Living in the Past: Dying in the Present

violenceFerguson, Missouri unrest is an “in-your-face” example of a wrong getting wronger and wronger as time goes on.  It shows where living in the past, causes dying and destruction in the present.  If in doubt, think of Michael Brown, Officer Darren Wilson, the looting and the threat of rioting  and bloodshed if the officer isn’t arrested and convicted regardless of whether he is or is not actually guilty of anything beyond being white.

It’s beyond sad that slavery ever took place, but it isn’t a situation unique to the Blacks of the 19th and 20th century.  Slavery has been experienced by many other peoples at various other times throughout history.  (White women and children were considered property of fathers and husbands in early America, too.)  Why then should it be a free pass (according to some) for present day Blacks to do whatever and demand whatever or scream injustice and racism without proof in any given situation?  It shouldn’t be. It serves no good purpose.  It serves no one, but the activists and politicians that profit from keeping the “victim” mentality alive and active, while continually stirring up the hate.

Blacks, according to the activist-minded, supposedly have no future because no one will let them out of the realm of poverty and violence?  Who is no one?  Who teaches and encourages the sense of hopelessness and helplessness?  Who teaches the Black child he or she is “entitled” because of the wrongs of the past? Who teaches that the Black child should take whatever, because the white man will never let him or her succeed?  Who tries to keep the Black voter in line and tells him or her who to vote for?  Who teaches that everything that happens is because of racism on the part of a white person?  Who teaches to hate the people called “white”, simply because they are Caucasian?  Who teaches the child they are neither responsible, nor accountable… because whatever happens… it happens because of what the white man once did?

I’m sorry, I have no sense of “white” guilt.  I wasn’t involved in any of the wrongs done unto the Black community ever.  However, I have been done wrong and targeted to be attacked and even targeted to be killed at the hands of some Blacks.  I don’t blame all Blacks for the actions of some. I blame the people responsible.  What a concept.  Blame those who did the deed, not those who simply look like the deed do’ers.  Maybe it should be a lesson quickly learned by others, especially, but not solely, those in present day Ferguson.

Blacks have no chance, because the white man will hold him down and not let him succeed?  Perhaps those who believe that account of possibilities ought to go talk to Dr. Ben Carson.  Tell him that’s how life is and must be and will always be.  Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t agree.  He is, after all, a shining example that proves there is a way out of the victim-hood.  A way out and a way to a successful end.

It doesn’t matter how the Black man and woman have been wronged in the past.  It doesn’t even matter how Blacks have been wronged by the Ferguson police force in particular.  (That’s another story to be dealt with on its own.)  Right now, what matters… all that matters… is what took place on August 9th between Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson.  Those events and the “facts” … “actual facts”… involved, are all that should be considered — not the declaration of automatic guilt because the officer happens to be white and the young man happens to be Black.  Justice — true justice — should be color blind from all sides involved.

How would the Ferguson community react if the officer was Black and the young man was white and riots were threatened, unless the Black officer was immediately, without an investigation completed, charged, arrested and convicted because whites said so?  It would be a different story then, wouldn’t it?

Rather than let the Al Sharptons of the world stoke the fires meant to invoke emotions of raging hatred and burning revenge with unproven claims of racism, perhaps the community should ignore him and the likes of he and dwell on the actual… real… wrongs and what can be done to correct them.

Rather than threaten bloodshed and riots, if a police officer isn’t indicted — perhaps the community should be waiting on the facts to be established and then let those facts determine the outcome.

Rather than call for justice, with that so-called justice already determined to be the indictment of a police officer, though the investigation remained (and remains) incomplete, perhaps people should actually be seeking the truth and actual justice. Yes, truth and “actual” justice based upon the “actual” facts, rather than revenge for the wrongs real or perceived from the past or other events involving other people.

It doesn’t matter how any officer from the Ferguson police department has ever acted towards anyone or everyone.  What matters… all that matters… in this particular case, is what transpired between one young man — Michael Brown, and Officer Darren Wilson on that fateful day in August.  After all, Officer Wilson is not, and has never been, responsible for the actions of all others.  Any attempt to hold him accountable for the wrongs of others, or the wrongs of the past, does not call for, or offer the hope of,  justice or solutions to evolve.  It only calls for injustice to continue and wrongs to fester.  It keeps people living in the past wrongs with hate that leads to dying in the present.  Is it really worth it?  Or is it time to seek justice because what is “actual justice” can lead to healing and getting the real wrongs righted?  What a concept! 

When the Information was Wrong: The Inaccurate Public Conviction of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman's Great-Grandfather

George Zimmerman’s Great-Grandfather

On February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida, life ended for one young man and life forever changed for many more. There is no turning back. There are no second chances. A young man is dead and another young man faces the results of decisions they both made that day.

While we can’t take back how things played out with the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman encounter or anything that led up to those final moments of life-death changing events, we do have a responsibility of calling the media, our president, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Black Panthers and a few others to account for their irresponsible responses, reporting and race baiting behavior thereafter.

Turns out that, Zimmerman, the “white Hispanic”, is not only nearly as Black in heritage as our president, if not completely so — he was raised under the influence of a half-black grandmother, rather than, a white grandma as Obama was.

Well, who would have thought such to be a possibility while listening to the original reports of it all?

It appears the president and Al & buddies didn’t.

Amazing how some major players of race-baiting have all run from the story, or so it seems.

The media being so irresponsible as to unjustly inflame, is beyond belief.

It used to be that the media sought out the truth and facts, but in the Martin-Zimmerman case, didn’t we see video that supposedly suggested that Zimmerman was not injured, when in fact he was?

Haven’t we often heard that Zimmerman “disobeyed” the dispatcher, when, in fact, the tape has the dispatcher saying something to the effect, “We don’t need you to do that.” and Zimmerman calmly responding, “Okay.” Yes, haven’t we heard that conversation followed by lack of heavy breathing… meaning that Zimmerman was neither running after ,nor walking swiftly, after anyone.? Yet, that bit of misinformation suggesting that Zimmerman disobeyed the dispatcher continues to follow the story. Why?

I can only suppose the “why’s”!

Without there being racism and racial profiling, this may have merely been a tragic story that was nothing more than a misunderstanding between two people. A story that might have been reported briefly and stuffed into the history files of all the other sad things that have happened to people more often than we would like to think. That’s what it could have been. But none of those possibilities mattered as Al Sharpton, the president and all those others jumped in and made a bad situation even worse.

Let’s not forget NBC’s edited version of the 911 tape that makes it appear that Zimmerman is saying that he is suspicious of Martin, because the teenager is black. The tape was edited. That ISN’T how the conversation went. Yet, people are still relying upon that bogus version and holding George Zimmerman guilty because of it.

How does NBC plan on remedying the wrongful results that rest with their wrongful actions?

Once a lie or bad information is out there, it is out there. Some will consider the original information to be gospel and refuse to consider any thought word or deed that counters the holy words of the first to speak and report. Of course, how hard do those reporters, agencies or officials try to correct their original misinformation and even outright lies? Do they repeat their misdeeds and misreporting every few minutes such as they repeat the sensationalized story headlines they create?

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When the Information was Wrong: The Inaccurate Public Conviction of George Zimmerman