obligation: The Insanity Continues


reidIt’s Friday, March 1, 2013, and the insanity is still evolving.

From “Sen. Reid to Press: ‘You Guys Have an Obligation to Report’ the Democrats Are Right” by Elizabeth Harrington (CNSNews – Feb. 28, 2013):

During a news conference on Capitol Hill held on the eve of implementation of the cuts, known on Capitol Hill as “The Sequester,” a reporter asked Reid: “Can you understand the frustration of the American people that you’re blaming the Republicans, the Republicans are blaming you and nobody is talking until the day that these cuts kick in?”

Reid replied: “You know I read an editorial today, and I don’t know whether it was the Times or the Post, where the op-ed writer said, ‘You know, let’s call it the way it is. The Republicans aren’t willing to deal with the Democrats.

“So all this stuff–Democrats aren’t doing anything, Republicans aren’t doing anything–I believe that you guys have an obligation to report it the way it is,” he said.

“This isn’t something that happened yesterday, we’ve been fighting this for a couple years,” Reid added. “They’re unwilling to do what the American people want done. And it’s as simple as that.”

Yes, Senator Reid, it would be nice if the entire media reported things the way they are.  You and Pelosi might just be out of a job and wondering what went wrong, if they did.

The Democrats readily dismiss budgets and plans proposed by Republicans and don’t pass a budget for how many years now, Mr. Reid?  But it is the Republicans fault because they won’t do what the American people want?  Really, we are to take your word?  How about when you got up there and said that Romney needed to prove he paid taxes because he didn’t — yet he had?  Maybe that little invisible friend of yours has told you wrong again.

The sequester idea came from Obama and his team, but to hear the campaign rhetoric, it would seem we are to forget that little bit of information and just blame the Republicans because they won’t do what Obama and followers want.

With regard to Bob Woodward’s disagreement with the White House, there is a statement that stands out:

 “What does that matter now? Not much,” senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer told reporters Sunday of the debate over who concocted the sequester.

What does that matter now?”  It matters a great deal when elected officials and their teams are trying to rewrite history and cast blame on others.  Yes, that’s something that matters a great deal.  So, just like with the fact that the White House should take responsibility for the sequester proposal — other Democrats like yourself, Mr. Reid, should take responsibility for your irresponsibility and lack of action in the past four or five years.

Where, Mr. Reid, is the passed budget that the law required and you ignored?

It is time that the lost media get back to journalism where one reports the facts, rather than blindly accepting the talking points of those who are trying to redefine our nation, rewrite history, cast blame on others, play down the inconvenient facts, insult and insinuate in the face of opposition, and rely upon selective polls that represent what they want them to represent.

Yes, Mr. Reid, you got one thing right.  The media has an obligation to report on the facts and the tactics being utilized in Washington, D.C.  Are you sure you are ready for that?

Comprehension Incomprehenable: What Part of Reality & Facts Don’t Folks Get?


It’s unbelievable! Comprehension incomprehenable.   How many times do the facts have to be given and how many times do they have to be explained before folks get it?  What part of reality and facts fly over their heads?  One can only wonder and hope it isn’t catching.

More Gun Control?Miss New York, Mallory Hagan (according to ABC news) was crowned Miss American 2013, but not before she spit out some astonishing thoughts that do represent too many of the people hanging out in the USA today.

 “In the wake of the Newtown tragedy there has been a lot of talk about gun control,” Champion said, “One solution being proposed is an armed guard in every school. Do you think that would make our schools safer?”

Hagan responded, “I don’t think the proper way to fight violence is with violence.

The presence of an armed guard is not violence in action.  It is a prevention.  However, if someone rushed into a school ready to blow away the kids, would Ms. Hagan prefer that it is a specially trained officer or guard that intercedes or the unarmed school counselor who may have read textbooks by some utopian authors?  Me?  I’ll take the trained armed guard or police officer.

Hagan goes on to say:

I think the proper way is to educate people on guns and the ways we can use them properly. We can lock them up, we can have gun safety classes, we can have a longer waiting period.”

Wait!  She wants to educate someone who is mentally ill on guns and ways to use them properly?  Gun safety classes and longer waiting periods?

I will say this very, very slow.

Ms. Hagan, the shooter at the Sandy Hook school did NOT purchase the weapons he used.  He took the weapons illegally for illegal purposes.  Your theory of educating him on guns, gun safety classes and longer waiting periods does not apply in this tragic case.  In short, your theory — no matter how pretty and delightful it sounds — is totally irrelevant to the facts at hand.

You, Ms. Hagan, and those such as you, keep talking about making new rules or bans that would mostly only apply to the law-abiding citizens anyway.  Can’t you understand that the criminals and mentally ill people don’t give the slightest darn what the rules are, except maybe to find a way around them?  Most of them are simply going to steal the guns or buy them illegally off the street.  So, what part of that don’t you understand?

Reality oriented people keep trying to tell all you “let’s make some more rules for the law-abiding citizens to fight what the criminals and mentally ill are doing” people — that your reaction and solution does not make sense.

Stop and think.

Pervert teenage boy tries to touch a girl improperly in the school hallway.  Girl slaps boy.  Teacher is witness to the incident and is therefore required to go to sexual harassment in the work place classes.

Same thing.  Makes as much sense.

Wrong people are being held accountable and the suggestion they should have classes, requirements and bans that aren’t even relevant to what transpired — is irrational thought and reaction!

The Sandy Hock tragedy had nothing to do with gun laws being too lax.  The shooter didn’t acquire the weapon or weapons legally.  He was a kid with mental problems.  And that is what everybody keeps forgetting or passing over , as they strive to punish the legit gun owners, who had nothing to do with this horrible incident.

Bans and new gun ownership rules and regulations?

What part of the facts don’t some people get?

The Sandy Hook shooter wasn’t a legal gun owner, nor had he applied to be.

Gun Control: Liberals Rush to Use the Tragic Death of Little Children


How pathetic!  Radical liberals are rushing to use the tragic death of little children to push through their gun control agendas?  Are we really to be impressed?

Babies were wrongly killed in Newtown, but it had nothing to do with lax gun control laws.  It had to do with a young man that had some serious mental problems.  A young man that didn’t go buy any gun he used.  He stole them.

So, the question becomes…

Why are the radical liberals going after the rights of “legal gun owners”, for what this young man wrongly did?

They didn’t kill those babies.  Nor did any gun law assist the killer in killing.

So, why are they — the legal gun owners — being called to pay the price for a young man that did wrongly do this monstrous act?  Why are their rights being called into question, when it wasn’t the law that was lax, but merely a young man in mental distress that did something horrendous and happened to use a gun to fulfill what he would have probably fulfilled one way or another anyways?

It’s time for common sense to step in and the radical liberals to be halted in their irrational tracks.

Legal gun owners did not harm the innocent babies in Newtown — it was an irrational young man with mental problems that targeted the little ones and gave the radical liberals a crisis to play upon!  It’s time to take the crisis away from them and put it where it belongs — it’s time to blame the shooter and whatever made him do it!

Just WHO is in Charge Here: The People or Career Politicians


Something is mighty wrong!  Just WHO is in charge?  “We the People” or they — the “Career Politicians“?

We voted for the elected officials with the once upon a time belief they were going to be representing us.  Instead, we keep finding out there are politicians   that voted on ObamaCare without even knowing what was in the bill or how it might adversely affect “the people”.   Did they even care?  After all, they are allowed exclusion from what they are forcing upon us, so it’s no big deal, it appears.

Now, it seems there is possibly a secret discussion going on to push through gun control issues“Secret”?  Secret from us — the ones that are supposed to have our wishes represented?  Secret from us — the people they are supposed to be listening to?

It’s always been questionable, but the “in your face” disregard for the opinion of the citizens, has gotten out of hand.  It has become a statement by appearance & actions that once in office, some of these elected officials think their “ideology” is what is good for us little idiots that voted for them and they will decide for us, since our decider is defective and unenlightened.  So, rather than represent us — they dictate to us and herd us to wherever they think we should be or to whatever they think should be done unto us.

I guess our “decider’s” are defective after all.  We are the idiots that voted for these people with their little personal agendas.  Maybe it’s time we tell them just who is in charge and that it is NOT THEM.  Time to tell them their little games will no longer be tolerated.  Next election, let’s vote for some trustworthy adults who understand they represent the people, not themselves and not whatever “cause” they “personally” support in spite of us!

Yes, next election, let’s take back our authority, vote for servants of the people and retire the career politicians who have forgotten who is supposed to be in charge.  Yes, let’s retire them to the land of ObamaCare and the Gun Free Zones that they created and make sure they, too, get to share in their creations.  Retire and unexempt them to the “real world” and “real results”.  Maybe then they will see who the true idiots really are!

ACLU Declares ObamaCare to be Constitutional?


ACLU doesn’t appear to like people of religion much, especially if it be Christian in nature, so it’s not surprising they claim ObamaCare and its HHS mandate constitutional. This opinion though, is coming from a group that cried discrimination, or some such thing, involving (in the Kansas City area) an ordinance they helped write. Ooops! Change of mind? Time not to sue self? Big hope not many heard about this little boo boo?

I don’t know what came of the situation or how it got swept under the rug of “hush”, but it does prove a point. Just because the ACLU says something is or is not constitutional — does not make it so. It is merely their position and opinion. They, like everyone else, have to go to court and get a ruling. Well, unless they scare some little person or business with the threat of litigation that the later can’t afford. Then, they might win by “bulliness”, not because they actually had a fair and true case.

One thing I would like to hear the ACLU explain…

How is no co-pay for birth control not discrimination against those who have to pay a co-pay for life-saving meds?

If corporations can decide to be democrat or republican or a dem-pub and pick a candidate to donate money to, why can’t a corporation decide whether it wants to be secular or religious? And, if it wants to be religious, why can’t it pick what religion and decide not to contribute to something it totally doesn’t believe in? Like if it doesn’t believe in Obama, it shouldn’t have to donate to him, should it?

The ACLU is nothing more than a group of lawyers with opinions. It is not the say-so’er or decider on any given matter, beyond whether they believe there is a case and wish to handle it or not. They happen to think the HHS mandate is constitutional? Many think otherwise. The ACLU declaration isn’t the rule of law — it’s merely an opinion. Everyone has one — including them.

A Future World Remembered

Atlanta-burns-jpgSome believe the morning sun hides somewhere behind the iron walls of a future world many thought never to be, but none know for sure. It, too, perhaps was destroyed in those days of madness and banned from existence as so many things became outlawed and demonized for the profit of the few. The few who thought they had the answers to all things and blessed with the ability to lift their vile lives to the royalty of the gods.

The moments of the elite scorched the earth and danced in joy, as it watched the masses withered into a broken people struggling desperately to survive one moment to the next. And then it was over.

An army of the faithful fools, who had given the elite their death blow of wealth and power, rose up from the devastation they had blindly carried out and demanded their due. The elite laughed. Did any truly believe their deceitful word to be true and meant?

The laughter was swiftly silenced, as the army of revenge lashed out to crush the ruling ones. Some died in agony, while others fled to face a slow death of their own creation. For in those last moments, locked from their hoards of abundance, they, too, faced the man-made scarcity of necessities they had imposed upon their unwilling subjects. And, as their cries of utter torment reached into the moment of defeat, there was no mercy to embrace or to ease. It was for them what they had so excitedly bestowed upon those restricted from the celebrity of the self-proclaimed enlightenment.

There was no true delight, except by those whose hearts dined on the fruits of revenge, for as the last cry echoed against the walls of deceit and ignorance, the knowledge that only a few might survive was the only thing left abundant. Time was little. Hope was none. There was no sun shining to bid a new day. No sun to scare away the demons and the hopelessness of reality remembered. No sun to cast a shadow to hide the hideous knowledge sucking the life from all.

It could have been different. The madness could have been stopped. If only it had been, before it was too late.

Copyrighted 2012 & 2013 & 2014 Carrie K. Hutchens
All Rights Reserved

The Truth or Not From Senator Reid


Senator Reid had to get on television today, December 27, 2012, claiming we are headed for the fiscal cliff drop-off and, of course, it is all Rep. Boehner’s fault, when it isn’t simply all the Republicans’ fault. It couldn’t be a bit of liberal or Democrat fault in there, too, for they are the all enlightened and all-knowing, it would seem. And, this is not to mention that it is fine for the president to go on vacation in Hawaii and the Democrats to go home for Christmas, but how dare the Republicans do likewise. Them thar Republicans is bad folks fer doing what them Democrats done did, too. We all know how that works. The goose gets by with everything and the gander gets blamed for it in the world of politics and political posturing.

Reid told us that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for years and demanded that he prove he did. He even used the Senate floor to do this campaign gesture to make Romney look like a tax evader. However, Romney did pay taxes and ole Reid got by with making false allegations. But now we are to believe him. We are to believe that what Reid is saying today is true, even if what he said during the campaign wasn’t. It must be true — it came out of his mouth — right? Wrong, because the deceitful and false comments came out of there as well.

The truth or not from Senator Reid — how can we ever know?

Reality: Guns Aren’t the Cause


The babies and other victims haven’t even left the morgue yet, and numerous liberals are screaming for more gun control as they bash the right and blame guns.  Politics at its best.  Never waste a crisis.  Play on people’s emotions, rather than their reason.  And, of course, what is more emotional than innocent children being slaughtered?

Guns are not the cause of these massacres.  They have merely been the means.  Take the guns away and those bent on mass murder, will simply utilize another means.  What part of this can’t the rabid gun control supporters comprehend?  The gun is not the “cause”, something else is and that is what we should be dealing with.  That’s how one can attempt to stop the senseless slaughter of the innocent.

I remember a case where a mother desperately tried to get her son help.  The system blocked her every attempt.  There was always a reason this agency or that agency couldn’t help.  Always a reason why she couldn’t get him admitted for evaluation.  And then… what she feared… what she had been desperately fighting to prevent happened — he killed himself.

Though it is sad the young man killed himself, luckily he didn’t take others with him.  But he could have.  He could have wiped out a room full of people before ending his own life.  What if he had?  Would one then be blaming the weapon of his choice, or the fact that he needed help and the system blocked him obtaining it?

Rather than decide gun control laws based on the emotional reaction to this vicious slaughter of little ones and their protectors, it should be based upon reason.  Details should be obtained and reviewed.  The “cause”… the real thing that “caused” this young man to do one of the most hideous things imaginable, should be determined and studied, so as to prevent that “cause” from developing in others or make it identifiable so as to have chance to stop the person before he or she “acts out”.

Guns are not the “cause”.  That’s a fact, no matter what the rabid gun control supporters try to argue.  And, until people comprehend that fact and focus on what sets these people off and sends them into a killing frenzy — another frenzy is just waiting to happen.  Next time though, it might be a bomb or a fire or knives.  It could even be a car.  One never knows, because these events are the result of the “cause”, not the weapon of choice.

What happened in Newtown, Connecticut is a hideous nightmare that no child, parent, family or community should have to live through.  May no other community be faced with such devastation.  God Bless the Children and the heroes, who fought to save them.  Likewise, may God Bless and keep those left behind to remember the day Newtown lost its innocence!


Mayor Bloomberg Using Newtown to Push His Own Agenda?


It certainly didn’t take NYC Mayor Bloomberg long to jump on the horrific tragedy in Newtown, Conn. and start using it to push his own personal agenda.  Way to go, Bloomberg.  Don’t waste a crisis, right?

Yes, Bloomberg, play on the emotions of a country that is in shock from children — innocent children — being slaughtered.  Never mind any of the details that have yet to be discovered or shared with those not directly involved in the case.  Insinuate that you have all the answers and know best how to prevent such a nightmare from ever happening again.  Go ahead, but many of us know differently.  Many of us know that the system has often been the hindrance and big government, especially big brother, isn’t the way to make the world safer for anyone, including the children.

According to, “NYC Mayor Bloomberg slams Obama on guns: ‘We need immediate action’, by Beth Fouhy (The Ticket – 12/14/12):

Bloomberg, a longtime gun control advocate, released a statement through Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an advocacy group he co-founded with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

“President Obama rightly sent his heartfelt condolences to the families in Newtown. But the country needs him to send a bill to Congress to fix this problem,” Bloomberg said. “Calling for ‘meaningful action’ is not enough. We need immediate action. We have heard all the rhetoric before. What we have not seen is leadership—not from the White House and not from Congress.”

We haven’t seen leadership?  This coming from someone that thinks he has the duty to ban 32 oz. drinks and to pressure women to breast feed? Bloomberg thinks it is leadership, to take advantage of the deaths of innocent children, though he is without all the facts involving this horrendous act of cowardice?  Looks more like politics to me.  Shame on you, Bloomberg.

Sexism: The Unforgivable Offense

Life is full of injustice, but all claims of injustice are not necessarily so.  One of the claims that gets me steamed the quickest is for someone to scream “sexism” because someone dared to challenge a female type’s behavior, actions or words, or fail to give her a job that doesn’t even exist.

One of my favorite stories to tell is about the time I was in the back, when I heard a woman screaming in the front office.  Of course, I went rushing up there to find out what was going on.  There was this out-of-control woman screaming discrimination and threatening to sue.  Okay.

The man she was screaming at, said something to the effect, “There she is.”

The woman gave me an ugly smug look and said she was not talking about a secretary.

He said, ” She is the owner.”

With that, the woman turned and huffed her little rear on out of the office.

I’ve never forgotten that moment.

The woman had come in and asked to apply for a job.  All she was told was that there were no openings at the moment, but if she would leave, or drop off, her resume she would be considered when something did open up.  She went ballistic claiming she was being discriminated against because she was a woman etc. etc. etc.  He kept trying to tell her that wasn’t the case because… , but she was too busy yelling to listen.

I wouldn’t have hired that woman under any circumstances after the tantrum I witnessed.

As a female law enforcement officer, I never asked to be excused from responsibility for my actions because the big bad male officers were picking on little ole me.  If I screwed up — “I” as a law enforcement officer screwed up.  If I were held accountable, it was as a “law enforcement officer” and not a single thing to do with my gender.  So, I don’t take too kindly to women trying to claim a right to a position, while then claiming special treatment rights that forbid accountability expectations, or they are the victims of discrimination and sexism.

Discrimination also includes the expectation of being held to a lesser standard than anyone else in the same position.

Sexism also includes the expectation of being held to a lesser standard than anyone else in the same position.

The unforgivable offense of sexism and discrimination is to claim it when none exists and thus makes the “claimer” guilty of the claim instead.  It becomes an unfair ploy.  There is no excuse!